Why Is Swiss Coffee Paint So Popular?

Stacy Randall
by Stacy Randall

You know what they say, when you find something good, don’t let it go. That certainly seems to be the mantra when it comes to users of Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee paint. The shade has remained a favorite for some time, but what makes it so popular?

Swiss Coffee paint provides a beautiful neutral shade that acts as white but offers more warmth. It is a versatile color that works well in many designs and spaces. It also pairs well with many other colors, so the odds are good that it will go with your furniture and decor. It’s part of Benjamin Moore’s “Off-White” Collection, but other brands also feature Swiss Coffee.

Are you planning to redecorate or trying to choose the perfect color for your next design scheme? If so, Swiss Coffee will likely pop up on your list of possibilities. It’s maintained its popularity for many years. Therefore, it’s worth taking a closer look at this popular paint color.

Is Swiss Coffee Paint Warm Or Cool?

Swiss Coffee is a warm white, but it doesn’t get overly yellow or golden. Overall, it has soothing warm undertones that make it a pleasant choice for many design schemes and styles.

Does Swiss Coffee Look White?

Swiss Coffee acts as a white paint, but it has a warmer tone, so it’s not a bright, stark white. It’s considered an off-white.

Depending on the lighting and other colors in the space, this shade can look more or less white. But it definitely provides a neutral backdrop that’s suitable for almost any color. This feature makes it very similar to how white works in a space.

What Are The Undertones In Swiss Coffee Paint?

The undertone in Swiss coffee is a mix of gray and green with a dash of yellow, which gives it a warm, earthy look. Despite these different colors, the overall tone of Swiss Coffee still works well as white, pairing well with light and dark colors.

However, since there are several undertones, this color becomes a chameleon of sorts. It can change its look throughout the day as light changes. If you have it in different rooms, you might notice it appears more white in one room and more yellow in another.

In other rooms, it can even come across as more green, so tread with care. Test it out in every room separately, and don’t assume it will look the same everywhere.

Does Swiss Coffee Look Gray?

Swiss Coffee doesn’t come across as gray, although lighting can play a factor in its appearance. In most cases, it would look more cream, despite having some gray undertones. However, this flexible color pairs beautifully with gray.

Five Reasons Why Swiss Coffee Paint Is So Popular

1. Swiss Coffee Paint Goes With Lots Of Colors

Versatility is always a big factor when choosing a wall color or exterior color for your home. When you go with a more neutral tone for these larger spaces, it opens up possibilities for lots of other colors.

You get more freedom to choose various shades for accents, furniture, shutters, drapery, and other design elements. In other words, it’s the ideal backdrop for virtually any design.

Swiss Coffee’s ability to function as a white makes it the perfect complement to virtually any color. It goes especially well with grays, navy blue, creams, gold tones, terra cottas, browns, and even deep turquoise.

2. It Hides Dirt And Marks

Paint touch-ups are inevitable since dirt and fingerprints always end up on your walls. But Swiss Coffee paint is more forgiving than plain, vivid white.

You won’t see smudges and dirt as easily on this warmer paint tone as you would a brighter white. This quality makes it a great pick for an exterior house color or in rooms like kitchens and bathrooms.

3. Swiss Coffee Paint Makes A Room Cozy

According to color psychology, warmer tones tend to make a space feel more inviting and cozy. Swiss Coffee paint gives you that homey, comfortable vibe you would want in your home.

4. Swiss Coffee Is A Timeless Paint Color

Choosing a timeless color like Swiss Coffee means you won’t have to repaint any time soon. It provides a classic look that can last for many years to come without looking out of style. Your home will look sophisticated and elegant without becoming out-of-date.

5. You Can Find Swiss Coffee Paint Easily

If you don’t have a Benjamin Moore dealer near you, there is no need to worry. Since Swiss coffee paint is so popular, many paint brands have formulated their own versions. Therefore, you will likely have no problem finding the color at a paint store or hardware store near you.

