Where To Put A Bed In Room With Windows

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Having a home with lots of windows and natural light is a blessing. It warms your space, and provides ample light throughout the day. In many cases, there is even a nice view to take in. There are, however, some design challenges when you have rooms with windows. For example, you may have trouble deciding exactly where to put your bed in a room with one or more windows.

Do your best to avoid putting your bed directly in front of a window. Also be sure your bed does not block the entry or closet door. There are also design elements to consider. Feng Shui suggests not putting the bed between the window and the entry door. If you need to put a bed in front of a window, consider using a headboard.

There are no laws dictating where you should put your bed in a room with windows. Additionally, there is no single type of room design. In other words, a room with windows can have hundreds of different layouts. The windows can be large or small, singular or multiple, and the entry door can be in many places. There may even be several entry doors. While there are no firm laws, there are both factors to consider and some helpful tips that can help you decide the best place to put your bed in a room with windows.

Considerations When Placing A Bed In Room With Windows

As you look at the room in which you plan to place your bed, take some measurements, and also walk the space. Each room is a bit different, and it is important you understand the different factors that make your decision unique. Below are several spatial elements you should consider and factor into your decision as to where you should put your bed in a room with windows.

Size Of The Room

The size of the room is often the biggest determining factor when it comes to bed placement and room design. In general, the larger the room, the more options you can play with. Smaller rooms tend to only allow a few possible options for a bed. This limits your options, but can also make the final decision fairly simple.

Size Of The Bed

The size and shape of your bed will also determine where your bed can fit. California king mattresses are more than twice as wide as most twins. There are some circumstances where you can easily tuck a twin or even full sized mattress in a far corner out of the way of the window. That same space, however, would be totally unsuitable for a king mattress.

Location Of The Door

The location of your entry door is also something you should take note of. Your door location is important for several reasons. For one, you don’t want your bed to come in contact or close to the swing of the door. Also, you should avoid putting a bed directly in front of the door.

Placing a bed in any natural path will only cause you irritation and possibly the occasional bruised shin. It is also frowned upon from most design aesthetics for a bed to be the first and only thing you see when you open the door.

Size Of Windows

Window size is another major factor when it comes to where you should place your bed in a room. Large windows can anchor a space, while smaller windows are more like accents. Smaller windows are easier to work around, while large windows might require a bit of creativity on your part when it comes to bed placement. Just remember to consider both style and functionality.

Number Of Windows

You also need to consider how many windows are in your room. If the room is a corner dwelling the odds are there are at least two windows. Some rooms can have 3, 4, or even floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows. The number of windows in the room will obviously impact how you place your bed.

If there are windows in each wall, avoiding a window will become unavoidable. At that point you need to consider which area of the room makes the most sense from a practical and design sense for the bed. The goal is that the bed does not “float”in the room, or make too loud a statement.

Use Feng Shui To Help Place A Bed In Room With Windows

Many people like to consult Feng Shui tips when designing their space. This ancient practice is said to bring calm, peace and warmth into the home. It also is said to ward off bad energy, if you believe in that sort of thing. The main considerations of bed placement when it comes to Feng Shui are listed below.

  • Do Not Place A Bed Under A Window Or Facing A Sunny Window
  • A Bed Should Not Rest Between A Window And The Entry Door
  • Beds Heading East and West Are Considered Good Feng Shui
  • Ideally, A Bed Will be Placed Towards The Center Of A Room

Can You Put A Bed In Front Of A Window?

You can put a bed anywhere in your room, as long as it is safe and up to fire code. However, many interior designers warn against placing a bed in front of a window. In order to understand this better, read the pros and cons of putting your bed in front of a window.

Pros Of Putting Bed In Front of A Window

It Might Be The Best Physical Spot In The Room For A Bed. When push comes to shove, you might walk your space and feel that the best (and perhaps only) place to put your bed is in front of a window. With some room designs, putting a bed in front of a window can look great, or at the very least can be the lesser of all evils.

Natural Morning Light To Wake You Up. If you are someone who wakes up with the sun and the chickens, then placing your bed near a window is a good idea. Placing your bed in front of a window is definitely a way to get the sun shining on you bright and early.

A Larger Window Can Frame The Bed. Sure, many times a window in front of your bed can be awkward, but sometimes it can fit perfectly. In homes (often high ceiling apartments) with large and wide windows, the large window can potentially frame the bed nicely. You are likely still able to see the view, and if the window peaks out on both sides of the bed, you should still find them functional.

You Can Block An Undesirable View. It’s important to remember that not all views are desirable. If one of your windows looks at a brick wall, or even a neighbor’s window, then you might opt for some privacy curtains and even place your bed in front of the window with a bed frame.

Cons To Putting Bed In Front of A Window

Say Goodbye To Privacy. One of the biggest downsides to putting a bed in front of a window is the lack of privacy involved. Your bed is often seen as the most vulnerable and private part of your home. You may be undressed, and likely don’t want people able to peer in on you.

Sunlight, Drafts Can Disturb Your Rest. While some enjoy the morning sunshine, others are sensitive sleepers. Sleeping next to a window can be drafty and sunny. This can make sleeping more difficult and also makes the area more prone to temperature fluctuations.

Not Advisable For Noisy Areas. If you live in a city, then you know being next to a window can be quite noisy. If you live in a noisy area, it’s best to keep the bed away from a window.

It Goes Against Feng Shui Beliefs. Feng Shui, a well-respected art of room design, suggests that you not put a bed in front of a window. There should b e open space between the door and the window. Placing a bed in front of the window puts it in the wrong path.

It Blocks The View. The odds are you are living in an area because you want to be there. In many cases this also means you want to be able to look out the window. In many cases placing a bed in front of a window blocks a good portion of your view.

Where To Put A Bed In Room With One Window

If you have a room with one window, then you theoretically have 3 walls without windows to choose from. However, depending on the size of the room and placement of the entry door, you may find it challenging to put your bed along that wall. Also, it is rarely a good idea to have your bed along the same wall as the entry door.

This leaves the two side walls. At this point you need to consider which side the window is on. Place your bed on the side further from the window. You may also need to factor in your closet door and other design elements. Remember to always consider functionality before fashion when it comes to placement.

Where To Put A Bed In A Room With Multiple Windows

If you have several windows in your bedroom, you may find it a bit more challenging to place your bed along a wall without a window. One option is to simply put your bed on the one wall where there is no window. This is an ideal solution, but might not work if it blocks a doorway or closet.

The nest option is to frame the bed under one of the windows. Ideally, do not place it in front of the window facing the door. Try and use a different wall. Maybe even consider using a wall with a less desirable view.

Where To Put A Bed In A Room With Panoramic Windows

If you have a room that has floor to ceiling windows, you have the luxury of sweeping views, but the challenge of decorating. The best practice here is to maximize the view, listen to a bit of Feng Shui, and make the room really open up.

Since the main rule in Feng Shui (and the one many decorators agree on) is not to place a bed between a window and the entry door. Follow this rule by keeping a clear path between the door and the panoramic window. You can opt to put the bed on either side of the door, but it might be best to put it on whichever wall has the most available space, but also allows you to enjoy the views.

Wrapping Up Where To Put A Bed In A Room With Windows

Placing your bed in your bedroom is an important decision. After all, we spend a third of our lives in bed. When you are placing your bed, try not to place it under a window, especially the window facing the doorway. Make sure the bed is not in the way of a natural path or any window or door openings. In the end, there are no firm laws or rules, but try and make the most of your space. And don’t forget to make it feel like home.

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