Can I Use A Night Light Bulb In My Dryer? (Find Out Now!)

Ossiana Tepfenhart
by Ossiana Tepfenhart

In the past, you might have remembered how comforting and calming it was to gaze at the warmth of a night light. The warm glow always came from a wall and always was associated with a small lightbulb. Those tiny night light bulbs seem like they have only one purpose. But, dryers often have lights too. Can you use a night light bulb for your dryer?

While it’s not ideal, most night light bulbs can be used in place of a burnt-out dryer bulb. However, you should make sure that the bulb in question is under 12 Watts and can actually be screwed into the bulb’s socket. As long as your bulb is capable of being added in, you should be alright.

Though you might have a good shot at making this bulb work for your dryer, the truth is that you still need to be aware of some things. To find out more about this, keep reading.

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What Kind Of Light Bulb Are You Supposed To Use In A Dryer?

If you take a look at your dryer’s owner manual, you will be able to find the exact type of bulb that your dryer is supposed to use. However, you might not need a specific brand. Most manuals simply say that you will need an “appliance bulb.” A typical dryer will do best with a light bulb that’s around 10W to 12W in power.

Can You Use A Night Light Bulb In Your Dryer?

You can, however, it’s not ideal. Most people who use night light bulbs as a replacer for the tiny little bulb in your dryer will notice slight differences. In most cases, the night light bulb will be slightly dimmer. Anecdotal evidence suggests that night light bulbs also don’t last as long as typical appliance bulbs do.

If you want to use a night light bulb for your dryer, it’s best to stick to 7C7 or 10C7 bulb. If you can, try to find one that is heat-resistant. LED bulbs and plastic bulbs might not be advisable.

Will Night Light Bulbs Explode In The Dryer?

Dryers obviously get pretty warm when they are drying stuff off. This is especially true on higher settings like “COTTON.” This is a reason why a lot of people tend to assume that these bulbs may melt. Truth be told, we have heard of people getting worried about fire hazards, and it’s true. Due to the fact that they are technically not made for dryers, there is a risk of fire.

If you want to go this route, here’s what we suggest you do:

  • Make sure to avoid LED lights. While many people have tried these and had good experiences, the plastic in these bulbs makes us at Upgraded Home leery. If you smell melted plastic after trying one of these, open the door to the dryer and remove the bulb before it ignites.
  • Go for a trial run first. You want to make sure the bulb can hold at lower temperatures, then crank it up. If your bulb pops at outdoor temperature, then you might luck out and not get a fire.
  • If your dryer is under warranty, then read the warranty first. Believe it or not, some brands will void the warranty if you don’t use a dryer bulb. If you’re okay with voiding the warranty (some folks are) then go for it. Otherwise, stick to the warranty guidelines.
  • Switch the night light bulb for a dryer bulb as soon as you can afford to. While there are a lot of folks who have the night light bulb in their dryers for years without any issue, it’s not the smartest move. We suggest getting the real McCoy as soon as you have the money for it.

Why Do People Use Night Light Bulbs Instead Of Dryer Bulbs?

Sometimes, it’s a matter of just not finding a dryer bulb on hand at your local Home Depot or Ace Hardware. However, most of the time, it is a matter of price. Dryer lights are around $4 to $18 per bulb, which is fairly pricey considering how small they are. On the other hand, buying night light bulbs will only cost you $.50 to $2.50 for a pair in most areas.

Needless to say, the price for most night light bulbs would make most people think about replacing dryer bulbs with them. Even so, the potential cost of a fire or melted bulb should make you think twice before you go for the goal.

Can You Use Your Dryer With A Burnt-Out Bulb?

If you feel leery about using a night light bulb in your dryer, I honestly can’t blame you. Many home repair guides seem to be split on how safe it really is, which is why we’re going with an “approach with caution” verdict. Thankfully, you have better option that you can consider…

While it’s not exactly the best way to get the visibility levels you expect in a dryer, you can usually continue to operate your dryer without the use of a lightbulb in it. With that said, some companies are starting to add “failsafe measures” to their dryers which may make them cease operation if they detect a burnt bulb. Those are still fairly rare unless you’re talking about a smart dryer.

How Long Do Dryer Lights Last, Anyway?

It’s extremely rare to have to replace dryer lights on a regular basis. In fact, it’s actually a reason to call a repairman if it happens on regular basis. Most of the time, a good dryer bulb will last for years. If you get one of the newer LED dryer bulbs with heat and vibration resistance, you might actually see the bulb outlast your dryer. Some can last for as long as 10 years!

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Is there a light in LG Dryers?

LG dryers are made to be the pinnacle of ease of use and accessibility. This also means they come with features that are meant to improve visibility. Almost all (if not all) modern models produced by LG will have a dryer light inside the dryer. It’s an easier way to find all the clothing and ensure you don’t double-dry that one sock in the back of the barrel.

Do they make LED appliance bulbs?

If you have a need to help keep the earth clean, then you might be wondering whether or not they will be able to make LED bulbs. The truth is, they are already on the market. The truth is they are a little more expensive but they offer a huge array of perks. Along with better visibility, most LED appliance bulbs also come with the perk of lasting for up to 10 years.Want to grab one? It’s easy to do. Just go to your local Home Depot or Lowe’s and find one. They’re in the appliance bulb aisle.

Do they make LED bulbs for ovens?

While you might be able to see LED bulbs being sold for dryers, seeing them on sale for ovens just isn’t a thing. A typical LED light cannot handle the high heats that are found in a typical oven. Those bulbs will melt. LEDs also haven’t been engineered to withstand high temperatures yet, either, so it will be a long time before we see them hitting store shelves.

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