Tempstar Vs. Carrier Air Conditioners: Which One Is Better?

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Tempstar and Carrier are considered two of the top air conditioner brands for price and performance. Carrier beats out Tempstar in terms of performance, but Tempstar air conditioners are more straightforward. Factors like price, ease of use, and performance determine an air conditioner’s value, so let’s see how Tempstar and Carrier deliver.

Air conditioners play a vital role in the home, especially during the hotter summer months. Depending on where in Canada you live, temperatures can get balmy and stretch throughout the summer. Without air conditioning, it can make for an awfully sweaty experience.

There are two brands in Canada that are particularly popular: Tempstar and Carrier. But what separates these two popular brands? Well, if you are looking for something with a little more technological flair, Carrier may be the better choice. But if you are looking for a durable, reliable, efficient air conditioner at a reasonable cost, Tempstar may suit you better.

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Tempstar vs. Carrier

While the two companies may not be well-known to their brethren from the south, Canadians no doubt know both of these brand names. They are among two of the most popular and reliable brands throughout Canada.

In this guide, we will take a look at several factors that dictate how these two stack up with one another. And at the end, we will tell you who these are best for and why.

Company Overviews

Carrier was founded back in 1902 by its namesake, Willis Carrier. He committed to providing innovation in heating and cooling and did just that. With some of the most efficient units out there, Carrier has been striving to make its products green-friendly in an effort to improve their environmental impact.

Tempstar is much newer to the heating and cooling world, having gotten started in the 1980s. They are part of the same umbrella company that owns Carrier – United Technologies Corporation group. They are more of a standard-tier brand that focuses on making energy-efficient, durable, affordable air conditioners.

What to Like About Carrier

Carrier air conditioners are considered to be some of the most efficient out there. That is partially because they have several different types of units to meet the needs of their customer base. Given the ranging climates across Canada, it only stands to reason that not everyone will have the same cooling needs.

Carrier also has a ton of innovative features. The Silencer System II creates a quiet cooling experience while the Greenspeed Intelligence provides a smarter air conditioning experience. These features alone are enough to land Carrier as a premier Canadian brand.

What to Like About Tempstar

For starters, their air conditioners are backed by the company through one of the strongest warranties in the industry. They test their air conditioners so that they are durable, reliable, and high-quality all at an affordable price.

Moreover, they have a wide array of choices and styles. Most of them have great energy efficiency ratings, saving on your energy bills. With the move towards energy efficiency throughout Canada and the world at large, it is a move most are feeling the need to make.

Perhaps most of all, their air conditioners are affordable. Air conditioners can be one of the most expensive appliances in the home. Even if you are working on a tighter budget, you can shop Tempstar with confidence.

Where Carrier Can Improve

While Carrier has made itself known as one of the premium-tier brands in Canadian air conditioning, there is room for improvement as well. While their high-end models have some of the top technological advancements on the market, their mid-and economy-tier units don’t have many of those same features.

Their warranty also leaves a bit to be desired. They offer basic coverage for all of their air conditioning units regardless of tier or series. The coverage is somewhat good compared to competitors but can be lacking when shelling out for one of their top-tier brands.

Where Tempstar Can Improve

While it is certainly great that Tempstar air conditioners are both affordable and energy-efficient, they aren’t going to dazzle anyone with their technological features. Most of them are basic in a single- or two-stage sense.

There is just a single model that has more advanced variable-speed capabilities, for instance. The few advanced control and monitoring features that they have only come within a few mid- and premium-range models.

Tempstar Features

There are features exclusive to Tempstar that other manufacturers do not have. Here are some of those features and how they work within Tempstar air conditioning units.

SmartSense Technology

SmartSense technology works to monitor compressor and fan operations. It does this so that the system can make adjustments to maintain the right temperature and control humidity levels.

On the whole, SmartSense technology increases the overall efficiency and performance of your Tempstar air conditioner. If you care about a more energy-efficient air conditioner, this is one of the best features that Tempstar offers.

Ion System Control

By using their Ion System smart thermostat, the user gets greater control than ever before over the cooling system. Users are able to remotely control humidity levels, temperature, and even ventilation throughout the home.

Observer Communicating Wall Control

This wall-mounted unit is wi-fi controlled, allowing users to control their cooling system totally remotely. That provides the power to improve performance and efficiency in your air conditioning unit no matter where you are.

Best of all, this increased communication control lets you improve the lifespan of your cooling system. All of this thanks to the built-in advanced maintenance monitoring system.

Carrier Features

Carrier has a wide array of features that are unique and specific to their brand. Here are some of those features and how they work within the Carrier air conditioning units.

Greenspeed Intelligence

One of the features that help Carrier stand above much of the competition is this feature. This feature allows the air conditioning units to run at a broad range of speeds. Furthermore, it runs quieter than many others in the field.

Units that have the Greenspeed Intelligence are able to much more effectively control humidity. It achieves this feat by using lower, yet steadier capacities. For climates with thicker, more humid weather, this unit would be ideal.

Infinity Touch Control

This is a premium feature not necessarily available on their lower-end units. That said, it gives users the ability to control their air conditioner remotely through a mobile device. All it takes is a few taps to have control of all your settings.

These touch controls mean being able to make changes to exact user specifications, allowing maximum efficiency and energy savings. More importantly, it can be done anywhere at any time. That is a level of convenience that only the best of the best in the industry can hope to match.

Performance Edge Thermostat

This feature is specific to Carrier’s Comfort and Performance Series units. The Performance Edge thermostat is not only programmable but a smart thermostat as well. That means it is capable of managing not only temperatures, but ventilation, humidity, and air flow as well.

Even cooler is that this programmable thermostat can be used to control and improve the air quality in your home. For those who have respiratory issues, this programmable thermostat can be a godsend.

Silencer System II

Some air conditioning units can be quite loud when the fan kicks on and is running at full capacity. With the Silencer System II, you will get a super-quiet operation. The process works by minimizing vibrations and maximizing airflow, creating less resistance and smoother air flow.

WeatherArmor Feature

The WeatherArmor system is exclusive to Carrier and comes in the standard and Ultra variations. The WeatherArmor feature is meant to improve the overall durability of your unit. Not only that, but it protects your outdoor unit from potentially adverse weather.

The Ultra protection is an increased variation of the WeatherArmor feature. The unit has a louvered coil guard, galvanized steel cabinet, and even a baked-on powder paint. The latter is particularly resistant to corrosion and rust, keeping your outdoor unit working at its finest.

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Which is the Better Choice?

It is safe to say that both brands have created reliable air conditioning units. Some of their models are among the very best in the industry. But who stands out when it comes to a head-to-head comparison of the two?

Tempstar units are simple and to the point until you get to their premium air conditioners. For those who like a straightforward air conditioning unit, this is the best choice. Moreover, their line of air conditioners are not only reliable and durable, but they are also energy-efficient as well. In a world that values energy conservation, that is hugely important.

Though their units are a little more costly, Carrier may make the best unit overall. Their tech-heavy features appeal to the modern crowd and provide much more convenient user experiences than most of the Tempstar units. Though they may not have the low-end quality that Tempstar does, their mid-to high-end units are among the best out there.

It all comes down to budget and comfort level with technology. If you consider yourself more tech-savvy and have a few more bucks to spend, Carrier is the choice. But if you just want something that won’t require meddling and gets to the point, it’s hard to beat Tempstar.

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