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How To Remove Polyurethane From Wood Without Removing The Stain

Polyurethane finishes are applied to wood to protect the surface from water or chemical spills and other types of damage.  Typically they add a satin or gloss appearance to the wood. However, you’ll probably want to preserve the wood stain underneath when you eventually remove the polyurethane. So, how do you remove polyurethane without removing the stain?

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How To Ventilate A Garage With No Windows (6 Ways To Do It!)

The garage sometimes doubles as a workspace for many hobbyists. Unfortunately, there are times of the year when staying inside your garage for an extended period of time is simply unbearable. The heat can be tough to deal with and it only becomes a bigger problem if the garage has no windows.

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14 Best Places To Buy A House In New Jersey

A home with a waterfront view sounds magical—something right out of a movie. New homeowners are not looking for older homes within the city; they yearn for solitude. This attracted investors to the New Jersey area when land became available in early 2017. If you are looking for some of the best places to purchase property in the state of New Jersey, the best places are mapped out for you right here.

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