Why Are Plumbers So Expensive? (Find Out Now!)

Why Plumbers Are So Expensive

Those who have run into plumbing issues in their home or office know how quickly those plumber bills can climb. In some instances, it can seem like plumbers are making physician-level money for their daily house calls.

It is expensive to hire a plumber because of their extensive professional training and skill. Many plumbers work on an on-call basis and have to perform jobs at all hours of the day. Plumbers are also expensive because of their vehicle, travel, and equipment costs.   

For a quality plumber, the selling point is that you won’t have to worry about the quality of work being done. That peace of mind (and getting the job done) is worth a pretty penny.

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Plumbers Make House Calls

One of the reasons that a plumber can cost so much is that they come to you. Then again, they kind of have to given that your plumbing is in your home. Just getting one of these professionals to come out to your home will cost.

Not only that, they have to bring out the proper tools to ensure that no matter what the case, the job will get done. The convenience of having a professional visit your home and handle the problem without having to run back and forth for parts is part of what makes a plumber expensive.

The Plumber Impacts Your Home’s Health

When the plumbing is acting up, it can mean many different things. Not only can it mean that your things are getting wet and damaged, but it can also mean negative things for your health. After all, water leads to mold, a busted water heater leads to carbon monoxide emissions, and so on.

When the plumbing in your home is not functioning the way that it is meant to, this can lead to more issues than you realize. Your home is as dependent on properly working plumbing as just about any other feature.

A Plumber Can Do A Lot Of Things

Those who fancy themselves amateur plumbers may have a skill or two that is valuable. Imagine having all of the necessary skills to take on a wide array of jobs. That is a plumber. That experience and skill is where much of the costs come from.

Sure, you can get away with using your own skills or those of a friend or family member, but will they have the skills to address any other issues as they come up? Not likely. This is where the experience and skill level of a plumber becomes quite apparent.

Skills Of A Plumber

As mentioned in the previous section, plumbers can do a lot. They receive training in a number of different plumbing applications. More often than not, they also have the prior experience to back up that knowledge.

Plumbers can handle gas lines, both in the appliances and walls. They can handle fixtures like the water heater, toilets, or faucets. Any valves and pumps they can cover as well. They can even handle vent and waste systems that run through the walls.

Finding an expert in so many different areas is not going to come without a cost. Getting that knowledge to tackle different problems and different areas of the home means peace of mind that a less skilled person would provide.

More Than Experience

While the experience level of a plumber is important, they will often times keep records of your home. That one time your water heater blew up? They know about it. Rusty pipes that have been causing issues? They’re aware.

This can be infinitely valuable when there are recurring issues in a home. Having that database means that they can see how the problem was addressed as well as what tools were required to get the job done. That all leads to a more efficient, effective repair.

Most homeowners do not keep records of their repairs. And they may not need them most of the time, but when those repairs are required, having detailed records can make the job that much easier in the end. Cutting down on the overall labor and parts can mean the difference between a cost-effective job and a very costly one.

Round The Clock

One of the biggest cost factors involved in hiring a plumber is that they are more often than not a 24/7 service. This is due to the fact that plumbing doesn’t have a clock; it won’t wait until business hours before springing a leak.

Because issues can occur in the wee hours of the night, it also means having a qualified professional available. Plumbers deliver on that front and their time is quite valuable, especially in the middle of the night.

Having the ability to call a professional in the middle of the night is a convenience no matter how you slice it. This comes at a cost that other professional services don’t have because of their typical hours of availability.

Because They’re Needed

No matter how good some do-it-yourself types out there think they are, they aren’t a certified plumber. Plumbers have to go through the process of obtaining licensing, certification, insurance and getting the proper equipment for a job.

They put a lot of time in because plumbing services are necessary. When a service is in demand and someone can prove that they are a valuable commodity within that industry, they will remain in demand and often at a cost.

Not only that, things will go wrong. Plumbing is intricate and often times requires a professional hand to provide repairs. There are some solutions that can be implemented by do-it-yourself types, but those come at their own risk.

It’s Simple Business

At the end of the day, plumbers are expensive because of simple business. They have to make money and the aforementioned certifications and equipment can be quite expensive. They also want to be paid adequately for their time and services rendered.

While costs can vary depending on the plumber involved, the truly great plumbers will not compromise on their prices. This is because they know what kind of services that they deliver, and they know that their time is valuable.

For this reason alone, plumbing services are going to cost if you hope to find a proper professional. Plumbers that are just establishing themselves may offer something of a discount in hopes of attracting a consistent customer base but that comes with its own set of concerns.

The Education Plumbers Have Is Extensive

There are so many different types of avenues that plumbers are allowed to choose when it comes to getting an education. For example, they can fast track and learn the basics by attending a trade school, or they can get a formal education and become a journeyman plumber.

Trade School

When a plumber goes to trade school, it takes them about two years to get the basics of their education and gather some experience under their belt. They can be hired for certain jobs, but this track to education does not render them a specialist when it comes to their career. They are experienced but sometimes may have to call a journeyman or master plumber to assist with certain jobs.

Journeyman Plumber

The journey to becoming a journeyman plumber takes about five years for most programs. In these programs, they are supervised by a master plumber so they can get the knowledge they need as well as their hands-on experience. When they are finished, they can work on pretty much any job, but still cannot do complicated jobs. However, they are able to assist a master plumber.

Master Plumber

To become a master plumber it takes around seven to ten years! This gives them all the information they can ever need as well as the skills to problem-solve. So, when you have an extremely complex issue, more often than not, you’ll be hiring a master plumber. These are the specialists in the field who you will pay around $150 to $200 per hour to help you.

These are the guys you want on the site when you have a unique plumbing setup, as they can usually navigate their way around any type of work site. They are usually the ones who set their own hours and own their own businesses, so they’re also easy to find.

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Plumbing Is An Excellent Career Choice

For those wondering whether or not becoming a plumber makes for a good career, the answer is a firm yes. This is because there is a growing need for physical labor and plumbing is not a service that can be outsourced.

Professionals with proper certification and training instantly become more credible than an amateur as well. The more experience acquired (and the better the track record), the more people are likely to pay for those services.

Plumbers can start making quality money right away and will only grow their earnings as their reputation and experience grow as well. It takes some time to earn all the proper accreditations, but it can be a more than a viable career in the long-run.

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