45+ Woman Cave Ideas (with Photos)

Woman Cave Ideas

There’s always one room of the house that people jokingly refer to as “the man cave.” Women have so much weight on their shoulders down to worrying about even the smallest of things but very rarely do they have a woman cave or a place that they can escape to. Women are very worthy of having their own space, so the popularity of woman caves should increase.

Women take care of the kids, run the majority of the errands, take care of their husbands, and worry about every small detail that would slip the mind. As women, we deserve a place that we can escape to for calmness, creativity, and relaxation.

Hiring the Right Interior Designer For the Job

If this is a project that you can’t complete on your own and need some help with, hiring the right person for the job is very important if you want to make sure you’re getting the right design. After making a set budget and room for your space, you may need to hire someone who is experienced with contracting or interior design. As you’re trying to select the right person, take a look at a few things that each could provide to make your selection.

Their portfolio: Whenever I’m hiring someone for a job, I like to see some of the past work that they can provide as a reference. It’s good to have a visual of their past jobs just to see what you could be working with.

Customer reviews: While it’s great to go over customer reviews to see how great they may be at the job, I’ve learned in the past that many people don’t flock to websites to give the majority of good reviews. Many reviews are to leave a complaint so take it with a grain of salt.

Experience: Research how long they’ve been in the business and how much experience they have in the work you are selecting for them to do.

Education: Ask to see their educational background.

45 Woman Cave Ideas

1. Glam Closet

A woman cave just doesn’t have to be a place with a sofa and tv, it can be any place that is relaxing and creative for a woman. Here are a beautifully designed glam closet and vanity space.

2. White Walk-in Closet

A gorgeous white walk-in closet with beautiful natural lighting and a small space for relaxation.

3. Wine Room

Here we have a large room with wine storage and a minibar in the center. This would be a great space to invite girlfriend’s over for ladies’ night and to unwind with a glass of wine after a long week.

4. Hammock Reading

If you enjoy a quiet place for reading, this is a great boho setting just for that. Set up a hammock in a small place and add a bookshelf to have everything all in the same place.

5. Farmhouse She-Shed

Woman caves don’t always need to be in the basement. Here we have a beautiful farmhouse she-shed that your wife can come out to escape if she needs some time to herself.

6. Craft Area

Many women enjoy crafts when they have a moment to themselves. Make your woman cave into a large craft area where you don’t have to worry about the kids getting into your crafting supplies.

7. Purple Lounge

Here in this lounge, we have a decked-out basement designed in the color purple. It has a great space for entertaining and a small bar area for drink and food preparation.

8. Office Space

You can make your woman cave into a quiet office space. As a mom, it’s hard to find quiet time to work at home especially when you have kids running around and needing something every two seconds.

9. Classic Glam

Here we have a class glam area that includes a small section and bookshelf for a quiet space.

10. Room of Art

If you’re into art, make your woman cave into an area where all of your favorite pieces of art, personal or bought, or hung. When you can escape you can admire the different pieces.

11. Bright and Colorful

If you’re into a cheerful bright space, try adding a bunch of bright, fun colors to your space that will sure to bring up your mood if you’re having a bad day.

12. Mini-Bar

This is a wonderfully styled mini-bar as a great woman cave. The wall and island area are covered in brick wallpaper, with an added LED light rope to bring added light style.

13. Warm Vibes

When designing your woman cave, make sure you keep in mind the lighting. This space has a touch of warm lighting fixtures and natural lighting.

14. Get Ready

Instead of getting ready in your bathroom, this is the perfect area to get ready if you’re going out with your husband or for a special occasion. You’ll have your personal vanity and a small lounging area to use in between.

15. Outdoors

If you have a love for the outdoors, why not bring the outdoors in? This room has beautiful long green blinds, with floral accent chairs and added greenery to give a feel of the outdoors.

