What To Do With Old Speakers (Here's What You Can Do)

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Speakers are found in all parts of your home and even your car. Not only are speakers a great way to watch a movie with all the sounds and effects, but they can be portable, allowing you to bring your tunes along with you. With so many different speaker options, it can leave people wondering what to do with old speakers after they have stopped working or when they have been replaced with a newer, more advanced option.

Old speakers can sometimes be updated to work with modern technology giving them new life. Or, speakers can be repurposed into furniture or functional crafts. As a last resort, speakers can be donated or recycled as a part of E-Waste collections.

Although you may have paid a hefty amount for your new speakers when they were new, sadly, old speakers really don’t hold their value anymore. Speakers from the 70s or 80s are better donated or repurposed than sold. The only real speakers to hold their value are the tube-type speakers, which can fetch a hefty price tag.

When replacing old speakers, consider that purchasing a new speaker to replace your old speakers may run you about $300 per speaker for a suitable, high-quality replacement. High-end speakers may cost upwards of $1,000 each.

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Can I Throw Away Old Speakers?

It is not a good practice to simply throw away old speakers with the trash. Many electronic components within the speakers make them part of electric waste. If you truly want to throw away your speakers, you’ll have to take the time to carefully disassemble your speakers, pulling out the electronic components to separate them from the rest of the speakers.

It may be possible to throw parts of the old speaker away in the trash. Speakers should always be repurposed, recycled, or properly disposed of instead of putting them out with the garbage.

In some cases, old speakers from the 1970s or 1980s may be thrown away with the trash. Less advanced speakers with fewer electrical components do not qualify as E-Waste. If you are in doubt, be sure to call your trash removal company ahead of time and ask where the best place for speaker disposal is. If possible, it is always best to donate or repurpose your speakers to keep them out of a landfill.

Are Speakers Part of Electronic Recycling?

Usually, E-Waste is a term that applies to electronic devices. Items included in E-Waste are usually cell phones or charges but can also include computers, batteries, monitors, and scanners. The special components inside electronic devices must be disposed of differently and brought to special E-Waste centers.

Many speakers with eclectic components are considered E-Waste and should be recycled appropriately. Several local areas will have an E-Waste recycling center or designate a particular day each month when E-Waste can be contributed. Be sure to call your local area ahead of time to plan when it is best to discard your speaker E-Waste. Older speakers from the 70s and 80s are usually not considered E-Waste because electronic technology was not as advanced.

Can I Donate Old Speakers?

Old speakers may find a new home through donation. Both Goodwill stores and The Salvation Army will take donated speakers most of the time. Be sure to call ahead to ensure they have a need and space to take your old speakers. Often donated items like old speakers will be eligible for resale.

If you have a home theater speaker system, you may have luck donating the old speakers to charity organizations or a homeless shelter. Just because your home doesn’t have a use for the old speakers anymore, someone else may be thrilled with your old theater system.

Another great resource for donating your old speakers is Habitat For Humanity. Of course, always call prior to dropping off your old speakers to ensure the charity organization has good use and space for your old speakers.

How Can I Update My Old Speakers?

Finding new life for your old speakers is a great way to reduce waste and hold on to your loved electronics. Some awesome ideas to update outdated speakers include:

  • Boombox – It is always nice to have a portable speaker to move around the house or outside for a barbeque. Using your old car speakers, you can create a useful boombox. Plus, cars usually have premium speakers installed. Although this project is pretty ambitious and requires some technical knowledge, you can make a fun boombox with the addition of an amplifier.
  • Chromecast – If you are not technically inclined, it is still possible to make a fun and portable speaker with your old speakers. By purchasing a Chromecast Audio dongle, you’ll be able to transform any ordinary speakers into a wireless option. This addition will allow you to use your speakers anywhere, streaming tunes to them from your phone.
  • Bluetooth Speaker – Buying just a Bluetooth receiver and cable, you may convert an old speaker into a wireless Bluetooth speaker. With just some simple modifications, you can update an old speaker and put it to good use again with modern technology.

Although some of these projects to update your old speakers may be complicated and require additional tools and know-how, it is possible to give your outdated old speakers a breath of fresh air with updated and modern technology.

How Can I Repurpose My Old Speakers?

If your old speakers are no longer working, or if you no longer have a use for them, you may be able to completely repurpose your old speakers into a new project or craft for your home. Some great ideas for a craft using your old speakers include:

  • Jewelry Holder – Take the grill covers off your speakers and turn them into a perfect jewelry holder. The small holes in the grills are handy to hang your earrings. Be careful to avoid the jagged edges of the grills and file any sharp edges before using them.
  • Bookshelves – Depending on the age of your speakers, they may be encased in a wooden cabinet. Pull out the speaker components and repurpose the wood to make an adorable little bookshelf or wooden table.
  • End Tables – If you have old speakers that are still encased in the wooden box, you may be able to repurpose your old speakers into end tables. Not only will you have a lovely wooden table that is functional, but removing the interior speaker components will give you additional storage in your table.

Remember too that various components from your speakers could be reused in other crafts. Aside from the metal grill or the wooden cabinet surrounding your speakers, consider reusing the electronics on the inside. Particularly old speakers may have some cool wire that can be transformed into fun jewelry or a great craft.

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Related Questions

Is there a market for old speakers?

Generally speaking, there is barely a market for old speakers, and many people are disappointed to find that their old speakers from the 70s and 80s aren’t worth what they thought they’d be. The most valuable market for old speakers is tube gear. Aficionados and collectors are always seeking tube speakers and are willing to spend top dollar for tube speakers that are still in good condition.

How much does a decent speaker cost?

Shopping for a replacement speaker for your old speaker can be confusing, especially with so many on the market. Prices usually range from about $50 to over $1,000 to find a good quality speaker. In general, you should plan to spend around $300 on a good speaker. You will want to find something that is 40 Hz bass and can handle about 75 watts of power.

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