Airbnb Host Not Responding: What Should I Do?

Stacy Randall
by Stacy Randall

Often when planning your vacation, you may look for the ideal hotel or vacation rental. It’s easy enough to reserve an Airbnb, but what do you do if the Airbnb host doesn’t respond? There are a lot of steps in getting the perfect Airbnb, from reserving, checking in, and checking out.

If an Airbnb host does not respond to any requests, attempting to email with concerns or questions is first. You can send them a message or open the Airbnb app and call them. If you’re wondering about check-in details, instructions, or have a complaint and all communications failed with your Host, contact Airbnb.

There is no need to book another place while contacting the host. The Airbnb support center can help by reaching your host to figure out the problem. If Airbnb fails to contact the host, they may cancel your reservation on your behalf.

What Happens If Airbnb Host Not Responding to Reservation Requests?

You can contact the host before and during the reservation process with any questions or concerns. If a reservation request is sent and they don’t respond within 24 hours, this means they may not be interested. They have the right to deny you access to their rental, and you can move on.

If you have a reservation, but the host does not respond in an adequate time, you can contact Airbnb support. Most often, it’s customary to give the host 24 hours to respond, and a superhost will try their best. Most superhosts do not wish to lose their status and will respond within the 24-hour window.

What Does It Mean If It Says “Pending Airbnb Host Approval?”

When it states that your Airbnb of choice is awaiting host approval, it could mean a few things. It could mean that they are simply checking if those dates are available. They will need to check for black-out dates or previous reservations.

Along with approving dates, they may be waiting on verification of identity or payment. An Airbnb host puts a lot into their rental and wants to ensure it pans out for both sides.

Four Reasons an Airbnb Host Might Decline Your Reservation Request

You may find that you make the reservation and are waiting for approval when it may just get declined. There are four main points that could be why a host declines your reservation request.

1. Date Conflict

A host, in good conscience, will not schedule a stay when there is another reservation. If your chosen dates are all or partially taken, the host may decline your reservation. It also may not work for the host, whether they may be using their rental or have conflicting reservations.

2. Incomplete Guest Profile

Even though you are the one filing for a reservation, you should make sure that your profile is complete. Understandably, hosts may not want to clear a reservation for someone with an incomplete profile. They may think they are getting scammed or do not have enough info to approve your request.

3. Inconvenient Check-In Window

Some Airbnbs have a specific check-in window, whether it is to get a key or a code. If you cannot meet up at the time the host asks, they may decline your reservation. It’s a simple task, but it can make or break your reservation.

4. Not Reading Or Following The Rules

When you set up your reservation, there may be a section of rules and requirements. If you fail to read these carefully or break a rule, your host will simply decline the reservation. This is based on the host and what they have laid out, but be sure to read carefully.

What Should You Do If Airbnb Host Not Responding to an Issue with Your Rental?

There are incidences where you rent a home, and there are a few problems. You need to contact the host right away, and they have 24 hours to respond. When you do this, you can request they contact you to talk about the issues you have experienced.

This may be a time to ask for a partial or full refund, depending on the issue and its resolution. In building trust with their customers, hosts and guests alike, there are various solutions listed on the Airbnb website. Certain issues that you may have are location, smoke detectors, and security.

All issues listed above and many more are things that can be and should be addressed. Hosts and Airbnb will work to fix the situation to make it work for everyone involved.

Is Your Airbnb Host Not Responding to You on the Day of Check-in?

Typically, you will get check-in details three days prior to check-in, but what if there is a problem? You can try to reach the host by message. You can also use the Airbnb app to call them if needed.

If you can’t reach your host by message or phone, Airbnb wants you to contact the company. They will handle the situation and contact the host, generally getting back to you within 24 hours.

If the 24-hour time frame has lapsed, you can start a claim. When doing this, you will need a request for your host to fix the problem or for a refund. Communication is critical to prevent future problems between host and guest, and explanations are helpful.