16. Pink Craft Space

Your crafting area doesn’t have to be simple and white. Have fun with it and add color to make it girly. This space was designed to have a wall that will hold all crafting supplies and shelves for storage.

17. Natural and White

Keep your woman’s cave natural and bright with tons of natural lighting. The name woman cave doesn’t mean you need to have your space dark and gloomy.

18. Ancient History

This small lounge area is designed around ancient-history color schemes. The stone walls and pottery give this space neutral, welcoming vibes.

19. In The Backyard

Your woman cave doesn’t always need to be in the main home. Consider making your woman cave out in the background in an open green area. Here we have a small office area in the shed with open glass doors.

20. Abstract Workspace

Here we have an abstract woman workspace design with a variety of colors, shapes, and patterns. This space can be used to complete tasks from the office or for crafting.

21. Dark Glam

In this space, we have a dark glam woman cave designed with black and white furniture and touches of pink, such as the hot pink chandelier.

22. Bright Boho

In this woman cave, we have a bright boho theme. From the fluffy white furnishings to the musical instruments. This could be a great place to get away and create music as an artist.

23. Reading Nook

A woman cave doesn’t have to be an entire room. This reading nook is enough space to provide relaxation and has the perfect lighting for a calm area that you can read in.

24. Modern She-Shed

Here we have a modern she-shed that is a great outdoor escape from the business of your regular home. It has a small dining place and kitchen so you don’t even need to head back inside if you get hungry or thirsty.

25. Folding Doors

In your woman cave, consider adding a set of folding doors to easily let in natural light if you’ve designed a warmer area.

26. Clean White

This clean space is the perfect room for reading, catching up on movies/shows, or even journaling. You’ll have the perfect view sitting at your desk while looking at the large bay window.

27. Country

This room could be designed as a woman or man cove. The walls are constructed using wood, and they’ve added more seating using a creative old Chevrolet.

28. All-In-One

This woman cave has everything you need without having to leave the room. Here you’ll have a bathtub to take a relaxing bath, a desk for reading, and even a bed if you wanted to take a nap away from the chaos.

29. Movie Theater

Put your touch on this beautifully styled movie theater. The lighting around the movie screen gives a great feminine touch. The room provides enough seating you wanted to have friends or family over for a movie night. This is the perfect spot to come relax if you just wanted to watch a movie and your kids are being too loud upstairs.

30. Craft Area With Island

This gorgeous crafting area has everything you need, especially

31. Plant Cave

If you’re like me, there are certain plants that I can’t keep in certain areas of the house because of my pets. You can design your woman cave to hold all of your favorite plants if you have enough natural lighting that comes in your room.

32. Vintage Farmhouse

This simple vintage farmhouse decorated area is a great way to unwind, and have peace while you are planting your new plants for the season.

33. Bamboo Shades

If your woman cave has a lot of natural lighting like this one, use bamboo shades to give an aesthetically pleasing look to the room. This area has gorgeous furnishings for afternoon tea and natural lighting in all areas.

34. Sectionals

Sectionals are a great piece of furniture to add to your woman cave. It is great for reading and taking afternoon naps.

35. Vintage Red

This beautiful woman gave is designed using red and black furniture and a gorgeous vintage floor.

36. Classy Walk-In Closet

This woman cave is the perfect closet space that you can not only get ready in but relax while doing so. There is nothing that gives us moms stress more than needing to rush around to get ready with kids grabbing at our feet. In this area, you’ll have everything organized and the perfect vanity space to do your makeup, as opposed to bathroom vanity.

37. Lavender

This gorgeous space has beautiful shades of lavender throughout and a fireplace in the center for those chilly nights.

38. Small Craft Area

If you’re working with a small space, don’t worry, there are plenty of woman cave ideas you could go with. Here is a small crafting area that makes for the perfect woman cave.

39. Rustic

Design your woman cave using rustic pieces such a wooden brander shelving units.

