Cox Internet Keeps Going Out? Do This!

Stacy Randall
by Stacy Randall

When your internet goes out, you may have a problem that you can fix from the comfort of your home. Cox internet is often very dependable, but like most companies, minor difficulties can occur. So, what do you do when Cox internet keeps going out on you?

If your internet keeps going out, freezing, or randomly restarting, there could be an outage, or you’re overworking the router. Checking for outages and being able to reset your modem may help to reconnect your Cox internet. Sometimes your Cox Panoramic wifi will go out, and you will need to boost your signal. In more severe cases, you’ll require help from a technician.

Cox Internet and communications is a company that specializes in dealing with good quality communication and digital cable. If your internet speed is not up to date or upgraded proficiently, your internet speed is compromised. Pursuing and understanding solutions to fix your Cox Internet helps you fix it yourself.

Why Does My Cox Internet Keep Going Out Randomly?

If you are working on your computer and your internet randomly goes out, the problem could be minor. It could be due to overloading your router with multiple devices and connections. If there are a lot of devices utilizing the internet service, it may be strained and cut out.

Along with various devices using the internet, you may even find that your modem or router is overheating. The location of your devices is key, and if they get too hot, they’ll shut down to cool down. This is a common problem if your router is under or in a cabinet.

Of course, along with overheating, you may also need to check cables and cords. A bump or jolt to a loose cable may kick the internet out randomly. Be sure to check your router and modem regularly to avoid this situation.

Finally, your Cox internet may cut out randomly due to a restart or upgrade from Cox themselves. This may result in outages and cause a brief delay in your internet usage.

Why Does Cox Internet Keep Freezing?

You will find that when you are working and using your internet that it may randomly freeze. It may freeze due to the simple fact that you have too many tabs open on your computer. It could also freeze due to being stretched too thin across numerous devices.

If you have a telephone line through Cox, there could be problems with cable lines. But most often, your router is overloaded or upgrading when your internet randomly freezes on you.

Reason Why Cox Router Randomly Restarts

The main reason your router will restart randomly is that there isn’t enough upstream. When you try to stream or download various videos, games, or movies, your upstream will slow down. Most streaming requires 52 kps, and if it dips too low, your router will restart to try and compensate.

Your router will restart to try and fix any problem it encounters. So if you have various things downloading, you may wish to cut some out. Also, calling Cox to find out why your internet is below your desired streaming and downloading speed may help.

Why Does the Internet Keep Disconnecting and Reconnecting at Night?

At night, you find yourself retreating to your room, only to get there and find you’ve lost the internet again. Losing the internet at the same time can seem like a nightly routine because of a few factors within your home.

Your signal for internet usage may be weaker or cut out due to the location of your router. Moving your router and modem to another room or having an extra line closer may resolve this issue. Along with moving your router, you may want to check on interference from other mobile devices.

From using baby monitors to garage door openers and security cameras, these can all interfere with your signal. To cut down on disconnecting the internet, you will want to remove or limit other devices.

What to Do When Cox Internet Keeps Going Out

When it comes to your Cox internet, you have various ways to check why it may be going out. By understanding how to do it yourself, you can save yourself time and check for outages in your area. Along with checking for outages, a restart of your modem just may do the trick.

Sometimes, you won’t be able to fix the issue yourself, and you need to call support. It is important to explain in detail what color lights display and how long it’s been doing it.

Check for a Cox Network Outage

By going on to, you, as a customer, can log into your account and check for network outages. It is common that after a storm or road construction, you may lose the internet unexpectedly. Going on the website or app to check for network outages is a convenience for you.

Sometimes, the Cox network will do upgrades and maintenance on its system. This will require a reset of all equipment and services. You will notice this information in your Cox internet account, and you can check it by simply logging in.

Cox Internet Keeps Going Out: If There’s No Outage, Reset Your Modem

If you have checked for outages and nothing is seen, you will need to restart your modem. Restarting your modem can take numerous but simple steps to complete. Once you have gone through all the steps, you may see your internet return.

If the connection is weak or loose, you will also see your modem flash with different colors. If your Cox modem is blinking orange, red, or blue, you can do the following steps to reset it all.

1. Turn Off The Router

If your internet goes out and no outages are reported, you will need to turn off your router. This is the first step in restarting your entire modem. You may need to disconnect all devices from any wifi or internet service.

2. Unplug Your Modem/Power Supply

Unplugging your modem gives the power supply a much-needed break. It may be just the ticket to getting your modem and router up and working again.

3. Unplug the Ethernet Cable

By unplugging the ethernet cable, you ensure a true disconnect from the network. This is a fresh, clean start for your router and modem. It’s important to know if wires or cables are loose, but you’re going to secure them when plugged back in.

4. Wait

This sounds minuscule, but you need to wait for 30 to 60 seconds. By waiting for these small yet crucial seconds, you give everything a chance to turn off fully and cool down. This also gives all your computers and devices a chance to realize the internet is off.

5. Plug Everything Back In

You can begin your restart by plugging everything back in in the order you unplug it. Plugging the modem back in first gives the internet a chance to boot up. Once the modem is plugged in, wait for another 30 to 60 seconds for it to fully regain the signal.

You will then plug in the router once the network and signal are established on your modem. The router has all the software in it to initiate the proper order of things from there. Give the router time to restart and reboot, about 2 to 3 minutes, and you should be ready to connect.

6. Connect to Network

Once you have plugged everything back in and waited for a given time, you may see your device connecting. The router will reconnect to all your devices, and you should see a stronger and refreshed internet connection.

If a reset or reboot doesn’t work and your internet is still out, call Cox. This will ensure that you get the care and help you need during your outage.

Why Does My Cox Panoramic wifi Keep Dropping?

First, you will want to find out if it is the location of your modem and router. The main reason for your wifi dropping is the location of your devices to the location of your router. Signals are often disrupted, and the further your TV or laptop is, the weaker the signal.

Next, keeping your modem and router up high will ensure that you have a strong enough signal. Without obstructions or blockades, the signal should come out crisp and clear. Along with fixing the location, you may also want to check the speed your service provides.

Finally, upgrade your speed and signal through the Cox network if you find that your wifi drops frequently. You can be sure not to drop any Cox Panoramic wifi signals with a minor upgrade in your monthly service. Your wifi network may need an upgrade to boost the signal and prevent further complications.

A Final Look at Why Cox Internet Keeps Going Out

The reasons why your internet will go out are many, but there are simple solutions to fix it. You can also find a lot of information regarding your internet service by visiting your provider’s website.

Checking for outages and being able to reset your modem may help to reconnect your Cox internet. You can go online or on your app to check for outages in your area. If outages are not found, you can reset your modem and router in a few simple steps.

Sometimes your Cox Panoramic wifi will go out, too, so knowing how to fix it or why it goes out is key. You may find optimizing your signals by removing obstacles and boosting your signal will help.

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