What Size Crown Molding Is Ideal For 8 Foot Ceilings?

Nick Durante
by Nick Durante

Crown molding is as practical as it is pleasant to look at. Not only does it add an elegant flare to the room, but crown molding also covers the gaps between the wall and ceiling.

You need crown molding that measures 2 ½”-6” tall if your ceiling is 8’ high. Taller crown molding that measures 4”-6” compliments tall ceilings. Choose shorter crown molding around 2 ½” if you want to create a simple border.

Generally, the two best options for crown molding are wood and polyurethane. Follow along and see what goes into choosing crown molding for 8 foot ceilings.

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What is the Purpose of Crown Molding?

The purpose of crown molding is to cover the space between materials where the wall reaches the ceiling. However, crown molding can also be installed where there is no space that needs to be filled.

Sometimes, homeowners choose to install crown molding simply because of how it looks. Wood and polyurethane molding specifically look quite elegant and can add character to the room it is in.

The height of the crown molding required varies depending on the size of the ceiling.

Ceiling SizeCrown Molding Measurement
8’ ceiling2.5” to 6”
9’ ceiling3” to 7.5”
10’ ceiling3.5” to 8”

Technically, 9 foot ceilings are considered the standard. With that said, many homeowners have 8 foot ceilings. The 2.5” to 6” crown molding size for 8 foot ceilings provides wiggle room for you choose which looks best to you.

Choose the Right Size Molding

Slimmer, shorter crown molding closer to 2.5” adds a nice little flare, whereas 6” crown molding can draw your eyes more easily. Choosing 2.5” crown molding adds a subtle border around the ceiling.

Conversely, 5”-6” crown molding takes up more space and ultimately more real estate on your wall/ceiling. One of the best things about crown molding is that it makes the ceiling look bigger.

That in turn makes the entire room feel bigger. Going with bigger crown molding between 4” and 6” especially compliments 8 foot ceilings. That is because the taller layer of molding creates depth which optically adds height to the ceiling.

If adding perceived height and depth to your ceiling is not what you want, consider smaller molding between 2.5” and 3”.

How to Choose Crown Molding Material

Wood and polyurethane are the go-to crown molding materials for many homeowners. That is because they look elegant and are widely available.

With that said, there are many options for materials for crown molding for 8 foot ceilings. Each material varies in price. The pricing for crown molding is determined by linear footage.

On average, it costs $7-$16 per linear foot to install crown molding. If your room is 10 x 10, for example, it could cost up to $600, depending on the material that you choose.

Crown Molding MaterialCost (including labor per linear foot)
MDF$5 to $10
Vinyl$1 to $8
Wood$5 to $10/ $15 to $50 for exotic wood
Polystyrene$3 to $6
Plaster$10 to $20
Metal$10 to $30+
Polyurethane$4 to $10

Metal and exotic wood crown molding are the two most expensive options. Steel and copper crown molding are especially expensive costing up to $30 or more per linear foot.

Because of the affordability of standard wood and polyurethane, they are great choices for crown molding.

Should I Do it Myself, Or Hire a Carpenter?

If you do not have experience with woodwork, hire a carpenter to install your crown molding. Even if your molding is MDF, polyurethane, or plaster, a carpenter’s professional installation is your best bet.

For rooms that have 500 linear feet worth of crown molding, expect to spend between $2,000 and $4,000. That approximation refers to the average $4-$8 per linear foot for crown molding.

If you are using a more expensive material, such as exotic wood, that number could jump up to $3,200 or more on the low end. For homeowners that do not want to spend the extra money on labor, they may opt to install the crown molding themselves.

Often times, professionals come at a rate of $50-$100 an hour. Most rooms typically take between 2 and 4 hours to complete the crown molding which can quickly add up to $400 or more per room.

How Does Having My Crown Molding Painted Affect the Cost?

Having a professional paint your crown molding costs $1-$3.50 per linear foot. The total can be affected by the rate of the professional as well as the paint that you select.

If you already spent $4,000 for 500 linear feet of crown molding, having it painted can add another $500-$1,750. To avoid that cost, you could paint the crown molding yourself.

Be sure to paint the molding a full day before it is to be installed so that it is dried and cured before you put it up.

How to Install Crown Molding For 8 Foot Ceilings

Choosing to install your own crown molding can save you money on labor. If you choose to do it yourself, be sure to plan ahead. Measure the room and mark the studs so that you know where it is safe to hammer in some nails.

Follow these steps to install crown molding DIY style.

1. Determine the Layout

Determine the layout for your crown molding by using a framing square. Make precise marks where the molding will go along the framing square.

2. Cut the Crown Molding

Using your measurements, cut the crown molding to the length of the wall directly across from the door to the room. If the room has no door, start at the back wall.

Drill holes into the molding where it will line up the studs so that you can hammer nails into it. Place the cope joint and mark it so that you can cut it. Now remove the cope joint and cut it with a jigsaw or miter.

3. Allow the Crown Moldings to Connect

Now that you have multiple cuts of crown molding, you need them to connect. Whittle down the coping so that the edges are thin. That way, they will easily connect at the corners of the ceiling.

4. Place and Nail the Molding

Make sure that the edges are even, and now you can place them. Put the molding up on the ceiling/wall intersection. Line the two moldings perfectly and hammer a nail into the stud.

Repeat this step until each section of molding in the room is solid and smoothly connected.

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Summing It Up

For 8 foot ceilings, you need 2.5”-6” tall crown molding. Crown molding makes your room look nicer and can even make it feel bigger.

There are endless materials of crown molding to choose from, ranging from metal and wood, to polyurethane and plaster. Materials like exotic wood and metal will cost you a lot more than standard wood or plaster.

Taller crown molding, such as 4”-6” helps add depth to the room it borders. Crown molding measuring 2.5”-3” still compliments 8 foot ceilings and adds value to the room.

Installing crown molding yourself can save you money on labor. However, if you are going to install crown molding yourself, be careful and take your time with each step.

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