Can You Put A Glass Tea Kettle On The Stove? (Find Out Now!)

Matthew Mountain
by Matthew Mountain

Human beings have been drinking tea for thousands of years, which means the tea kettle is one of the oldest water-boiling devices. With a tea kettle, you can boil water without having to expose the water to a flame.

These days, there are many kinds of tea kettles on the market, and glass tea kettles are an option that’s becoming more popular, in large part because you can see inside this device as it’s boiling liquid. Still, glass tea kettles aren’t all that common, and such is in part why a lot of individuals have questions about these devices.

One common question, “Can you put a glass tea kettle on the stove?” is the focus of this article. Included also are tips for glass tea kettle owners.

Before you put a glass tea kettle on the stove, you need to ensure the tea kettle is made of glass that can handle the heat that’s generated by the stove. Borosilicate glass can withstand high heat, and most glass tea kettles are constructed using this material. If you heat regular glass, it’s likely the glass will crack.

What Are Glass Tea Kettles and Why Are They Popular?

Before we discuss whether or not glass tea kettles can go on the stove, a little bit of background on glass tea kettles would be beneficial here. Glass tea kettles feature elegant designs, and they’re safe and easy to clean. These positive qualities are detailed below.

Elegant Design

Traditional tea kettles are sleek and metallic, and while these qualities allow traditional tea kettles to fit seamlessly in a variety of kitchen decors, it’s clear—no pun intended—that glass tea kettles are even more universal. Glass tea kettles look great in both modern and traditional decors. Moreover, glass tea kettles are stylish and unique, so they are often compliment magnets.

It’s not uncommon to see transparent glass receptacles in modern kitchens. Most coffee pots are made of glass, so it makes sense that there are glass tea kettles as well. And having a glass teapot to complement the glass tea kettle will boost the tea kettle’s visual appeal. If you have an all-glass tea set, that’s even better.


A lot of individuals want to know if glass tea kettles are safe. One main safety concern has to do with heat. The last thing an individual wants is their tea kettle cracking when it’s subjected to high heat. If the kettle cracks, it could break apart completely midst being transported, spilling boiling liquid everywhere.

Those who have this concern can rest easy knowing that glass tea kettles are heat-resistant. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about a glass tea kettle being made out of harmful chemicals.

Harmful chemicals should be a top concern when you’re heating plastic. When plastic reaches a certain temperature, the chemicals used to make it can seep out and be absorbed into the liquid/food that’s being heated. Such is a problem that glass products don’t experience, as there are no glass products on the market which contain BPA, the harmful chemical that’s found in some plastics.


Glass tea kettles are easy to clean as well. Since glass is arguably the smoothest material out there, cleaning a glass tea kettle is a breeze. Plus, you can put a glass tea kettle in the dishwasher to clean this device effortlessly.

If you clean your glass tea kettle after each use, you can ensure it lasts a long time. You should also make sure you keep this device out of harms way, and keep a firm grip on the device when you’re washing it by hand. You don’t want to drop it in the sink, as it may crack or break altogether.

Can You Put a Glass Tea Kettle on a Stove?

While the majority of tea kettles on the market today are made of either cast iron or stainless steel, there are plenty of glass tea kettles out there as well. Just be sure you know which kind of glass tea kettle you have before you put it on the stove.

Not all glass tea kettles are made for the stove. Those that have borosilicate glass are stove-friendly, and you can even put these against a direct flame. But why is it that borosilicate tea kettles are safe while others aren’t? This is because borosilicate is a special type of glass, one that can withstand high heat.

Borosilicate is partly made of boron trioxide, and this compound ensures the borosilicate doesn’t expand when subjected to high heat. And since the borosilicate doesn’t expand, it’s ideal for use on the stove.

Regular glass would crack under such high heat, but this is not a problem for borosilicate glass. That being said, borosilicate glass is not impervious. For one, you should never put an empty borosilicate glass tea kettle on an active stove, as doing so will cause the tea kettle to crack.

Which Glass Tea Kettles Are Best?

If you want to keep leaves out of your drink, then you should purchase a glass tea kettle that comes with a removable infuser. Or you could get a tea kettle that utilizes a built-in strainer. An infuser will help you reach the brew strength you’re looking for, and when you’re done with the leaves you can easily throw them in the wastebasket.

You should also get a glass tea kettle that has an ergonomic handle. You don’t want the handle to be hot when you pick it up, as unexpected high heat may cause you to drop the kettle. And if the handle is unaffected by heat, such will make for easier pouring. The handle should also be heat-insulated, so you don’t scald your fingers when you touch it.

A good glass tea kettle will utilize an efficient spout. With an efficient spout, you won’t have to worry about drips or messes from pouring. Just make sure you never overfill a tea kettle, as doing so can lead to a big mess.

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