What Other Companies Have Swiss Coffee Paint Available?

Benjamin Moore isn’t the only company that features a Swiss Coffee paint. You can also find this popular shade from other brands.

The exact color (RGB) and Light Reflectance Value (LRV) will differ slightly from company to company but overall have a similar feel and look.

  • Benjamin Moore — OC-45 (R: 237 G: 234 B: 224 LRV: 81.91)
  • Kelly Moore Swiss Coffee paint– #23 (R: 243 G: 239 B: 230 LRV: 86.46)
  • Behr Swiss Coffee paint — #12 (R: 241 G: 237 B: 224 LRV: 84)
  • Valspar Swiss Coffee — 7002-16 (R: 242 G: 240 B: 234 LRV: 86.152)
  • Dunn Edwards Swiss Coffee — (R: 248 G: 245 B: 233 LRV: 83)

Of course, if you want to use a specific paint brand that doesn’t carry Swiss Coffee, you can bring a sample to the store. The color specialists can match it for you. Or they will likely have a similar shade with a different name.

Where Should I Use Swiss Coffee Paint?

Thanks to its versatility, Swiss Coffee paint goes well just about anywhere. You can use it in bathrooms, your kitchen, bedrooms, and living rooms, and to paint your home’s exterior. If you’re looking for a classic, cozy feel, it’s a great choice.

It also goes equally well with a variety of design styles, whether you’re into modern, vintage, farmhouse, rustic, etc. Let Swiss Coffee be the ideal backdrop for whatever your style may be.

Also, Swiss Coffee is a good choice for north-facing rooms. Between its high Light Reflectance Value (LRV) and warm undertones, it can balance the starker light coming into the room. The Light Reflectance Value basically refers to how much light a color reflects and if it will appear lighter or darker.

What Colors Should I Avoid Using With Swiss Coffee Paint?

Because of its warmer undertones, Swiss Coffee paint tends to read more toward a yellow/gold or warm white. Therefore, it won’t work as well with cooler grays and whites or crisp, bright white. It could also compete a bit with shades with more pink or purple undertones.

However, a lot depends on your space and the lighting. The same color can look very different in various areas based on how light or dark the room gets. So, as with any paint choice, try out some samples in other spots to decide if the color is the right one for you.

Since Swiss Coffee can take on a different appearance under various lighting, paint it on a plain piece of white poster board. Hang the sample up and move it around the room at multiple parts of the day to see how the color reads. Pair your other color choices against it in these different spots to ensure it works with everything and at any time.

What Trim Color Goes Best With Swiss Coffee Paint?

An excellent choice for trim that goes with Swiss Coffee paint is to paint your trim the same color. Therefore use Swiss Coffee on your walls and trim to avoid competing undertones. However, you can add a bit more visual interest by varying the paint finish.

For example, use satin or eggshell on your walls and a semi-gloss finish on your trim. Or paint your walls a flat finish and your trim a satin sheen. Consider the room when choosing your finishes.

Flat paints won’t show dents and dings as much but are harder to keep clean. On the flip side, the glossier the finish, the easier to wipe down, but imperfections will show up more.

A Final Look At The Popular Swiss Coffee Paint

Swiss Coffee paint is a versatile, timeless color that provides a warm and cozy feel to many spaces. You can use it inside or outside your home for excellent results. Plus, you can find it from many different paint brands, making it easy to locate.

Its neutral shade makes it a perfect backdrop for tons of different colors as well as your landscaping and other elements. Whether choosing Swiss Coffee paint from Benjamin Moore, Behr, or another paint brand, you’ll find they’re relatively similar.

Swiss Coffee paint also disguises dirt and marks better than a classic white. Therefore, you’ll spend less time on touch-ups.

No matter which one you choose, always test out some samples in different lighting and at different times of the day. Depending on the light, Swiss Coffee paint can show up brighter or darker, so make sure it gives you the look you want.

Stacy Randall
Stacy Randall

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