What Are The 10 Worst Neighborhoods In Toledo, OH?

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Toledo is one of the most iconic cities in Ohio, and it has both good and bad neighborhoods. The most dangerous neighborhoods in Ohio include Warren Sherman, North River, and La Grange. Whether it be South Side or East Toledo, follow along as we explore the most dangerous neighborhoods in Toledo, OH.

One of the best things about living in Ohio is that the cost of living is extremely low. You can find places to live for under $1,000 a month and live lavishly if you can afford more. It is a great place to own land or live closer to the city. Many people who are retired or have families choose to live in Toledo. One of the most attractive features of Toledo is the highly-rated schools in the area. It has a vibrant downtown with a booming art scene.

Like most cities, there are some places you will want to avoid when moving to Toledo. Avoid neighborhoods like North River, Warren Sherman, and Birmingham. They have higher crime rates than other areas and should be avoided for safety. These neighborhoods are followed by the South Side, La Grange, and East Toledo.

There are a few other neighborhoods to read about that you may want to avoid. However, most of Toledo is very safe, and many people love to call this city home. There is fun nightlife and a lot of activities and events hosted throughout the year. Keep reading to find out the places to avoid living but also the places you should live.

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The Worst Neighborhoods in Toledo

Here is a sneak peek of the neighborhoods you will want to avoid. We came up with this list by looking through the population, the crime rates, and reviews of each city. Though everyone has a different experience living in the areas, you should avoid them and move to a different part of Toledo.

  • North River
  • Warren Sherman
  • Birmingham
  • South Side
  • La Grange
  • East Toledo
  • Roosevelt
  • Onyx
  • Scott Park
  • Olde Towne

The 10 Worst Neighborhoods in Toledo, Ohio

1. North River

  • Population: 6,939
  • Violent Crime: 1,469
  • Property Crime: 5,342

The median home income is much lower than the rest of Ohio, averaging around $25,801. The crime rate in this neighborhood is 174% above the national average, and while it has an A+ rating for the cost of living, it has an F rating for the crime. This means it’s really not the best place to live for safety reasons.

In North River, you have a 1 in 15 chance of being a victim of violent crime, and that is a very high chance. If you do end up moving to this neighborhood, you should invest in a good security system and never walk around at night.

2. Warren Sherman

  • Population: 2,307
  • Violent Crime: 1,450
  • Property Crime: 5,274

This area has 54% more crime than downtown Toledo and is not safe to walk around at night. The crime rate is 170% higher than the national average, and because of that is one of the worst areas to live in. If you live in this neighborhood, you have a 1 in 15 chance of being a victim of crime.

Though this is a dangerous spot to live in, crime has decreased by 3% over the last several years. This is also a very walkable neighborhood with a lot of public transportation options. Crime may be down, and there may be options to get out of the neighborhood; it is still best to avoid this area.

3. Birmingham

  • Population: 3,845
  • Violent Crime: 1,374
  • Property Crime: 4,995

Birmingham has 44% more crime than Toledo, and this neighborhood has an average of 156% higher than the national average. Though this may be a really significant crime rate, it is also deemed safer than 20% of other Ohio cities.

The neighbors in the area say that the lawns are well kept, and there are local restaurants to enjoy, but you do need to watch out where you are walking and who is around you. The sidewalks are well maintained, and the area is pretty dog-friendly. Overall more people are moving into this area, and it’s gaining more attention and lowering the crime rate.

4. South Side

  • Population: 19,204
  • Violent Crime: 1,361
  • Property Crime: 4,948

Violent crimes in South Side Toledo is 259% higher than the national average, and the chance of you becoming a victim is 1 in 16. However, many people still choose to live here because the cost of living is 13% lower than the rest of Toledo.

The median household income is $24,198, and the median rental price is $810 per month. This makes it a pretty affordable area and a solid place to live on a budget. You can find a place with good neighbors and set up a security system to ensure the safety of your home.

