What Is Air Leather? (Find Out Now!)

Jennifer Eggerton
by Jennifer Eggerton

Synthetic leathers give consumers affordable and animal-friendly alternatives to real leather. Air leather, also known as leatheraire, is one of the newest synthetic leathers on the market. It is used for furniture, shoes, handbags, and other products.

Air leather is a synthetic alternative to real leather. It is more affordable and requires little maintenance. The micro-perforations in the fabric make it more comfortable for furniture than real leather and faux leather. Air leather is not as durable as real leather, and it is not ideal for homes with children and pets. Peeling is the most common quality issue.

Here is some information about air leather to help you decide if it is a good option for your furniture.

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What is Air Leather Made Of?

Air leather is a synthetic fabric that is made from polyurethane materials that are used for other synthetic fabrics. Also known as leatheraire, the fabric has tiny micro-perforations that allow air flow through the fabric. Air flow makes the fabric more comfortable than other synthetic leathers.

Air Leather vs. Faux Leather

Air leather and faux leather are both made from synthetic materials and both fabrics are affordable alternatives to real leather. The difference between the two fabrics is the micro-perforations in air leather.

Look and Feel of Air Leather

Air leather has a smooth surface that feels unnatural. You can tell that it is not real leather. The fabric can be dyed in just about any color, but it has an artificial look to it.

How Long Does Air Leather Last?

Air leather lasts up to 10 years. For comparison, real leather lasts about 20 years or longer with good upkeep.

Is Air Leather Good Quality?

Air leather quality is lower than real leather, but comparable to other synthetic leathers. It stands up fairly well to daily use, is easy to clean, and holds its color and texture.

Air leather is relatively new to the market, and the information about durability is limited. Like other types of synthetic leather, air leather is not the best option for homes with children and pets. Heavy use may cause tears in the fabric and color fading.

One issue with air leather that has been identified is that the fabric tends to peel after a few years. There are many different grades of air leather, and peeling happens with the less expensive grades.

How to Clean Air Leather

Vacuum the furniture each week to remove dust. Add 1 teaspoon of liquid leather cleaner to 2 cups of water. Dampen a microfiber cloth is the solution, and wipe down the furniture. For stains, blot the area, but do not scrub. Scrubbing air leather damages the surface and causes peeling. You can also use baby wipes to clean your air leather. Apply a leather conditioner to the fabric every 1 to 3 months.

Air Leather Repairs

If you have a tear in your air leather furniture, it can be repaired with a standard leather patch kit. Avoid using any liquid patch products. The best way to repair a tear in air leather is to apply the patch inside the tear rather than on the outside.

Repair cracks and fraying of air leather with a liquid leather repair product. Apply the product according to the directions.

Contact the furniture manufacturer to find out how to fix peeling air leather. It may be covered by the warranty.

Related Questions

What is gel air leather?

Leather Gel is a type of air leather that is made in North Carolina. A synthetic leather is applied to a breathable backing. The fabric is highly durable, but it tends to peel and crack.

Is air leather real leather?

No. Air leather is a synthetic fabric that is made to look like real leather. It is more affordable, but not as durable.

How long does air leather last?

Air leather is designed to last up to 10 years. Using air leather furniture in high traffic areas shortens the lifetime of the fabric. Real leather lasts 20 years or longer with good maintenance.

Is air leather material better than other types of synthetic leather?

Air leather has some advantages over other types of synthetic leathers, and even real leather. The micro-perforations in the material encourages air flow. This makes for a more comfortable piece of furniture because you will not “stick” to the material the same way as real leather or other synthetic leathers.

Is air leather worth it?

It depends. Air leather is ideal for smaller households with one or two people. The fabric gives you a similar look to real leather, but at a much lower price point. When you shop for air leather furniture, check the quality of the fabric. There are different grades of air leather, and the cheapest ones are not durable.

Where is air leather made?

Air leather was first developed in China. It is now made by upholstery manufacturers around the world.

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What Did We Learn?

Air leather is a synthetic fabric that offers an affordable alternative to real leather. The difference between air leather and faux leather is that air leather is made with micro-perforations for air flow. This prevents the fabric from sticking to your skin and making you sweat.

The look and feel of air leather compared to real leather is significant. Air leather has a smooth texture that does not look authentic. The fabric can be dyed to almost any color, but the texture of air leather makes it look very artificial.

Air leather has not been on the market very long, so there is little information about the durability. It is designed to last for up to 10 years, but the fabric doesn’t last this long in homes with pets and children. Peeling is the most common quality issue with air leather.

Cleaning air leather is easy. Vacuum weekly, and wipe down with liquid leather cleaner in water. Use a microfiber cloth, and do not scrub the fabric. Remove spots by blotting the area. Do not soak the fabric. Let it air dry. Use leather conditioner every one to three months.

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