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Your bathroom is a place you may choose to decorate in a calm and sanctuary-like way. It’s quite common to have wooden and stone accents, as well as other natural accents. Plants are also commonly found in bathrooms. They add life to any space, and many plants love the mist and high humidity that bathrooms provide after a steamy shower. But not all bathrooms have windows, which might have you wondering if there are any plants you can put in a bathroom with no windows.

Some of the best plants to put in a windowless bathroom include lucky bamboo, spider plants, air plants, and snake plants. Some mosses and succulents do well in low-light and high-humidity environments. Pathos, prayer plants, cast iron plants, and peace lilies are also common houseplants for rooms without light. The key is finding plants that enjoy humidity but don’t require direct sunlight.

The good news is that you don’t need lots of natural light, or even windows to keep a plant alive in your bathroom. The key is choosing a plant that enjoys the humidity of a bathroom but doesn’t require the natural light that many plants thrive on. If you are looking for a perfect plant for your bathroom that has no windows, keep reading to uncover our full list of recommendations.

11 Plants That Will Thrive In A Bathroom With No Windows

1. Lucky Bamboo

One of the most popular and most tranquil plants to place in a bathroom with no natural light is lucky bamboo. This stalky and green-leafed plant is one you can find in most garden departments or any Chinatown, and it is also very easy to care for. It can tolerate very little light conditions and loves moist conditions, but it can also handle some dry weather.

Bamboo looks great in a bathroom, takes up minimal space, and doesn’t require soil — you can use pebbles instead. This is a plus, as soil can attract bugs and mites, and is a pain to clean up. This makes this house-friendly bamboo an ideal choice for those looking for a burst of life in a windowless bathroom.

2. Boston Fern

If you are looking for more of a lush garden vibe in your bathroom, you might want to consider a Boston fern. Boston ferns don’t like a lot of light, although they do require a bit of light occasionally. This makes them a great choice for those looking for a robust hanging plant.

You simply need to create a schedule where you put your fern outside every few days to let it recharge with some light, and then let it hang and enjoy the steamy conditions near your shower.

3. Air Plants

If you are looking for a plant for your windowless bathroom that you never need to cater to, look no further than an air plant. There are dozens of air plant species. Some look like they are straight out of the land of dinosaurs, while others look like vibrant hanging mosses.

Some air plants require sun, but most require lots of shade, making them great for windowless spaces. Place your air plant in a hanging terrarium to give these plants (and your bathroom) an elegant and elevated look.

4. Spider Plants

One of the most iconic house plants is the spider plant. These self-propagating plants work great in windowless bathrooms and are popular in the home for several reasons. For one, they are hard to kill. They like light but can tolerate shade. -You will only need to put this plant in the sun once in a while.

Furthermore, these plants are great at providing oxygen and cleaning the air. This makes them a great plant for a bathroom, or any interior space that doesn’t have windows or great airflow.

5. Mosses

If you are looking to design a small zen garden for your bathroom with no windows, then moss could be a great option. Many mosses thrive without direct sunlight, and they also love moist conditions. These attributes make moss the ideal candidate for anyone searching for a plant that will thrive in a windowless bathroom.

Add decorative rocks or plant the moss in a stunning bowl or planter to elevate the look of this unique bathroom plant.

6. Pothos

Pothos, including golden pothos, make great houseplants for those with minimal sunlight. They dislike bright direct sunlight and continue to grow with minimal light. There are several types of pothos, most of which are leafy, climbing, and hanging plants as well, making them a great option for those who want a lot of life in a windowless bathroom.

Pothos are resilient plants that can creep along a wall, or hang from a basket. This makes them versatile from a design and gardening perspective, and a perfect choice for those looking for a plant that can hang and cascade down from a high shelf.

7. Peace Lily

Another plant that can bring peace and calm to your windowless bathroom is the peace lily. The peace lily is one of the few blooming plants on this list, and it is a good pick for anyone looking for a flowering plant in a room with minimal light. Not only does the peace lily provide elegant white blossoms, but it also has rich green leaves that breathe life into any space it occupies.

8. Certain Succulents

If you are a succulent fan (and who isn’t these days), then you’ll be happy to learn several succulent species thrive in very low-light conditions. In fact, most succulents hate direct sunlight and would prefer a windowless room.

Try to find the species Sansevieria trifasciata, a succulent that does particularly well in shady rooms and low-light areas. Best of all, succulents love the light mist and high humidity of a shower, and prefer it to getting drenched by a watering can.

9. Chinese Evergreen

Don’t be fooled by the name of this plant, as it is a robust and leafy plant from subtropical regions. It does great in shady environments, even though it looks like it was plucked straight out of a tropical rainforest.

Chinese evergreens do well in low-light environments and are resilient even when improperly watered. This makes them an ideal choice for those who are new to being plant parents.

10. Prayer Plant

Yet another resilient and zen-like plant worth considering for a windowless bathroom is the prayer plant. These plants have a stunning geometric look. They will not only add that extra boost of natural color, but they can add some design and dimension to any space they occupy.

These plants are safe to have around dogs as well, which is a major bonus for those with pets in the home. Keep in mind that while these plants can tolerate low light, they do love some sun. Therefore, it’s best to bring them outside for a recharge every few days or so for best results.

11. Snake Plant

Lastly, if you are looking for a stoic and eye-catching plant that is nearly impossible to kill — even in a windowless bathroom — look no further than a snake plant. A snake plant is nicknamed mother-in-law’s tongue because you simply can’t get rid of it.

You can grow this plant hydroponically, which is great for those who don’t want soil-based plants in the bathroom. It also comes in several varieties, including variegated and with different colored leaves.

Summing Up The Best Plants For Bathrooms Without Windows

If you want to have a plant in your bathroom but it has no windows or access to direct sunlight, you’ll be happy to know you still have options. You can go for a zen and eastern vibe with lucky bamboo or a prayer plant, or choose a blooming plant in the form of a peace lily. If you are looking for something low maintenance, there are many species of air plants and several succulent varieties that do well in low-light conditions. If you are new to gardening, both snake plants and Chinese evergreens are low maintenance and resilient, even in windowless bathrooms.

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