What Kind Of Jigsaw Blade Do I Need To Cut Laminate Countertop?

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Laminate countertops are a beautiful alternative to expensive stone. And most homeowners can install it themselves with the right tools. So, what kind of jigsaw blade do you need to cut a laminate countertop? Here’s what you need to know.

You can make cutting laminate countertops easier when you use the right jigsaw. Try to cut with a saw that’s designed for laminate materials. That means it cuts on the down-stroke with reversed teeth.

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Can You Cut Laminate Countertops with a Jigsaw?

It’s surprisingly easy to cut laminate sheets for a new countertop. You can even hide the seams if you do it right. But both of those scenarios require a jigsaw, circular saw, or router. Plus, you might also need a few hand tools just in case.

If you’re cutting a sheet of laminate, it means first using tin snips to create a gouge. Then, you take a jigsaw and cut out the material you need for each countertop space. Meanwhile, you should try to cut an oversized piece because you can always trim it down later.

TIP: Don’t attempt to trim laminate with a jigsaw. Use a razor or boxcutters instead.

How Can You Cut Laminate Countertop without Chipping?

Sometimes, using power tools to cut laminate can cause chipping and jagged edges. That’s because laminate is a relatively soft material, while circular saws and jigsaws are robust. So, if you’re not careful, you could ruin the fabric.

Circular saws generally do most of the damage. Thus, many professionals suggest using a circular saw for parameter cuts and a jigsaw for precision cuts. Meanwhile, the best way to cut is to lay your laminate face down. Then, cut it from the back to the front slowly.

TIP: Practice on some scrap pieces until you get your technique perfected.

What’s the Best Way to Cut Laminate?

The best way to cut a piece of laminate is with a jigsaw. However, that jigsaw must have enough teeth facing the right direction to slide your material accurately. Plus, you can always use jigsaws to cut out custom shapes once you get the hang of it.

Let’s say you want to cut some laminate to fit around your sink. It’s probably best to use a fine-toothed jigsaw blade to prevent cracking, chipping, and fraying. Also, try to have your saw blade spinning before it ever touches the material. That way, there won’t be a bunch of snags.

Once done, you can go back and trim out the edges with a razor blade, router, or utility knife. But try to avoid cutting too much away. It’s harder to replace missing laminate than it is to deal with excess bits.

TIP: Measure the space twice, so you’ll only have to cut once.

Can You Cut a Laminate Countertop with a Hand Saw?

Although it’s not recommended, you can cut your laminate countertops with a simple hand saw. However, hand saws may not cut the material fast enough to prevent cracks and damage. So, try to use power tools whenever you can. Or only use hand saws for the initial cuts.

Hand saws rely solely on your muscle to move. And the motions you make can snag the laminate mid-stroke, even if you’re careful. However, other types of saws may offer you more control. Thus, jigsaws usually don’t produce as much scrap as other tools.

TIP: If you don’t have power tools, see if your local hardware stores offer low-cost laminate cutting services.

How Many Teeth Do I Need to Cut Laminate?

You should always cut laminate pieces with saw blades that have several teeth. Otherwise, you could damage the material. Still, you don’t have to use any specific saw blades until you want precision cuts. Then, it’s best to use cutters with between 80 and 100 teeth.

The number of teeth on each saw blade determines many features of the finished product. Sawteeth also dictate the cutting speed. So, fewer teeth can usually take large chunks out of the material. But more teeth can create a better finish on the edges.

TIP: Start with a jigsaw with fewer teeth and then work your way up from there to achieve the perfect look.

Are Laminate Countertops Worth It?

For many homeowners, laminate countertops are the most cost-effective answer for quick home remodeling. For others, the high-end stone countertops are best. Either way, laminate countertops are inexpensive alternatives to pricy solids like quartz, granite, and concrete.

Laminate surfaces are also easy to maintain. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, with many that mimic natural stone or wood. However, unlike natural stone, laminate usually isn’t strong enough to withstand scratches, high heat, or moisture.

Cut with Confidence

Cut laminate for your kitchen or bathroom without worrying about making mistakes. Practice on scraps, use a jigsaw for significant portions, and then trim with a sharp blade. And if you need more help, reach out to a professional.

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Related Questions

Will Lowes Cut Laminate Countertops?

Lowes Home Improvement may offer laminate countertop cutting at some locations. Be sure to ask the sales staff for more information. If you can’t get it there, try Home Depot. Many of their sites provide the service for free or at a low cost.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Countertops with Laminate?

The average price of installing laminate countertops can vary. However, most people pay between $20 and $60 per square foot. The total cost depends on several factors, including which type of laminate you choose. Also, it may cost more for you to remove old countertops first.

How Long Do Laminate Countertops Last?

The life of your laminate depends on how you treat it. Like natural stone, you should clean the surface regularly with approved products. Meanwhile, exposure to moisture or chemicals can damage laminate quickly. So, be careful, and yours could last as long as 10 to 15 years.

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