Why Are Blinds So Expensive?

Nick Durante
by Nick Durante

Window treatments such as blinds are necessary for modern homes, but it isn’t fun to replace them. Blinds can be costly to replace, and it is difficult to sort through all of the available options. So, why are blinds so expensive?

Blinds are so expensive because of the materials they are made of and the size of the window. Vinyl, PVC, and aluminum can cost hundreds less per window to install than authentic wood blinds. Custom blinds, smart features, and motorized blinds cost an average of $650 to install due to the extra labor.

Budget blinds are often just as effective as a high-end alternative, but they may not look as good. Expensive blinds are typically made of durable materials that can withstand UV radiation from sunlight. Follow along as we explore the factors that determine why blinds are so expensive.

Why Are Binds So Expensive?

The cost of blinds comes down to the brand, materials, smart features, and size of the window. Most brands produce a wide selection of blinds that suit the most common window sizes. However, that doesn’t mean that they will have blinds that fit your window.

That means that you may need to get custom blinds and that can hundreds of dollars to the cost of installation. Luckily, that is only necessary if you have uncommon window dimensions. Let’s take a look at the most important cost factors for why blinds are so expensive.


Blinds are only as good and valuable as the materials used to produce them. The material that they are made of is responsible for the appearance, durability, and cost. Homeowners seek out wood blinds because of their unique appearance, and they cost at least 20% more than faux wood.

Cheap materials, such as vinyl and PVC, are the most common type of blinds due to their affordability. Aluminum blinds are comparable to vinyl blinds and installation can cost as little as $25 per window. Real wood blinds are the most expensive option, but it is worth it between durability and appearance.


The weight that a brand’s name holds can greatly affect the cost of blinds. Brands such as Hunter Douglas and Crown are well-respected and are more expensive than generic blinds. For example, Crown blackout blinds can cost up to $528 per window.

You can find generic blackout blinds for $20 per window before installation through companies like Select Blinds. The premium blinds that Crown offers may exemplify more craftsmanship and finer materials, but the branding matters as well. Crown and Hunter Douglas blinds cater to more of a luxury market, therefore their names alone add value.


Customization can add hundreds of dollars to blind installation between materials and labor. Homeowners can customize everything from the material, space between slats, and color of the blinds. More often than not, customization comes down to size for the average homeowner.

Some windows in older homes have strange dimensions that manufacturers don’t always produce blinds for. That means that you will have to custom order them to fit your window which adds to the cost and wait time. The combination of the extra time and labor that it takes to make custom blinds adds up quickly.

Customization gets to be quite expensive if you want to add motors and smart features. You will need a custom-made track for the blinds which means it will take more time and labor to complete.

Smart Features

Smart features can drive up the cost of any home product, and that includes blinds. Blinds with smart features can often connect to an app that allows you to control them. Sometimes, smart blinds come with a remote control that allows you to open or close them at will.

Motorized blinds are convenient and display luxury which reflects in the price. You can expect to spend $650 to install smart blinds on average, but costs vary. Smart blinds can cost as little as $300, but it depends on the size, materials, and installation.

Installation and labor make up a huge part of the cost of installing smart blinds. High-end materials, motor, and labor costs can make the installation cost over $300 per window. However, DIY smart blind installation can cost less than $100 without professional help.


The size of the window and blinds plays a huge role in their cost. Large windows require bigger blinds which means that you need more material. Manufacturers produce blinds to fit the most common window sizes that you can find in most homes.

The cost increases incrementally along with the size of the window and blinds. For example, a 24” x 36” set of Venetian blinds costs $295, but the same set costs $337 at 30” x 42”. It is important to measure your window before you purchase them so you don’t get a set that is too large or small.

Cheap vs. Expensive Blinds

The difference between cheap and expensive blinds ultimately comes down to materials. High-end materials like wood can add hundreds to the cost of blinds. Not all wood blinds are created equal, however, and woods like oak and cherry are more expensive.

Cheap blinds aren’t necessarily any better or worse than expensive blinds. Premium blinds are sometimes more visually appealing than budget alternatives, but that’s not always the case. Faux wood blinds made of vinyl often look convincingly like real wood, but they are sometimes half the cost.

However, expensive blinds typically take the cake when it comes to durability. Strong materials such as wood can hold up to the sunlight exposure that is inevitable when it comes to windows. Cheap blinds may not always last as long, but they are much more affordable to replace.

Why is The Shade Store So Expensive?

The Shade Store is one of the biggest names in premium blinds and window treatments. Premium materials, smart features, and motorized blinds are all available through The Shade Store. Excellent customer service is a major benefit of The Shade Store both in the store and online.

You can contact them so that they can walk you through the installation, and that is infinitely helpful. The Shade Store can also install your blinds for you if you don’t have the time or simply want it done perfectly. One of the things that The Shade Store is best known for is its emphasis on luxury.

If you’ve been to The Shade Store in person, you likely took notice of the employee’s nice attire and impressive interior. This doesn’t necessarily add to the cost, but it goes hand in hand with their high prices and premium window treatments. They offer a limited lifetime warranty for all of their blinds which is valuable and helps justify the cost.

Summing It Up

Blinds are so expensive because of the size and materials they are made of. Custom blinds are the most expensive option because it takes more time to produce them and is more labor-intensive. Smart features add hundreds to the cost of blinds, especially if they come with an accompanying app or remote control.

Premium materials such as basswood and oak add value to blinds because they are natural and durable. Cheap materials like aluminum and vinyl cannot withstand sunlight exposure as well, and may only last 7 years. It costs an average of $650 to install motorized blinds, but customization can make it pricier.

Custom blinds may be necessary if you have windows with uncommon dimensions. The Shade Store and Hunter Douglas are among the most expensive brands because they use premium materials. Name brand window treatment companies also cost more due to their legacy, which can significantly increase the price.

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