The host could simply be out of town but should have conveyed or disclosed this info before arrival. You may also need to check your itinerary and check-in details for times, dates, and check-in instructions.

Is Your Airbnb Host Not Responding to a Refund Request?

If there is a problem upon check-in, the home is not clean, or another issue, you will need to file a claim. You should do this within 24 hours of the problem, so your claim is valid. You would submit a complaint to your host and ask for a refund for any inconvenience.

If you submitted your claim in the 24-hour window, you must wait an hour for a response. This gives the host and Airbnb support time to review it. If you do not submit the claim in 24 hours, it may affect your refund if you even get one.

If the host declines your refund or does not respond to your messages within an hour, you need to contact Airbnb. They will suggest you contact customer support and refer you to the guest refund policy. The policy will help you get your claim in the right hands.

Is Your Airbnb Host Not Responding to a Change Request?

Sometimes things, such as family crises or illness, get in the way of a vacation. You may need to change your reservation, and you will contact the host with a change request. The host will then get to review it and accept or decline it.

If your reservation was already confirmed, this may come as a shock to the host and cause some problems. If the dates are not readily available, the host will look for available dates to send back or cancel. Your host will reply to you as soon as they can.

However, if the change request is neither accepted nor declined, your previous reservation stands. This means you may lose out on a refund or even your vacation rental. If it is urgent, you can try to contact the host again or cancel your reservation through the site.

It never hurts to cancel the request and send another one; the first one might have gotten missed.

What Happens to an Airbnb Host’s Rating If They Don’t Respond Within 24 Hours?

Some hosts pride themselves on being five-star rated superhosts. But if there is a problem, the host may lose more than a future customer. You will be asked to write a review or rate your stay when you finish your trip.

If you have issues, whether an Airbnb host is not responding or things are less satisfactory, you can write a review. This may take away their superhost status and may affect business in the future. There are certain things expected of the host, and if they fail, they lose ratings.

Along with losing their rating, there may be penalties. If hosts don’t meet Airbnb’s requirements, such as avoiding canceling or having no communication, they lose their rating and pay.

When Should You Report the Issue to Airbnb?

If you have a problematic check-in, issues with the rental spaces, or fear for your safety, you should report these issues. Contacting Airbnb is often the step that follows after contacting or attempting to contact the host.

Having an easy and safe stay is key to enjoying the luxury of an Airbnb reservation. If there is a lack of communication from the host or things are not to standard, Airbnb wants to know. You can reach the customer help center through their website or app.

You will need to log in and first click on “message the host” to send a direct email to the host. Be sure to be thorough and state the reason for contacting them. If your request isn’t met or managed, you can contact Airbnb support through their website or customer service phone line.

How Long Does It Take Airbnb to Resolve Issues?

If you have an issue with your reservation and request a refund, it can take 2-48 hours to process. Depending on when you put your claim in for the issue will determine the amount of time Airbnb will take. You will also need to follow all the steps in the customer refund policy.

If it is for any damage to your property, this can take some time. You will need to have all receipts and logs of incidences. You will send all of it to the Trust and Safety team, which could take two weeks or more.

Other issues, such as communication or a mess up on reservations and so on, can take up to an hour. This time limit is different for each case. If a claim is done within 24 hours, Airbnb or the host will work to get it done proficiently.

Final Look at What to Do When Airbnb Host Not Responding

In the long run, Airbnb is meant to be an easy, affordable, and more-like home experience. If your host is not responding, you may need to be patient. Waiting 24 hours after a reservation or first contact is key.

If the host still does not respond, you can send another request and wait an hour for a response. Because things change and lives are busy, there may be a delay. If the host remains unresponsive, you may call through the app or contact Airbnb via their website.

When it comes to bigger issues, you have a duty to report them or fix them. You may be due a refund, but Airbnb has all information available at your fingertips. You can reach out if any issues arise, file claims, and communicate through the app and website.

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Stacy Randall

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