How Much Do Precast Concrete Steps Cost?

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Concrete steps are sturdy, resistant to all kinds of external forces, and they also look great when built properly. They can be genuine assets to any property and that’s why many homeowners covet them. If using poured concrete is not an option for your property, you can still opt for precast concrete steps.

Using precast concrete is a more convenient way to build those staircases you’ve always wanted. You’re not sacrificing quality if you decide to use precast concrete either so there are no worries from that standpoint. So, how much will you have to pay if you want precast concrete steps added to your property?

The cost of your new precast concrete staircase will depend on how many steps you want to get installed. Expect to pay $110 for each step and professional installation will cost an additional $1,000. Elements such as coatings and treads can be added for $650. You can also add an iron railing for the price of $85 per linear foot.

Whether you’re installing them indoors or outdoors, precast concrete steps can be terrific additions to your property. Can you afford those precast concrete steps? Come up with an answer to that question after you go through the rest of this article.

Cost of Precast Concrete Steps

Estimate TypeCost Per Step
Low-End Estimate$75
Mid-Range Estimate$110
High-End Estimate$150

A staircase made using precast concrete is not fully assembled right away. Instead, you have to buy the steps needed for your project individually. On average, a single precast concrete step will cost $110.

If you only need small precast concrete steps, the cost of each step will drop significantly. You’re paying $75 for each step instead of $110.

The opposite may also be true in your case. You may need larger steps to complete your planned installation. In that case, you’re likely paying $150 for each precast concrete step.

How many precast concrete steps will you need to finish your new staircase? That will depend in part on where they’re being installed.

Indoor staircases usually have to be proportional to the height of your ceiling. If your home has a 9-foot ceiling, you will need to install 15 to 17 steps. For a smaller home with an 8-foot ceiling, 13 to 15 steps will suffice.

You have more freedom when building an outdoor staircase. Purchase however many steps will be needed to finish your installation.

Cost of Precast Concrete Steps by Type

Precast Concrete TypeCost Per Step

Many types of concrete can be used for home installations. If you’re focused only on precast concrete, that narrows down the selection to hollow and solid options. First off, a single hollow step made of precast concrete costs an average of $90.

Hollow steps are more common if you’re going with precast concrete. You can go to just about any supplier of precast concrete and they should have hollow steps available. The hollow precast concrete steps are also cheaper than their solid counterparts.

Apart from being cheaper, hollow steps are also easier to install. The installers may charge less if you’re asking them to work with hollow precast steps.

If you’re going for the solid options, you’ll have to pay $130 per step. They are more expensive because they use more materials.

The upside to installing a solid step instead of a hollow step is that the former is more durable. Solid steps will last longer on your property and they won’t need repairs as often.

It’s up to you to decide if that greater durability is worth the higher price. Also, installers will charge more if you’re hiring them to set solid steps in place.

Cost to Install Precast Concrete Steps

Estimate TypeCost
Low-End Estimate$500
Mid-Range Estimate$1,000
High-End Estimate$1,500

Let’s now discuss the installation costs for precast concrete steps. On average, you’ll have to pay $1,000 if you want the professionals to install your new staircase.

Labor expenses for this type of project can vary quite a bit. On the low end, you may only have to pay $500 for the entire installation.

If your bill is that low, odds are that you opted for hollow instead of solid steps. The staircase you want is likely on the shorter side as well.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, some installers will charge as much as $1,500 to handle the installation. They probably gave you that quote because you’re asking them to install a tall staircase made out of solid steps.

Installing a concrete staircase is not a job you want to handle as a DIY project. Too many things can go wrong during installation. You may also lack the tools necessary to execute the installation properly.

We know you want to save money, but this is not the time for that. Don’t risk damaging the precast concrete steps by handling them carelessly.

Cost of Additions to Precast Concrete Steps

Addition to Precast Concrete StepsCost
Iron Railing$85 Per Linear Foot

The precast concrete steps may feel incomplete after installation. That may be because they are missing some important elements.

Detailed in this section are additions that can improve your newly installed precast concrete steps. Read more about them and see if they make sense for your new staircase.


Applying a coating to your precast concrete steps is well worth considering. You’ll have to spend $300 to coat the entire staircase, but there’s great value to be extracted from doing so.

The coating acts as an additional layer of protection. It saves the concrete from chipping or cracking early into its lifespan. The coating also preserves the appearance of the precast concrete, which is a nice bonus.

Epoxy is the substance commonly used as the coating. You can also choose from different types of epoxy if you decide to proceed with this addition.


You can also add treads to your new concrete staircase. Treads are slightly more expensive than the coating. Expect to pay $350 to cover your new staircase with your chosen treads.

Treads are good additions for three distinct reasons. First, you can use them to change the appearance of the concrete steps.

The treads also help preserve the concrete. They protect the concrete from wear and tear.

Lastly, you can add some non-slip features to the treads so the concrete steps are easier to walk on. Those non-slip features will prove very useful when the steps are soaked by rain.

Iron Railing

The final addition to consider is an iron railing. Iron railings cost $85 per linear foot. You also have to pay $650 if you want the iron railing to be installed by a professional.

The iron railing makes the concrete steps easier to climb. Beyond that, the railing also prevents someone from falling out of the side of the staircase.

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How Long Do Precast Concrete Steps Last?

Precast concrete steps will last for a long time on your property as long as you take good care of them. Expecting the concrete steps to stay in good condition for 30 years is a reasonable expectation. They may even remain fixtures of your property for up to 40 years.

Can Precast Concrete Steps Be Repaired?

Repairing precast concrete steps is possible. You can fill in some cracks by using some thin-set mortar. Just avoid using too much of the thin-set mortar on the steps or they may get lumpy.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Precast Concrete?

Precast concrete is a great material to use because it’s affordable, easy to install, and it often features a uniform appearance. Then again, using precast concrete requires taking precise measurements. If the measurements are off even by a little, the precast concrete steps may not fit together to form a staircase.

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