What Kind Of Bulb Goes In A Range Hood?

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Did the light bulb above your range hood die out and you need to replace it? Wondering what kind of bulb goes into a range hood? Whether it be a halogen or LED, let’s take a look at what kind of bulbs you can put in your range hood.

The range hood of your kitchen is one of the most important parts of your appliances. Whether you are cooking and there is a lot of smoke, or there are huge amounts of steam coming from your pot, range hoods help to filter and clear this away. They’re also great for lighting so that you can see what you’re doing. So, what type of lightbulb do you put in a range hood?

Although most range hoods are equipped with halogen lights, it is also possible to replace these with LED, incandescent lights. Any of these three types of bulbs can work well in a range hood.

One interesting feature of a range hood is that it uses a twist-lock base for where the bulb is secured into. These bases are used because when the fan is on it often vibrates. Instead of risking the bulb to fall out of place, the twist-lock base prevents that. In this article, we’ll talk about the correct bulbs for your range hood.

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What Is A Range Hood?

Also known as an exhaust fan, the range hood in a kitchen typically hangs above the stove. Most kitchens are home to a range hood, and almost all range hoods have some form of a light source on them.

The range hood helps to remove combustion products, smoke, grease that becomes airborne, fumes, steam, and extreme heat. By filtering and evacuating the air this is possible.

What Kind Of Bulb Goes In A Range Hood?

Typically all microwaves, ovens, and hood ranges use a twist-lock base E26 bulb. This is often used with an A15 glass shape. These appliances are recommended to use three types of bulbs, halogen, incandescent, or LED bulbs.

When replacing these bulbs for range hoods, you must use a bulb that can be used with high heat. Out of all three options, incandescent bulbs are used the least often in range hoods.

Incandescent Bulbs

  • Contain a tungsten filament
  • Light is produced by a heated electric current 
  • Contains a stem or glass mount at the base
  • Small wires in the stem support the filament
  • Inert gas protects the filament from evaporating 
  • Not the first choice for a range hood

Halogen Bulbs

  • Functions similar to an incandescent lamp
  • Uses the halogen cycle to produce light
  • Halogen gas redeposits tungsten onto the filament for a longer-lasting bulb life
  • Does not last as long as LED bulbs

LED bulbs

  • This is a very modern-looking option
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Very durable
  • Eco-friendly and saves on energy costs
  • Risk of elevated temperature resulting in a degradation of replacement LED light level
  • Light can become dimmer if not made for cooking and can lose up to 50% of typical output

Halogen Or LED Range Hood Lightbulbs?

There are pros and cons to using both halogens and LED lightbulbs in your range hood. Halogen bulbs are best for if you want to focus a bright light on a specific spot. You can use these to target your stovetop or a specific area of your workspace.

Halogen bulbs are also energy-efficient, dimmable, and feature “instant start”. This means there is no need to wait for the light to warm up. Many range hoods have a dimmer, which makes this light a good choice.

LED lights are popular because not only are they even more energy-efficient than halogen, but they also last almost 30 times longer. LED lights feature an instant start as well, and stay cool to the touch even after hours of use. This means if you leave the light on for long periods of time you will not need to worry about someone burning themselves on the light.

How To Replace The Lightbulb In Your Range Hood

After selecting the right lightbulb to put into your range hood, you may want to know how to replace your old bulb. This involves removing the old bulb and replacing it with a new one of your choice.

Video: Replacement Bulb For Hood Vent

Remove Old Lightbulb

  • Make sure your vent is off. Disconnect the power quickly to avoid being shocked. The last thing you’ll want is to reach up and unscrew a lit light bulb only to receive a strong shock. While it’s not the same as being electrocuted, it still is dangerous to receive a shock from closing a circuit with your body.
  • Take either painter’s tape or masking tape and form a circle by sticking both its ends together. The sticky side should face outwards.
  • Stick the tape to the outside of the range hood bulb. This should look almost like a little handle. Another alternative is to purchase a suction cup from a hardware store. However, you’ll want one that’s not too large as it can be difficult to remove the suction from the bulb. Or, if it’s too small, you’ll have the same issue.
  • Twist the bulb. Grasp the tape and push up on the hood lamp while turning clockwise. Do not put too much force on the bulb.
  • Remove the bulb. When the bulb feels as though it is loosened, pull it out completely.

Install New Lightbulb

  • Get the bulb at the store. Either purchase the same bulb that you are attempting to replace, or purchase a new bulb based on the recommendations above. Always check your range hood to see what exactly you need to match it up. 
  • Insert your new bulb into the socket. Take the same circular tape that you used to remove the previous bulb and place it onto this bulb. Slowly push the bulb into the socket and turn counterclockwise. Make sure that you don’t push too hard as this might damage the bulb or even cause it to break.
  • Keep turning until you have fully tightened it into the range hood. Don’t overtighten it though. 

Using A Regular Lightbulb In Your Range Hood

Although you may want to use different types of lightbulbs, other than those outlined above, in your range hood, it is not recommended. Try to only use recommended bulb types. This is because the elevated temperature that occurs due to cooking can result in a degradation of the light level. This is not dangerous but may cost you more in replacement bulbs in the long run.

Important To Note Regarding LED Bulbs

Using LED bulbs not made for the kitchen can be a bit dangerous. These are typically found in retail or online stores, and they have a maximum ambient air temperature limit of 122 Fahrenheit (50 Celcius).

When cooking occurs, the air that is under the range hood can get up to anywhere from 167-176 Fahrenheit (75-80 Celcius). Because of this, your LED bulbs will soon break. If you choose to replace your halogen lamp in a range hood with LED bulbs, then you need to confirm they are heat resistant.

Although, you may use LED lights that do not experience these issues. Try to avoid using standard lights anyway. LED lights made for range hoods will last for an incredible amount of time and will offer you extremely bright lighting.

Important To Note For Halogen Or Incandescent Bulbs

Sometimes a range hood is listed for use with a halogen or incandescent bulb up to a maximum wattage. Although you can replace this bulb with any wattage close to this maximum, you should only replace it with one that is below the stated maximum.

This means that although a range hood states you can use a bulb “up to 60 watts”, it does not mean you should use a 60-watt bulb. Instead, use one that is under 60-watt such as 50-watt.

Related Questions

Does it matter what type of bulb I put in my range hood?

It does matter what type of bulb you put into your range hood. It is preferable to use either halogen or LED light bulbs in a range hood and these need to be heat resistant.

Can any range hood accommodate an LED light?

Unfortunately not every range hood can accommodate an LED light. You can try to use an LED light in any range hood, but often this is where you run into the issue of it dimming out. 

How do I change the bulb in my cooker hood?

You will need to remove the cover for the lamp that sits above the light bulbs. You can do this by unclipping them from both sides, or unscrew them if they’re screwed in. When you remove the bulb do it carefully. Then, screw or push the light bulb in until it clicks into place.

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Wrapping It Up

It’s inevitable; light bulbs burn out and there is no way to keep this from happening. But, what happens when this happens with a range hood? What type of light do you use to replace it? By following this article and the instructions given within it, you will be able to change your range hood bulb with no problem. If you don’t know what type of bulb to get, you can always bring your old one in to have someone help you find the correct one.

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