Can You Put Fabuloso In A Diffuser? (Find Out Now!)

Emily Carr
by Emily Carr

Empty diffusers are usually such beautiful containers; there’s no reason they should go to waste. There are many liquids you can use in a diffuser once the oil is gone, but can you put Fabuloso inside?

You can put Fabuloso in certain diffusers that don’t have a heating element, like reed and water diffusers. Avoid using nebulizers, electric heat, and candle diffusers due to the risk of starting a fire in your home. If you have a water diffuser, make sure it uses ultrasonic technology (or an adiabatic process) to create steam.

Keep reading to learn what Fabuloso is and if you can safely use it inside of a diffuser. Additionally, we’ll touch on the best way to do this and discuss alternative solutions to putting Fabuloso in a diffuser.

What Is Fabuloso?

Fabuloso is a popular, good-smelling product for house cleaning. It is an all-purpose cleaner that comes in many different flavors intended to cover up less-than-pleasant odors in the air.

The most common colors for this product are purple and yellow, with scents ranging from lavender to passion of fruits.

What Is Fabuloso Used For?

According to the label, Fabuloso can be incorporated into a variety of applications.

You can use it to clean your walls, flooring, windows, countertops, and more. Almost every surface of the house is an acceptable place for Fabuloso. It’s intended to kill 99% of common germs and viruses, making it an excellent disinfectant.

Is It Safe to Put Fabuloso in a Diffuser?

Diffusers do a wonderful job of making a room smell good by evenly dispersing the liquid solution inside of its container. Can Fabuloso be used inside?

The answer to this question is yes, but there are some things you should know before doing so. The type of diffuser you have will dictate if it’s capable of diffusing Fabuloso.

The five most common types of diffusers include:

  • Reed diffuser
  • Nebulizer diffuser
  • Water diffuser
  • Electric heat diffuser
  • Candle diffusers

Reed Diffuser

Is Fabuloso safe enough for a reed diffuser?

Absolutely. A reed diffuser is probably the safest device to be used with Fabuloso because there is no heat or flame to release volatile chemicals.

These diffusers are simple containers with reeds inside for distributing the smell throughout the surrounding area.

Nebulizer Diffuser

Nebulizer diffusers connect to your home’s HVAC system and break down oil into smaller molecules that can be dispersed into each room.

It’s not recommended to use Fabuloso in a nebulizer because it has the potential to damage the components of your air filtration system, which can lead to more expensive repairs down the road.

It can also catch on fire when you’re using heat in the winter.

Water Diffuser

Water diffusers are a great way to humidify and cleanse the air at the same time.

You can safely use Fabuloso with a water diffuser because there is an added level of moisture, perfect for diluting the solution. Just keep the water diffuser away from your bedside.

Although Fabuloso is safe to inhale in certain doses, you don’t want to be breathing in chemicals constantly.

Additionally, make sure the water diffuser uses ultrasonic technology (or an adiabatic process) to create water vapor instead of heat. This is because Fabuloso can ignite.

Electric Heat Diffuser

Do not use Fabuloso with an electric heat diffuser because it is extremely flammable.

It can cause the release of harmful chemicals in your home, especially when heated to its maximum temperature.

Candle Diffuser

Candle diffusers use a tea light candle to heat the oil inside.

Only use 100% pure essential oils in this type of device because other fragrances, like Fabuloso, are harmful when vaporized at high temperatures.

How to Put Fabuloso in a Diffuser

If you have the right diffuser, there are certain steps to follow when putting Fabuloso inside.

To put Fabuloso in your diffuser:

  • Clean out the container. Eliminate all residual liquids and oils first.
  • Dilute the Fabuloso with a ratio of 1/4 cups of solution for every gallon of water.
  • Pour the solution inside of your diffuser, leaving a little room to prevent spilling.
  • Put the cap back on, or reed sticks back in.

Once this process is complete, your diffuser is ready to use! Just be sure to monitor it and place it away from heating sources and out of reach of small children.

Alternatives to Putting Fabuloso in a Diffuser

If you have an empty diffuser and want a fresh smell in your house, but are wary of using Fabuloso, what else is fitting?

Alternatives to putting Fabuloso in your empty diffuser include:

  • Dried herbs and spices
  • Lemon juice
  • Citrus oil
  • Peppermint oil
  • Eucalyptus
  • Tea tree oil

All of these are wonderful options for replenishing your diffuser.

Oftentimes, certain brands will even provide the option to purchase a bottle of liquid refill. This won’t require you to buy an entirely new diffuser to use your device again.

Related Questions

Can you put Fabuloso in the toilet?

You can use Fabuloso to clean your toilet bowl, but it shouldn’t sit in the tank because of the possibility of it corroding your pipes.To use it as a cleaner, make sure it’s diluted in a 1/4 cup of Fabuloso to 1 gallon of water ratio.

Is Fabuloso flammable?

Yes, Fabuloso is extremely flammable. It should not be used with an electric diffuser, and it’s important to keep it away from heat sources.Using Fabuloso with a heated diffuser or other fire-oriented device is dangerous and can put your home at risk for a fire. If you have a water diffuser, make sure it uses ultrasonic technology instead.

Can you use Fabuloso on wood flooring?

It’s best to only use Fabuloso on wood floors that are sealed.Otherwise, you risk stripping the wood and stain completely.

The Conclusion

Fabuloso is a popular product for house cleaning, but one of the most common questions people have about it is if you can put it in a diffuser.

You can put Fabuloso in a diffuser, but there are some things you should know before doing so. Reed and water diffusers are great because they humidify and cleanse the air at the same time. You can safely use Fabuloso with these devices as long as you keep them away from your bedside.

Additionally, make sure water diffusers do not use heat (because Fabuloso ignites) or electric heating elements (because that causes the release of harmful chemicals).

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