Xfinity US/DS Light Blinking? (Possible Causes & Fixes)

Emily Carr
by Emily Carr

Here’s the thing- there are several reasons why your US/DS Xfinity modem light could be blinking. Before you throw it out of the window, attempt to fix it yourself. Are you up for the challenge?

The most probable cause resulting in your Xfinity US/DS light blinking is improper or loose cable wiring, causing signal interruption. Some other contributors include a faulty modem, an ISP service outage, or cable splitters. If you’re failing at trying to troubleshoot the issue yourself, reach out to Xfinity customer support.

We’ll touch on some of the reasons your Xfinity US/DS light is flashing and what you can do about it!

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What Is the US/DS Light on My Xfinity Modem?

The US/DS light on your Xfinity modem indicates whether or not it’s sending and/or receiving upstream/downstream data (known as Internet connection in layman’s terms). It can exhibit many different colors and patterns, like green, blue blinking, or red.

Upstream (or upload speed) data is the information going out from the Xfinity modem to the Internet when you’re browsing.

The upload speed of your modem determines how much data your computer can transmit to the ISP simultaneously and at full speed. Rather, it is the vessel through which data is sent between the two.

Downstream (or download speed) data is the information coming into the Xfinity modem from the Internet. This is the data that your computer obtains from your ISP (i.e., as a result of listening to music or streaming apps).

Your Xfinity modem’s download speed affects how much data your computer can receive from the Internet at full speed.

Why Is My Xfinity US/DS Light Blinking?

The reason your US/DS light is blinking is that your modem is unable to establish a secure Internet connection. A few different problems can cause this.

The 4 most common reasons your Xfinity Upstream/Downstream light is blinking is due to:

  • Improper or loose cable wiring
  • A faulty modem
  • An Xfinity service outage
  • A cable splitter issue

This article will also discuss the various blinking colors and what they mean!

Reason #1: Improper or Loose Cable Wiring

Loose wiring is one of the most prominent reasons your Xfinity US/DS light starts blinking. This is because it’s unable to connect with the digital cable given by your provider, and as a result, can’t send or receive data properly.

Before you go out and buy a new modem, consider that the wiring could just be loose! The first step in diagnosing this problem would be to make sure your coaxial cables are securely plugged in (on each end) and not damaged/frayed.

It may sound silly- but check around for visible breaks or frays. Also, make sure the cables aren’t loose where they attach to your wall jack. Ensure every cord is plugged into the right input- if you’re using an HDMI port, use an HDMI cord!

Replace anything that’s older than 20 years or is in poor condition.

Once you finish adjusting the wires, if your Xfinity modem US/DS light is still blinking- move on to the next troubleshooting technique.

Reason #2: A Faulty Modem

Occasionally, you get a lemon causing your Xfinity modem US/DS light to blink. There’s nothing more you can do than ask your ISP to replace a rental modem, or if you own the device, buy another one.

Signs of a faulty modem include :

  • Frequent rebooting (inability to keep a consistent Internet connection)
  • A broken indicator light
  • The presence of smoke, sparks, or unusual/unpleasant odors

If you haven’t had any of these problems with your device, don’t worry! Your US/DS indicator light is probably just having issues connecting.

Reason #3: An Xfinity Service Outage

It’s also possible that an Xfinity service is causing your modem’s US/DS light to blink. So how do you know if this is the case?

Simply put, ask yourself whether or not you’ve had any problems accessing the Internet around the time your US/DS light started blinking. If other devices in your home have issues with Internet access, then an outage probably occurred.

Xfinity’s website has a service outage locator platform that allows you to input your zip code and assess the damage in your area, as well as repair time estimates. If the issue isn’t resolved within 24 hours, contact your service provider.

Reason #4: A Cable Splitter Issue

Cable splitters are used to divide the cable signal between multiple devices in your home. However, it’s important to note that splitting the signal across various appliances can decrease Internet speeds drastically.

