What Is The Best Color To Paint A Pool Deck?

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Your pool is your oasis. You want it to be cool, calm, and relaxing. But you also want it to be beautiful all year long. So, refinish the surface to match your house with the best color for a pool deck.

What is the best color to paint a pool deck? That depends on the rest of your home decor. First, try to make your decking match your other paint. That way, the pool will blend seamlessly with the landscape. Or consider creating a colorful spot in the backyard. Apply vibrant pigments for a beachy theme. And choose neutrals for a spa-like experience.

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How Can I Make My Pool Deck Look Better?

You don’t have to spend all summer on a dilapidated deck. Make it look brand-new instead. Here are some creative options to get you started:

  • Repair: Fix the broken sections of your deck before the seasons change. Replace missing railings and make the steps sturdy again.
  • Rebuild: Make a new design that better suits your personality and lifestyle. You can hire a carpenter to do the work.
  • Stain: Cover the surface with a beautiful wood stain to bring out the natural grain and smooth the texture.

The decking at your house serves a purpose. So, don’t forget to consider that when choosing your next move. If you repair the deck, use high-quality products to ensure longevity. And if you rebuild it, choose the best materials, so your work lasts for years.

Can You Paint a Pool Deck?

It’s okay to paint a pool deck if you don’t want to replace it. But always make repairs before you do. That way, you don’t waste time or money on broken parts. And be sure to choose top-quality exterior paints, or the color will fade. Meanwhile, determine the decking materials because you can’t apply pigments to some of them.

NOTE: Wooden decks are easy to paint. But you must sand the surface either way.

Is It Better to Paint or Stain Pool Decks?

Many homeowners wonder whether it’s better to stain or paint their pool decks. And the answer depends on several factors. For example, you shouldn’t stain metal decking because the color won’t stick. But you can use high-quality exterior paint instead. Meanwhile, it’s safe to stain concrete and wood.

There are several pros and cons to both. If you use a stain, it might not cover all the imperfections on the surface. The wrong wood stain can discolor your decking or fade in the sun. So, check the labels on your products first. Or ask an associate at your local hardware store for suggestions. Then choose something that protects the material and boosts your curb appeal.

What Color Should My Pool Deck Be?

It can be challenging to pick the best color for your pool deck. However, you can automatically eliminate certain shades. That’s because darker pigments can soak up the sunlight and get hot to the touch. So, most homeowners choose light or neutral colors instead.

The key is to pick pigments that appeal to your senses. But also try to coordinate the hue with the rest of your house. For example, paint pool decks white if your house trim is white. And cover decking with grey lacquer to hide dirt. Either way, choose something neutral because the landscape can change. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Off-White
  • Grey
  • Beige
  • Greige
  • Khaki
  • Yellow
  • Light Blue
  • Taupe
  • Tan
  • Sand

Need more color near the pool? Add a splash of vibrance with colorful patio furniture and accessories. You can even paint rocking chairs and tables to match the deck.

Do You Need Special Paint for Pool Deck?

Never use the wrong products to paint or stain your pool deck. Look for durable exterior paint instead. Your decking requires regular maintenance either way. But you’ll do more work for yourself if you use low-quality lacquer or interior paint.

Meanwhile, try to find pigments that have these three qualities:

  • Easy to Apply: It should spread evenly and dry quickly.
  • Non-Slip Finish: Your pigment needs to help prevent injuries by the pool.
  • Heat-Resistant: Keep your pool deck cool with paint that reflects the sunlight.

You should also try to use products that don’t peel or flake. So, compare several options first. Then, test your paints and painting methods on a small section before covering the entire deck.

TIP: Always begin by sanding and adding primer to wood decking.

What Is the Best Paint for a Pool Deck?

The perfect paint for your pool deck depends on many things, including how often you use it. Thus, you should pick durable pigments for high-traffic areas. Consider liquid rubber deck coating first. Or think about moisture-resistant and mildew-resistant lacquer as an alternative.

Select something that provides a robust, waterproof finish. But make the surface non-skid if possible. If you don’t like the colors of liquid rubber deck coating, use regular exterior paint instead. Then, apply non-slip strips to high-traffic areas to enjoy the best of both worlds. And remember, long-lasting pool deck paint is also fade-resistant. After all, the wood bakes in the sun every day.

TIP: Apply one or two coats of polyurethane over the paint to help protect the wood from UV rays.

How Often Should You Paint a Pool Deck?

Most people repaint their pool decks every five to ten years. But you can do it more or less often, depending on the condition of your materials. Well-kept decking might not need to be refinished as often as neglected wood. And you can revamp the look of your decking at any time. Plus, it’s a good idea to refurbish old decks before selling a house. That’s because potential homebuyers don’t want to think about work when touring properties.

How Long Does Pool Deck Paint Last?

High-quality exterior paint can last for many years. However, you must take care of it by preventing things that could damage the surface. If you keep the decking out of direct sunlight and away from moisture, you can enjoy it for about a decade before repainting. But if you forget to install umbrellas or apply waterproof pigments, expect to repaint the deck within five years.

Pool deck paint lasts longer when you use primer and polyurethane first. And your outdoor structures are even more durable when you use a compatible paint and primer. Even better is that you can buy a paint and primer duo at the hardware store. So, make your pool deck paint last longer by considering all the options.

NOTE: Your pigment will last longer if you sand the surface to remove the old color before applying new paint.

Can You Paint Over Old Paint on a Deck?

You shouldn’t apply new pigments over old ones. The faded color can crack and peel, leaving your top layer in danger of doing the same. Plus, the different colors could clash and look terrible from your backyard. So, always remove the topcoat and sand deck surfaces before refinishing. Then cover the new layer with sealant to help it last longer.

Feel free to do touch-ups throughout the year. But be sure to use the same color as the last time. Mismatching deck paint looks terrible and may cause chemical reactions that deplete your property value. So, keep some samples lying around or buy the same brands continually.

Why Does My Deck Paint Keep Peeling?

Does your pool deck paint keep peeling? It could be that you’ve exposed the wood to too much sunlight. Long sun exposure can dry the pigment and make it blister or crack. And damage to the topcoat can invite dirt or moisture where it doesn’t belong. So, use paints with a strong surface bond to prevent unsightly spotting. Then reapply a new topcoat every three to five years.

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How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Pool Deck?

Expect to invest in your pool deck if you want it to look nice. The cost of preventative maintenance is far less than the cost of repairs and replacements. Meanwhile, the average price to paint or stain decking depends on several factors. But most painters charge between $3 and $7 per square foot. That means you’ll pay around $300 for a small job from a cheap painting company. Or you’ll pay about $1,200 for a large job from a luxury business.

Should I Power Wash My Deck?

You can use a power washer on wood decking but be careful. The water shoots out quickly and can damage delicate sections of your structure. And if you have missing or broken parts, the high-pressure stream can cause fraying or worse.

Do You Need Exterior Home Paint or Stain Services?

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Redo Your Deck

A painted pool deck is a pretty place to relax and socialize. However, it will only stay pretty as long as you maintain it. So, use the best exterior pigments with moisture resistance. Then, cover the top layer with polyurethane or another sealant to keep it beautiful for years.

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