What Does "UR" Mean On A Samsung Washer? (Find Out Now!)

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by Nick Durante
Samsung washers are among the best on the market, and they display many codes that can help diagnose problems. The error codes on Samsung washers indicate specific problems, and the “UR” code means that the washer is unbalanced and retrying. Whether it be a damaged belt drive or worn electrical motor brushes, let’s take a look at why your Samsung washer says “UR”.

Samsung washing machines are top of the line, and they’re the choice of many homeowners due to their consistency. However, problems can still arise, and various error codes appear on the digital display that is hard to make sense of. One common Samsung error code is “UR”, but what exactly does that even mean?

The UR code on your Samsung washer stands for “unbalanced and retrying”. You will see the UR or UE code pop up when your washer is on an uneven surface, there is too little or too much laundry in the load, you have a damaged drive belt, or your motor brushes are not working properly.

There are many Samsung washing machine error codes, but they don’t always indicate a critical problem. Sometimes, a UR code simply means that you have to remove some of your laundry load from the drum. Let’s take a close look at what UR means on a Samsung washer and what you can do about it.

UR Error Code

The UR code on a Samsung washing machine refers to “unbalanced and retrying”, and it’s a common error code. This code pops up on the digital display on Samsung washers, and it can be confusing if you’ve never had it. Not every model of Samsung washing machines displays UR codes, and some display the code UE instead.

Don’t worry, however, because a UR code does not necessarily mean that there is anything wrong with your washer. Samsung washers often display a UR code when the surface is uneven, laundry is loaded incorrectly, or the drive belt is damaged. The washer displays the UR code so that the problem doesn’t continue, and you don’t damage the machine.

There are many Samsung error codes, such as 3C which indicates that the washer is not draining. The UR code is not the worst error that your Samsung washer can run into, but it’s important to find out the cause.

Why Does My Samsung Washer Show A UR Code?

Samsung error codes, such as UR, appear for everything from weight displacement problems to an uneven surface. You can easily diagnose the cause of the error code by looking into the drum or checking the washer’s surroundings. Follow along as we explore some of the common causes for a UR code appearing on your Samsung washer.

Your Washer Is On An Uneven Surface

Your Samsung washing machine can give you a UR error code if the unit is on an uneven surface. Washing machines need to be on flat, even surfaces to properly distribute water and handle the load. If your Samsung washer is slanted or placed at an angle, the load won’t move properly, and water won’t evenly distribute.

Move your Samsung washer if it is angled improperly and if it presents the unbalanced and retrying message. If your floors are uneven in the room, you can use a level to find the most even placement for the Samsung washer.

The Laundry Load Is Too Small Or Too Big

You can trigger the UR code if you place too much or too little laundry in your Samsung washer’s drum. This can also occur if you place items in the washer that differ in size, such as a rug with some clothing. Otherwise, over-filling the washing machine is one of the most common reasons that the Samsung unit becomes unbalanced.

Shoes and articles of clothing with strings can also cause a UR code to appear if they get caught on a component in the drum. You can avoid this by placing shoes in a washing machine safe bag or surrounding clothes with strings by other clothing. Each washer has a different weight threshold, and there is a learning curve to how full is too full.

If you adjust the laundry so that it is the proper weight, the error code should go away on its own. Otherwise, you may have to remove the filter to drain the rest of the water from the drum before you restart it. Turn your Samsung washer back on and it should run properly with the right weight displacement.

You Have Issues With Your Washer’s Drive Belt

Drive belts can become damaged, and that can cause a UR error code to display on your Samsung washer. The drive belt is responsible for the torque and helps the Samsung washer work at the proper speed. Washing machines cannot properly operate with a damaged drive belt, and it can cause the unit to become unbalanced.

The spin cycle is where you’ll notice that something is wrong with your washing machine’s drive belt. It either won’t spin, will freeze up, or you’ll have a UR code pop up on the digital display. Luckily, all that you need to do in most cases is tighten the drive belt and it should work properly.

However, that doesn’t always work, and you may need to hire a professional to replace the drive belt. A drive belt is just as important to a Samsung washer as the drum itself is, and it won’t work without one.

The Samsung Washer Motor Brushes Are Worn Out

Samsung washers can produce a UR code if the electrical motor brushes stop working properly. Motor brushes can become worn out with continual use, and sometimes it happens faster than others. The electrical motor brushes are responsible for the magnetic field that powers the spin cycle in the drum.

When the electrical motor brushes stop working, a UR code will appear on the display and you’ll need to look at the motor. You can access the motor by removing the front of the washer and going behind the drum. Unfortunately, you’ll need to carefully remove the motor to replace the motor brushes if they’re worn out.

Expect to pay up to $400 or more to have your electrical motor brushes replaced professionally. It is worth the cost considering how many variables are involved in working with a washer motor.

Related Questions

How do you fix an unbalanced Samsung washer?

The easiest way to fix an unbalanced Samsung washer is by moving it to even ground if you have space. You may need to manually adjust the washer’s legs so that it can stand balanced and even on the floor. Otherwise, you can look inside the machine to make sure that the drive belt or motor brushes are not damaged, and if so, replace them.

How do you reset a Samsung washer?

You can reset a Samsung washer by simply turning it off and unplugging the unit if you have a problem. Allow the Samsung washing machine to sit for between 2 and 5 minutes while unplugged so that it can reset. Plug the machine back in, turn it back on, and the error code should disappear unless a problem is present.

Why won’t my washer finish the spin cycle?

Your washer may not finish the spin cycle if the drain pump is obstructed by debris or clogged. Inspect the drain pump with a flashlight and look for any large obstruction that could cause it to not spin. If the debris is too deep, you may need to use an object, such as a thin hose, to snake the obstruction out.

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Summing It Up

A Samsung washer UR code indicates that the unit is unbalanced and trying, and it is often easy to fix. Oftentimes, the UR code appears simply because the Samsung washer is placed on uneven ground leading to imbalance. The most simple cause of a UR code is that you put too much or too little clothes inside of the washer.

In that case, you can remove clothing from the drum to lighten the load, or add more to it. Other problems, such as a damaged drive belt and motor brushes, are more complicated and expensive fixes. You can spend $400 or more to have your drive belt or electric motor brushes replaced by a professional.

If you fix the problem and the UR code is still displayed, you can reset the washing machine. Simply turn the machine off, unplug it, and allow it to sit there for up to 5 minutes. A UR code is not a death sentence to your Samsung washer, and you can usually easily resolve the problem.

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