Why Does My Kitchen Sink Gurgle? (Possible Causes & Fixes)

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Kitchen sinks are vital parts of any household. They are suitable for cooking, cleaning, and providing water for necessary kitchen functions. Without a kitchen sink, the concept of a kitchen would be incomplete.

Sometimes kitchen sinks can make noises, for example, a gurgling noise. It is vital to ensure that the sink is only making everyday noises and not noises indicating something wrong. So, what causes a kitchen sink to make gurgling noises?

A kitchen sink can gurgle when the plumbing is blocked in the washing machine pipeline connections. The pipelines may get clogged or backed up while the washing machine is running. Air pockets are another cause of being blocked from the sink’s drain to the washing machine to the drainage. By troubleshooting, you can repair the causes by clearing all of the lines, fixing loose connections, and clear out the drain pipe.

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Washing Machine Issues Are the Number One Cause of Gurgling Noises

The number one gurgling noise in your kitchen sink might be the plumbing connection between the kitchen sink and the washing machine. Most washing machines and sinks are connected. You might hear the gurgling noise while the washing machine is running.

This sound is a result of the connection. When the washing machine releases a large amount of water, it can cause a lot of air to come up. It comes up through the sink pipe or drains, which can cause gurgling noises.

What Are the Solutions?

Since this noise can be alarming, it is essential to create equal pressure to alleviate the issue with the drainage. When there is uneven pressure within the pipes, it creates an air pocket. It can cause a gurgling noise when the washing machine is running.

You need to make sure that your vent or pipes are not clogged. When one vent is clogged, air finds another way to leave.

This is why the air will escape through the sink pipe, which causes the gurgling noise. Fixing the blockage might help with the washing machine causing an unpleasant noise.

The Cause of the Pressure Difference Between the Sink and the Washing Machine

The issue with the noise is from pressure differences, but the question is what causes the pressure difference. It is critical to know to address and fix the problem correctly. Listed below are troubleshooting techniques to help alleviate the situation.

The Pressure Difference May Be the Cause

The first possibility for the pressure difference is the fact that the sink vent might not be installed properly. When the sink vent is not installed correctly, it can cause a backup, which prevents the air from escaping through the vent. The event helps alleviate some pressure.

So when it is not installed correctly, this causes issues with the pressure and can create noise. It creates a vacuum when installed too far below the sink, which will push air up to the surface, making even more noise.

If the vent is clogged, it can also cause issues to arise. Another issue that can arise from blockage is leakage.

If the sink is leaking, this can again cause a change in pressure which will, in turn, create noise. It is imperative to keep your drainage pipe and sink vent clean if you want this noise to stop.

The Vent May Not Be Hooked Up Properly

Conversely, to the vent not being installed correctly, a complete main vent malfunction can also be the cause. To check if your main event is the issue, you should check for the following for additional troubleshooting.

  • Check to ensure the sink and washing machine drains are connected.
  • Look to see if the main vent is clogged.
  • Ensure the washing machine is releasing water down the drain.
  • Check the sink drain if it is the first place for air to leave after the main vent.
  • If the gurgling in the sink continues after troubleshooting, the sink vent connection will be the problem.

Other Causes of Gurgling Noises

One of the other many causes of a gurgling noise is a blocked sink. If a sink is blocked, then the sink may make a gurgling sound as water tries to drain or air tries to escape.

You can also check to ensure that the outside vent of the sink is not clogged by dirt leaves or anything else that an animal might leave in the area.

Six Ways to Fix a Gurgling Kitchen Sink

Listed below are advice and tips on how to fix the issues you may be facing.

Step 1. Check Sink Vent Installation Issues

If the sink is only making noise when water is drawn from the sink, you may need to unclog or refit your sink vent. It is vital to ensure that the drainpipe is secured around 3.5 ft away from the lower trap.

Step 2. Check The Air Admittance Valve

The air admittance valve is usually located underneath the sink, and it works by being pressure-activated. If the sink is having issues, the valve could be blocked, trapped, or clogged. This issue can be fixed by seeing if the first valve is in good condition.

See if removing it or cleaning it with soapy water should fix the issue. If there is still an issue with the valve, it may need to be replaced.

Step 3. Check Clogs Inside The Drainage Pipe

The air admittance valve is not the only place that can get clogged. The P-trap can get clogged as well and needs to be cleaned.

You can do this by placing a bucket underneath the P-trap. Remove the necessary nuts with a wrench to free the P-trap. You should carefully clean this area with a wire brush and reassemble all the parts.

Step 4. Check External Waste In Sink Vents

Landscapes are incredible and make our yard look very nice, but they can all clog external events with leaves and dirt. Typically flashing or pushing water through the vent should be enough to remove the block.

If this does not work, you can use a plumbing auger. Put the auger inside the pipe until it hits the blockage, and then you can either pull or push the debris out.

Step 5. Flush The Sink

Flushing the sink might make you think of a toilet or bathroom issue. However, you can also flush your sink in order to clean it. Rinse the entire system with water and then slowly increase the pressure.

You should most likely try the hot water before running the cold water. It is a valuable way to unstick and clean any food residue particles or grime from your pipes and sync system.

Step 6. Repair The Main Vent

Suppose you try all of these steps and still find that there is a gurgling noise coming from your sink. The vent may be physically damaged. If this is the case, you should not try to fix it on your own.

Instead, you should call a local plumbing professional. Attempting to fix this issue on your own can result in further damage to the vent and your sink system.

When to Call a Professional

DIY tips and tricks can be helpful if the issue is not significant. However, if the issue is a structural or installation problem, then a DIY tip may make this issue worse. It could cost you more money in the long run.

Suppose you believe your issue to be either a structural or installation issue. In that case, it is highly suggested that you contact a professional to avoid the possible damages.

Do You Need to Hire a Plumber?

Get free, zero-commitment quotes from pro contractors near you.

Related Questions

Is a gurgling sink dangerous?

Gurgling sinks are not dangerous, they can release gases and other harmful particles into your home. It can be hazardous when inhaled for prolonged periods. This is another reason why it is crucial to contact a professional when you are uncertain about resolving the issue entirely.The sound and sink themselves is not the worry. It is the fumes you and your family are breathing in that will make a person ill.

Why does the sink gurgle at the time the washer is draining?

As a washer drains, gurgling can happen and are often caused by a blocked shared waste pipe. In addition, there are other issues that can cause these blockages that are referenced in this article.Still, you can always ask a professional if you are unsure. It would be wise, especially after checking all of these possible causes for your sink making noise.

When the toilet flushes why does the sink gurgle?

If or when the toilet is flushed, the sink may gurgle. It may be due to issues with broken or clogged pipes that may need replacement. This is another time that it is highly suggested that you contact a professional instead of fixing it on your own. When pipes are damaged or installed incorrectly, it can affect the entire plumbing system. It is better to make sure that the situation is taken care of entirely rather than partially by a DIY trick.

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