40. Woman Den

Den’s make for great woman cave areas as they’re usually not in the basement and will give a great amount of natural light during the day to keep your mood uplifting.

41. Wicker

Here we have a modern boho room using wicker and rattan pieces.

42. Dark and Suspicious

If you’re into darker themes, try going for colors such as red and black with a dark ambiance from light fixtures.

43. Pretty in Pink

Is your pink your favorite color? Opt for floral canvas’, fluffy pillows, pink area rugs, and girly decor items.

44. The Ultimate Theater

This woman cave is the ultimate theater. It has various shades of gray, hardwood flooring, and warm lighting.

45. Sports Theme

Sports themes don’t always have to be for men. This is a great way to design your woman cave with furnishings and decor from your favorite sports teams.


Finding the right amount of space for your cave can be difficult, especially if you’re working with smaller square footage. Most people don’t have extra rooms available to even make a woman cave, but with some creativity, you can use an existing space for your personal space.

Spare Rooms

The first thing you’ll want to do is check if you have any spare rooms available. This could even include a shed outside. Why not turn your shed into a she-shed? Sheds can make for great woman caves and productive settings. If you don’t already have electricity in your she-shed, you can opt to get battery-powered lighting options, or you could even use an extension cord that runs from your shed to your home. Put up some lights and pick a great shade of paint, and your shed could be transformed in no time!

Walk-in Closets

As shown in the inspiration ideas above, you can even turn one of your walk-in closets into a woman cave. You can keep it as a closet or completely turn it into another idea. Some walk-in closets can be small, but could also prove to be just the right amount of space to give you a cozy feeling a gorgeous place of relaxation.


Some men choose to use their garages as man caves, why can’t you use yours as a woman cave? Garages can be easily transformed into a beautiful space with paint, shelving, and decor. If you don’t already use your garage for your car or extra boxes, why not turn it into a place of comfort.

Design Considerations


Once you have chosen the designated space for your woman cave, you can start looking to decorate and furnish. The majority of homeowners can’t afford to completely remodel their rooms. If you can that’s great, but if you can’t you can still achieve what you’re looking for with a fresh shade of paint.

You can hang pictures that give outdoor vibes, inspirational quotes, or other artwork you enjoy. I love boho decor so that would be my go-to decor. Get a diffuser and your favorite essential oils to give a fresh blended scent. If you want warm lighting you can get table lamps. Make your space your own and design it however you’d like.

Seating Options

Whatever seating options you choose for your woman cave, you’ll want to make sure your seating is comfortable. Women are all about comfort so it is very important to have. Create a comfortable seating space where you can read quietly or take naps.

You can choose a couch or lounging chair with added pillows that will take you right into the mode of relaxation. Make sure you have plenty of light next to your seating area so you can read a book in perfect view.

Tables and Desks

If you want to make a woman cave as a workspace or a space for crafting, make sure you have picked out the right size table or desk. For your workspace, you’ll want a flat surface. Decorate your space with fresh flowers, diffusers, or other accent pieces. Whatever you decide, make sure your space is one that you’ll feel comfortable in when doing something that you love.

Carpet or Area Rugs

One last addition you’ll want to consider adding is carpet or area rugs. Depending on your space, adding this can increase the appeal of your room in an instant. If you have beautiful hardwood flooring, adding an area rug with a beautiful design could be your go-to. If you have old flooring and want to warm up your space that is already chilly, a soft carpet would be a great selection.

Final Thoughts

The best thing about a woman cave is that it’s yours and you can design exactly the way you want it without any outside opinions. It’s your space and your design. Be creative, have fun, and don’t stress about what you are creating. Keep your woman cave separate from the business of everyday life. Whatever stresses you out, leave it out of your woman cave.

Being a mom, working, paying bills…those things can be overwhelming so we need a space to escape. Let your woman cave reflect the beauty that you want. For as many things as women juggle, self-care is a very important part of our lives, and we’ll find that our families can manage on their own for a bit.

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