The loss of speed can translate into a loss of connection for your Xfinity modem, which will cause the US/DS light to flash. Ditch the splitter to rule this out as being the problem.

Xfinity US/DS Light Blinking – What Each Color Means

Depending on the Xfinity modem model you have, there are a variety of light color options and configurations- each with a particular message.

The 8 light colors are:

  • No light
  • White steady light (Purple tint)
  • White blinking light (Purple tint)
  • Blue blinking light
  • Red steady light
  • Orange blinking light
  • Green blinking 
  • Yellow blinking light

No Light

The absence of a lit US/DS light on your Xfinity modem indicates that the device is completely off. If you did this intentionally, there’s nothing to worry about.

White Steady Light (Purple Tint)

If your modem’s US/DS light is solid (with a hit of purple due to the black color of the modem itself), your modem is working perfectly.

Both upstream and downstream data are firing on all cylinders.

White Blinking Light (Purple Tint)

A blinking US/DS white light with a purple tint usually means your Xfinity modem is sending and receiving upstream/downstream data, but the signal is spotty.

This could be due to so many things- construction work outside (especially involving digging), where your modem is placed, or a faulty connection.

The best solution to this is to try moving it to another spot. Perform a power cycle (turn it off, wait 60 seconds, turn it on) on your Xfinity modem if the problem continues.

Blue Blinking Light

If your Xfinity modem US/DS light is flashing blue, it’s in WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) mode. This is nothing to worry about.

What this mode means is that your gateway is essentially trying to connect to a wireless device, and your modem is facilitating this. Once this process is complete, your US/DS light should return to solid white.

Red Steady Light

A solid red US/DS light on your Xfinity modem isn’t a good sign. This indicates a complete lack of Internet connection.

If there aren’t signs of a service outage, try a power cycle on your Xfinity modem to see if that fixes the problem. If not, call Xfinity support for additional assistance.

Orange Blinking Light | Green Blinking Light | Yellow Blinking Light

When your Xfinity modem’s US/DS light flashes orange, yellow, or green (depending on the model you have), it is either attempting to connect to Xfinity systems or complete a software update.

This process should take around 15 minutes, and the light will return to white to signal that your modem is in full working order again. If this takes longer than anticipated, reach out to customer support.

Related Questions

Why is my Xfinity modem hot to the touch?

Your Xfinity modem is warm because it’s transferring data and is working hard to provide you with a smooth Internet connection. It should return to normal temperature shortly after completing this process.However, if it’s excessively hot, something might be wrong. Unplug it immediately to allow for it to cool down and call Xfinity support.Always make sure your electronic devices aren’t sitting on top of one another or aren’t crammed behind a console and under a bunch of wires. Your Xfinity modem needs a little room to breathe so it doesn’t get too hot.

Does Xfinity offer a router and modem in one?

Yes- the xFi Gateway device is the Xfinity version of a router and modem packaged into one. This can be used to set up your home network, and it even has its own security features built-in.It’s not mandatory for your home network to have this piece of technology, but it is highly recommended as a way to cut down on equipment!

Why is my Xfinity internet connection slow today?

If your home is connected to the Internet but you’re not seeing the speeds that you’re paying for, there are several things that could be slowing you down.First, see if any appliance in your house is plugged in near your WiFi router and ask all of your family members to disconnect these, so they stop using up bandwidth. This includes game systems, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, microwaves- anything can be programmed to run on WiFi!Check to see if the cables running from the back of your Xfinity modem are free of kinks or damage. If you move them around (within reason), sometimes this can speed up your connection speed without having to call Xfinity support.Finally, there’s always the chance that it’s a temporary outage. Xfinity has been known to experience these from time to time, and usually, it will resolve itself within a few hours or days!

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To Summarize

Xfinity modems can display a variety of US/DS light patterns and colors depending on what’s happening with your Internet connection.

Understanding these signals will help you troubleshoot any issues and quickly restore service to your home!

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