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Sedona is a beautiful desert town that is surrounded by famous red rocks, steep canyons, and vast pine forests. Located right near Flagstaff, residents describe Sedona as a small town with big-city amenities. Residents can enjoy visiting farmer’s markets and viewing many of the area’s thriving art galleries.

Anyone who is looking to live in a more affordable area can end their search with Sedona, AZ. This small town has everything residents need to grow roots, experience modern amenities and spend less each month. Sedona is one of the state’s most affordable desert towns that are only a short drive away from city life.

The entire state of Arizona has a cost of living score of just 102.2, which means the state is 2.2% more expensive than other areas in the United States. Sedona has earned a cost of living score of 134.3 due to its slightly higher housing costs.

Additionally, the cost of basic living items like grocery and medical care is only 8% higher than the national average. For the most part, living in Sedona is affordable for many. However, don’t just take our word for it. Let’s go over all the factors that contribute to the cost of living in Sedona, AZ.

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Home Prices In Sedona, AZ

Sedona, AZ is only home to 10,000 residents. This makes the available homes on the market scarce. Those who don’t find the home of their dreams will need to purchase land and build one instead.

Nearly 80% of Sedona residents own their own home, currently. The median home value in Sedona is $504,600 for a single-family, three-bedroom home. This is almost nearly double the United States average for median home values.

Home Price Comparison In Arizona

LocationMedian Home ValueHomeownership Rate
United States$231,20067.9%

Most residents incur a mortgage payment of $2,700 per month. For a single-family home, homeowners typically pay between $330 to $575 each month. During the summer months, the utility bill may be higher.

In the past decade, home appreciation in Sedona, AZ has only risen by 11.5%. Home appreciation is not expected to increase much over the next decade, which means there is no rush to buy a home. Instead, potential homeowners can take their time to find their dream home.

Property Taxes In Sedona, AZ

Sedona is located in Yavapai County. Residents can easily determine how much they are going to pay the county in property taxes because the rate is only 1% of the home’s appraised value.

This means the average homeowner in Sedona only pays $5,046 each year on property taxes. Compared to California (nearly $10,000) and Florida (about $3,000), this is a happy medium for property taxes.

Average Rental Costs In Sedona, AZ

Of all Sedona residents, only 23% rent their housing accommodations. They pay just $1,300 per month in rent.

One-bedroom apartments start at just $1,000 and three-bedroom apartments are only $1,870. This amount is low enough for many renters to save up for purchasing their own homes in the future.

Sedona AZ Rent Compared To Other Cities

CitiesAverage Rent

Utility Costs

If you rent an average 900 square foot apartment, you will only pay $170 and $195 per month in basic utilities. On the other hand, homeowners can pay upwards of $750 per month to cool their entire home during the summer. The summer heat and cold desert nights can make utility bills fluctuate throughout the year.

In this day and age, the Internet is a necessity. Packages start at $69 from most providers. Those who want cable can find packages from $45 to $70 per month. Additionally, waste management is an average of $10 per week from the area’s three service providers.

Sedona Taxes

Sedona, AZ has taxes that are not much higher than the United States average. The sales tax rate in Sedona is 9.4%, which is slightly higher than the 7.3% national average. State income tax rates are actually lower, coming in at 4.2%. The national average is 4.6%.

The average Sedona resident will see an annual income of $38,202 as individuals and households bring in an average of $50,133. Compared to the national averages of $28,555 and $53,482 respectively, Sedona is affordable enough for individuals and families to call home.

Sedona Taxes Chart

TaxesCost & RateNational Average
Sales Tax9.4%7.3%
State Income Tax4.2%4.6%
Property Tax1%2.31%
Gasoline$0.31 Per Gallon$0.29 Per Gallon

Sedona boasts a gasoline tax of $0.31 per gallon, which is not much higher than the United States average. Since the average American uses 656 gallons of gasoline per year, you will only pay $118 in gasoline taxes in Sedona.

Food Prices In Sedona Arizona

Compared to other towns and cities across the United States, groceries are only 4.6% more expensive in Sedona. A couple can spend as little as $200 to $350 for a month’s worth of groceries and snack items. Families can keep their monthly grocery bill under $500 if they shop at the area’s many farmer’s markets.

Most basic groceries in Sedona have low costs. A gallon of milk, for example, is only $3.25 per gallon. Most other essentials are from $2.00 to $6.00 each.

Food Prices Chart For Sedona

FoodAverage Cost
Gallon of Milk$3.25
Pound of Chicken$5.92
Pound of Beef$11.66
Dozen Eggs$2.42
Pound of Apples$1.62
Restaurant Meal$17.50
Dinner & Drinks For 2$50+

The scenic desert sky creates a perfect ambiance for a date night. Other cities across the country can make a night out cost $80 or more.

Fortunately for Sedona residents, a nice dinner for two with drinks and desserts is only $50. Those who wish to dine alone can enjoy a meal and a glass of wine for $17.50.

Driving Costs

Currently, the average cost of gasoline in Sedona, AZ is only $2.69 per gallon. With a gasoline tax of only $0.31 per gallon, residents of Sedona can keep their driving costs quite low each year.

Assuming you drive like an average American, your vehicle will consume at least 656 gallons of gasoline annually. This means you’ll spend $1,765 to fill up throughout the year. Of that amount, only $118 in taxes will be collected by the state.

Public Transportation In Sedona, AZ

The Verde Lynx offers the only public transportation option serving Sedona. The service itself originates from Cottonwood, AZ. Children, students, veterans, and seniors receive a discounted fare. A valid ID will be required when boarding to receive the discounted fare.

Public TransitCost
Single Fare$2 / $1 (discounted)
20 Trip Pass$35 / $17.50 (discounted)
Monthly Pass$60 / $30 (discounted)

At this time, there are no annual passes. Fares are subject to change without advance notice. Service in Sedona is limited to only a few routes. However, residents can use The Verde Lynx to visit Cottonwood. From there, residents can take advantage of regional public transportation options.

Education Costs

Sedona has a well-rated school district that provides public K-12 education. Most children attend public school in Sedona. For the parents that prefer private education for their children, a few private schools are in operation. The annual cost per child is $10,000 per year for private education.

The University of Sedona is the largest metaphysical university in the state. It is also the only university in Sedona. Tuition costs come in at $1,290 for the entire program. All students are eligible for scholarships and payment plans.

The cost for the program does not cover housing, meals, or education materials. Students should expect to spend another $10,000 during their time at the University of Sedona.

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Final Considerations

The cost of living in Sedona, AZ is only 34.3% more expensive than the United States national average. When housing is not considered, the basic cost of living in Sedona is only 12% more expensive than other areas across this nation.

Taxes in Sedona are only slightly more than the national average. The local sales tax comes in at 9.4% and the income tax is just 4.2%. With a 1% property tax, residents can easily determine their annual dues. The average homeowner will pay $5,046 in property taxes each year for their $504,600 median value home.

Since the housing market is not as explosive as some areas of the country, many residents opt to rent. With an average rent of only $1,300 per month, residents can save enough to purchase the right home when it comes on the market. Anyone who desires a small-town experience, desert sights, and big-city amenities just a short drive away will be happy to call Sedona, AZ home.

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