What Colors Go With Terracotta Floor Tiles?

Emily Carr
by Emily Carr

Terracotta is a warm, earthy hue that can be difficult to match. But with the right advice, you can find colors that will complement your flooring and create a beautiful and harmonious space.

So, what colors go with terracotta floor tiles?

Whether you want something bold or muted, milky white, light mauve, and emerald green are all great color pairing options. If you want to modernize the room, it’s best to paint the walls white and opt for clean furniture. Adding bold accessories in hues of royal blue can elevate the space and bring out the beauty of the tiles.

Continue reading to learn which colors go with terracotta floor tiles, if terracotta tiling is outdated, and how to make this type of flooring look more modern!

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What Colors Go Best With Terracotta Floor Tiles?

Terracotta floors are a common feature of Mediterranean or Spanish-Revival style homes. They definitely make a statement, so it can often be a difficult task deciding which colors to pair with the room.

We’ve compiled a list of the 5 best colors that go with terracotta floor tiles:

  • Shade of white
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Beige
  • Shades of green

Color 1: Shades of White

White is an easy color to use if you’re unsure of what to pair with terracotta floor tiles.

Different shades of muted white, such as cream or off-white, can both complement and contrast a terracotta floor. It’s an excellent option if you need to tone down a particular shade of terracotta or leave room for colorful accessories!

Color 2: Pink

Pinks mimic the warmth in terracotta colorings, making it an excellent choice for people who are in love with the hue. It offers a monochromatic approach to making the room feel like a tranquil haven. Using a light pink or mauve wall, you can elicit a modern and purposeful feel to the space.

The upholstery and decorations you choose should be neutral to avoid making your room seem overly busy and disorganized.

Color 3: Red

Red has long been popular when paired with brown or earthy colors like terracotta.

If you want to add an energetic burst of color to your room, red is a great option for terracotta tiles! It’s certainly bold and is best suited for smaller spaces with ample light exposure to escape the overbearing nature of the color.

Color 4: Beige

Beige colors are neutral and mellow. They can be calming or bold depending on the shade you choose to use!

If you’re looking for a more traditional approach, beige is an excellent choice. If you’re after something a bit more modern, try pairing terracotta flooring with a deep brown to make the space feel moody.

Color 5: Shades of Green

Green is ideal for rooms that are decorated with lighter shades of terracotta tiles. It’s a perfect choice for drawing out the colors in your flooring and creating an elegant yet understated atmosphere.

Use different blue-green variations to add a calm, natural vibe to the room. Darker shades of green may make the space feel heavy and dull, so go for more of a subtle, muted shade if you want to achieve this effect.

What Wall Colors Go Best With Terracotta Floor Tiles?

We discussed the best shades to pair with terracotta floor tiles, but what about the walls specifically.

To make a room feel modern and airy, we recommend opting for a milky white shade. This gives you a little bit of flexibility when it comes to other design elements in the space. Additionally, painting the doors or crown molding a creamy shade of gray will help to further diversify the room.

Ultimately, the wall color you decide to go with is completely up to you, what best suits your house, and your unique taste!

What Furniture Colors Go Best With Terracotta Floor Tiles?

There are a few different directions you can take with regards to furniture when it comes to complimenting terracotta floor tiles.

Overall, terracotta tiles are rich and textured. When selecting furniture, first consider the wall colors. If you have white wall colors, you can continue the trend with white furniture or aim for something more daring like mustard or brown.

If the walls are pink, you should keep most of the furniture elements neutral- think whites and beiges. If you decide to go with a bolder paint color like turquoise or red, your furniture should be clean and simple.

Wrought iron or wood can dress up the space without making it feel too busy. Additionally, adding shades of royal blue using pillows or other accessories makes for a beautiful combo when paired with terracotta tile.

What Colors Don’t Go With Terracotta Floor Tiles?

Now that we’ve covered which colors look best with terracotta tiles, there are a few shades to avoid.

If you’re looking for a more classic or rustic design, then avoid using shades that are too drab. Stick to lighter browns, pastels, whites, and creams. This will help to keep the space airy and welcoming!

Black is another color to avoid. While brown hues compliment terracotta tiles, black tends to be too overpowering. A black wall will make the room seem cramped and dim, so try using lighter shades of gray or white instead.

Lastly, stay away from bright colors like neon yellow, pink, green, or orange. Painting your walls or using furniture with any of those shades will make the house feel gaudy and chaotic.

Remember: Terracotta floor tiling is a statement piece in and of itself. There’s no need to outshine it with other bold colors.

Is Terracotta Tile Out of Style?

The answer to this question depends on what appeals to your aesthetic.

Most things are only as dated as you make them appear. Terracotta tile is a timeless flooring material that can be modernized or look drab, depending on what you do with the rest of the room.

If your furniture is old, the tiles will definitely seem older and worn. However, if you paint the walls a bright color, update the upholstery, and polish your flooring, terracotta tiling can feel brand new!

I think it’s important to maintain the style of the home. If you live in a place like Miami, where Mediterranean Revivals are prominent, terracotta tiles in your living room or kitchen make sense and look appropriate. There’s no point in ripping out beautiful flooring because someone in some magazine labeled it “out.”

That being said- taste is specific. If you hate the terracotta floors, you can easily replace them with something else!

How Do You Make Terracotta Tiles Look Modern?

If you want to keep your terracotta tiles in place but think the space needs a bit of a facelift, there are a few things you can do.

  • Paint the walls a light color to open up the room.
  • Keep the furniture (and its textures and patterns) clean and simple.
  • Reduce the number of accessories you have.
  • Clean lines are king- orient your furniture to face straight-on.
  • Don’t be afraid to play with bold colors, but keep them limited.

These design details give the terracotta flooring a modern appeal. Try them out and bring your living room up a notch!

Related Questions

What color granite goes with terracotta floors?

Terracotta tiles work well with almost any color of granite because most are neutral shades.If you like to play it safe, combine light gray or white granite countertop with terracotta floors for a look that feels clean and dreamy without overwhelming the room.A deep green granite slab can also look rich and elegant with terracotta tiles!

How do you make a room with terracotta tiles feel brighter?

If your goal is to make a space that has terracotta tiles feel brighter, there are a few things you can do.Painting the walls white will indefinitely help to brighten up the space. Additionally, adding light-colored furniture and accessories also makes it feel airier and more open.You can also make sure the grout between your tiles is clean. Over time, grout can get dirty or chip and make the room look worn. If cleaning the tiles with a solution doesn’t do the trick, a contractor can come in and re-grout the floor to make it appear newer and brighter.

Can you paint over terracotta floors with colored paint?

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.While you can paint over terracotta floors, it will likely chip, look messy, and damage the floors. If you want to switch up the look, it’s best to remove the tiles first before installing your new flooring.Terracotta tiles can last upwards of 50 years if preserved properly. Clean them regularly to maintain their beauty for years to come!

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are a number of colors suitable for highlighting the beauty and unique details of terracotta floor tiles.

Remember the following points when it comes to choosing color shades for this type of flooring:

  • Paint the walls white or another light color.
  • Add clean furniture with simple lines.
  • Reduce how many accessories you have in order to avoid cluttering up the space.
  • Limit bold colors but don’t be afraid to use them.

These tips should help you create a beautiful home atmosphere that has an updated look while still being true to its classic earthy roots!

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Emily Carr

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