What Color Paint Goes With Fantasy Brown Granite? (Find Out Now!)

Ossiana Tepfenhart
by Ossiana Tepfenhart

Brown granite was once a staple in almost every kitchen and bathroom. Fantasy brown granite, a greyish brown marble-like granite, still remains extremely popular among homeowners. It’s actually a mix between marble and granite. Love this wavy-looking stone? It’s great, but what kind of paint can you pair with it?

Gentle neutrals like white, cream, beige, and light grey tend to work well with Fantasy brown granite. Green and light blue can also work as paint colors for homes that have this granite type, if you want to stray from neutrals. Pastels tend to be the best option, though dark green can work in certain situations.

If you have a home with Fantasy brown granite, choosing your paint pairing can be difficult. It’s a “picky” look. Let’s take a closer examination of your best choices.

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What Are The Best Colors For Fantasy Brown Granite?

Believe it or not, this is one of the few granite (or faux marble) types that really has a limited palette. You need to stick to pastels. Look at our choices below…

1. White

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White is one of the easier colors to pair with browns of all types—as this example illustrates. White is a great pick for smaller kitchens that need to look more open, not to mention kitchens that don’t have as much light as they typically should. Besides, white and brown remains one of the most popular kitchen color combinations in the world.

Traditional yet modern, you can never go wrong with the fresh look of a kitchen or a bathroom painted in white. It’s the easiest way to channel that “inner Gordon Ramsey” vibe that people tend to see in shows like Kitchen Nightmares. Of course, a white kitchen is always a dream come true!

2. Beige

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Here, we see some Fantasy brown counters paired with a very light beige backsplash and off-white cabinetry. What’s there to say aside from that? I mean, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Beige paint helps add a little bit of warmth to your home and also gives your kitchen a look of continuity that most other colors won’t.

As this illustration above shows, a little splash of color (like blue or turquoise accents) can make a huge difference in the look of your home. Since both beige and brown are neutral colors, you can technically add any other color and have it come out looking amazing. Blue is great, but if it’s not your pick, don’t worry. You also can choose yellow accents t0o!

3. Off-White

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You know, there are some moments where having that bright white paint on your kitchen might be a bit much. Too bright of a white can look glaring or even stark in certain lighting situations. That’s why we also suggest going with a cream or off-white color. It’s easy to see why. Off-white is a slightly beige, slightly toned down version of white.

These ultra-light colors are going to be able to reflect light well, but at the same time, they offer just a pinch of warmth to your home. This can make the right bathroom or kitchen look inviting. It also reflects light well, which means that your room will look a bit larger than it would with something like dark grey. Small rooms love this vibe.

4. Light Grey

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Here, we see an illustration of a room that has a slick Fantasy brown marble tabletop and cabinet base. It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? As you can see from the photo above, we see a beautiful combination of grey against this table. The light grey helps reflect light and makes the room look larger and more open.

I personally love the textured look of the paint on the walls and tiling. However, you don’t need to have that extra patching in order to appreciate this look. Grey on grey-brown gives a room a very sophisticated, stately feel that is ideal for an upscale dining room or an office.

5. Turquoise/Light Blue

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So, it’s common knowledge that Fantasy brown marble can have a slightly woody look to it. This is kinda what the vibe we’re shooting for will be here. Turquoise and grey-browns tend to work amazingly well together. I mean, take a look at the illustration above. That gorgeous sandy brown-grey slab looks amazing with the turquoise tiling above.

The same concept can work with Fantasy brown marble and turquoise paint. If you are a fan of Moroccan-inspired interior design or just want to have a new twist on an old color combination, you probably should consider grabbing a swatch of turquoise during your Home Depot trip. This is one of the better options for bathrooms with Fantasy brown counters, too.

6. Green

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Oh, the beauty of a kitchen that looks like it was torn out of a fantasy cottage storybook! Green and brown work together beautifully when you want to have a kitchen that feels homey, whimsical, and at the same time, mildly historic. Needless to say, this is a great choice for homes that have a Victorian or steampunk feel.

As you can see from the illustration above, the brownish grey look of Fantasy brown marble (or in this case the similar look of a wood countertop) pairs beautifully with green. Green and the naturally borderline-woody look of this marble will give your home a forest-like ambiance that rules.

7. Orange

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Oh my god, it is a miracle! I actually found a photo of a kitchen that has orange paint and real Fantasy brown granite. It’s amazing, right? The illustration above shows why this color combo is worth a shot. It’s warm, yet modern. It’s unique and yet at the same time, a little on the retro side. 70s glamour has never looked so good.

Gorgeous is one way to describe this color combination. Of course, to get the full effect, you are going to need to have some shades of dark brown for your cabinetry or table wood. Even though this is more of a “full effect” combination, we still love the way that this looks. If you want to get into the retro look or have a midcentury modern home that you want to transport back in time, this is a great pick.

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Related Questions

Is Fantasy brown granite the same thing as Fantasy brown marble?

Yes, the two names refer to the exact same countertop material. Technically, both names are also correct because Fantasy brown is part granite and part marble. So while it may sound fancier when you say it’s marble, it’s also totally fine to say that it’s granite. It’s a fusion of the two that is designed to give you a great look at an even greater value.

Is Fantasy brown marble becoming popular?

Believe it or not, many interior design experts think that we’re only starting to see the full popularity of Fantasy brown as a building material. It’s versatile and acts as a great look for almost any kitchen or bathroom. Moreover, it happens to be one of the more affordable materials on the market these days.Saying that is it trendy might be a bit much. It hasn’t quite become trendy to the point of being the new white marble.  However, it’s definitely on its way there. Expect to see a lot more Fantasy brown in the future.

Does Fantasy brown get scratched easily?

Fantasy brown is far less scratch-prone than marble, but that doesn’t mean it’s entirely inured to scratches. As far as countertop materials go, it’s a fairly hardy stone that will give you a low-scratch surface. If you are very worried about scratches on your countertop surface, this could be a good match. However, a better one might be pure granite. It won’t scratch and it will be less likely to stain, too.

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