Manufacturers Suzuki

Suzuki makes more than just automobiles. Known for their ATVs, Motorcycles and other motor-vehicles. In North America, you likely know them for the Kizashi sports sedan, Swift compact car, and the Suzuki Equator and Grand Vitara trucks.

Is Your Laminate Flooring Expansion Gap Too Big? (We Have A Fix)

Laminate flooring can be a smart addition to many homes. It allows homeowners to save on their flooring expenses while still featuring something that is aesthetically appealing. Many types of laminate flooring are also very easy to install and that can be a big plus for some homeowners.

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How To Purge A Propane Tank (Quickly & Easily!)

Are you new to propane tank ownership? If so, then one of the first things you are going to have to do is learn how to purge a propane tank. New propane tanks come filled with pressurized air. In order to fill your propane tank, you’ll need to purge out all the air. It’s the only way to make your tank fillable. Before you hit up the tank store, getting the scoop on this procedure is a good idea.

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