5. La Grange

  • Population:12,704
  • Violent Crime: 1,360
  • Property Crime: 4,948

While property crime is only 134% above the national average the violent crime is 259% above the national average. The chance you have to become a victim of any type of crime is 1 in 16, which is not in your favor. This area is still deemed 21% safer than other cities in Ohio. This is a neighborhood where you will need a car to get around.

Parking is actually super easy to find; many homes come with their own parking lots or side parking. Kids can play outside, but they must be watched at all times, and walking around during the day isn’t typically an issue. There are a few restaurants within walking distance, and overall it can be a decent place to live for a few years.

6. East Toledo

  • Population: 21,922
  • Violent Crime: 1,353
  • Property Crime: 4,920

This area has a lot of crime, but it is still deemed 21% safer than other Ohio cities. The violent crime rate is 257% higher than the national average, and your chance of being a victim is 1 in 16. The median household income is $29,179, and most people live above the poverty line in this neighborhood.

You will find that this neighborhood is pretty diverse, and there is an equal number of females and males and all ethnicities. Many people choose to live here because of the affordability. You will find that the median listing price in this area is $37k, while the median rent is anywhere from $420-$900 per month.

7. Roosevelt

  • Population: 3,322
  • Violent Crime: 1,337
  • Property Crime: 4,862

Overall, Roosevelts’ crime rates are 149% higher than the national average, and that says a lot about this neighborhood. The chances of being a victim of crime are slightly smaller in this neighborhood, with the stats of 1 in 17. This small number attracts many newcomers thinking it is safer than other areas in Toledo.

You still have to watch for pickpocketing and property crimes you don’t want. There are many houses in this neighborhood that are less than $50,000, and that is another feature that other areas do not offer. This is an affordable place to live within Toledo but still not the safest.

8. Onyx

  • Population: 5,628
  • Violent Crime: 1,327
  • Property Crime: 4,826

The median home income in this area is $19,605, while the median home value is $44,833. It is an affordable area to live in but has an F rating for safety. The total crime rate for Onyx, Toledo, is 147% higher than the national average. There are not many open jobs in this area which means you will have to travel out of the neighborhood for most workplaces. It has a low school rating which means the kids in your family will not receive the proper education like other neighborhoods in Toledo.

9. Scott Park

  • Population: 10,804
  • Violent Crime: 1,227
  • Property Crime: 4,463

This area has 29% more crime than the rest of Toledo, which is a smaller number than many of the other neighborhoods on the list. Though this may be the least troublesome neighborhood, it still has a total crime rate of 129% above the national average. Your chances of being a victim are 1 of 18, which is still a high number but one of the lowest on the list.

Overall you will find that people move here because the median home value is $59,438 and is really affordable compared to other areas. Most of the community feels safe enough to walk around the neighborhood and let their kids play outside, but you should still take precautions in this area.

10. Olde Towne

  • Population: 2,301
  • Violent Crime: 1,191
  • Property Crime: 4,330

This is the very last on the list because the crime rate is significantly less than the first few. In Olde Towne, you have a 1 in 19 chance of being a victim. This area has a crime rate 122% above the national average but is still much lower than other places on the list.

This neighborhood is 35% safer than other Ohio communities, which draws a lot of attention to the area. This neighborhood’s median home income is $22,489, while the median home value is $61,767, so many people cannot afford to buy here but opt to rent. The average rent in this area is $618, which is much more affordable.

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Wrapping It Up

There are some places in Toledo you should look at when thinking about buying a home in a safer neighborhood. Try out places like Ottawa Hills, Perrysburg, or Sylvania. They have lower crime rates, friendly schools, and all three have a tight-knit community.

Above is a list of neighborhoods you should avoid due to the population and crime rate. With any city, you have risks, and you should always be careful. If you end up living in one of these neighborhoods, it will be essential to learn how to protect yourself and your property.

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