What Color Walls Go With Brown Curtains?

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For the longest time, brown curtains were something that were relegated to the world of 70s retro homes. Today, this curtain color has become more popular. It’s easy to see why. It’s earthy, rustic, and can also help make your home look a little more welcoming. Curious to see what wall colors work best with brown curtains? Keep reading.

Brown is a neutral color, which means that it can be paired with any color without much issue. White, cream, and beige are top picks for other neutrals. If you want to try a color, choose blue, green, yellow, or purple.

Brown might be known for being rustic and woody in color, but it has so much more dimension than that. Let’s get some inspirational ideas ready for you.

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What Color Walls Go With Brown Curtains?

Brown curtains are notably popular out in the Midwest, but don’t let that location dissuade you from getting more out of your curtain color. These colors prove that brown can be stylish anywhere.

1. Beige

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Here, we see some absolutely gorgeous light brown curtains that were paired with a rustic bathroom design. The wall color here isn’t white, but rather a creamy beige. Together, the duo gives the room a woody, barnyard glamour that is hard to beat. It also helps add the perfect backdrop for the gorgeous brass bathtub.

While bathrooms are not the most common places to find a curtain, we can’t lie. It looks gorgeous and it absolutely proves the point that beige walls and brown curtains mix. Even if you are not into “cowboy chic,” it’s hard to deny how gorgeous it looks.

2. White

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Here, we see a honey gold-brown curtain that is paired with blue bed accents and a gorgeous white wall. As you can potentially guess, this room was designed for a young boy. Golden brown, like this one, has all the same popular matches as gold. Why? Because it’s really more of a dark yellow than anything else.

White works well with brown on all fronts. It’s a neutral-on-neutral color scheme, which means that you really can’t go wrong. White is the go-to color pairing if you want to have a room that looks Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, or Asian. Why? Because in each region, brown curtains and white walls were a thing in their traditional decor.

Generally speaking, you can never go wrong with white walls. They are the easiest way to make a room look bright, cheerful, and clean. With this option, you also have the perk of versatility. Every single room decor style will work with this. That’s why people who flip homes prefer to paint their walls white. Everyone can work with white walls.

3. Royal Blue

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Here, we see a rich royal blue wall that was paired with a light brown (kinda beige but bear with me) curtain. Blue and brown are a great combination for people who want something a little traditional, yet still capable of being worked into a modern design. It’s a gorgeous pairing that is classic in its appeal.

You can pull an “IKEA” here and add some yellow into the mix, or you can leave your room entirely blue, white, and brown. Either way, people will be enthralled with your room’s European charm. The brighter and bolder the blue, the prettier it’ll look.

4. Tan

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Here, we see a tan wall that’s a bit darker than most shades of beige. However, it’s clear the effect is the same. Tan and brown have the same warming, woody, and rustic effect that beige and brown do. However, this photo illustrates a different perk. While many people would choose this as a rustic color palette, it’s clear it does well as a modern option too.

The reason why this works so well is twofold. Brown and tan are both warm colors that make a home look cozy. Oh, and they are also technically different shades on the same spectrum of neutrals. So, this also gives you a little bit of a monochromatic look, too.

5. Green

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To a point, this should be an obvious pairing. Humanity is attracted to colors they see paired in nature. What’s more common than seeing green leaves on brown bark trees? It’s almost universal, if not entirely so. Green and brown, therefore, tend to make excellent pairings in almost every possible permutation.

Here, we see a light green with a gorgeous dark brown curtain pairing. It gives the look of a sophisticated country cottage. While the contrast between the two rooms is a bit jarring, it still works because of how elegant the entire setup looks. This is particularly popular with British “cottagecore” looks as well as with modern looks.

6. Orange

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If you have been watching (erm, reading) our other articles about pairing brown with other colors, you already knew this was going to be on this list. I don’t know why it’s so appealing, but it is. Maybe it’s a new trend that is straight outta the 1960s, or maybe it’s just because the deeply warming combination tends to make a room more inviting.

Brown curtains on an orange wall give you a vibe that is warming, fiery, and at the same time, bold. You don’t have to go for a bright orange to get this look, either. A light orange with a dark brown can offer a similarly provocative look with a little less of a punch. Darker oranges can offer a very warming, almost “spicy” autumnal look to the right room.

7. Pink

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Not too long ago, Kate Spade and a bunch of other designers turned brown and pink into a major fashion trend. It was EVERYWHERE. Pink this, brown that. Unsurprisingly, pink walls tend to be a popular and hype look for brown curtains. More specifically, this trend tends to lean towards light pink and dark browns.

This is a modern combination that can be a little more adult than the traditional candy pink and white look of a room. So, it’s still fairly popular with teenagers. If you want something that’s feminine yet adult, this might be a good choice. Though this is most common as a bedroom color, the truth is that it can also work for a feminine office or a bathroom too.

8. Grey

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So, we’re going to end this series of suggestions with a pretty natural choice. Here, we see light brown curtains paired with several colors. The one we want to focus on here is the stone grey from the fireplace and the grey brick wall facade. Grey and brown were actually quite commonly found in castles throughout Europe. So, it’s quite traditional.

Grey tends to look best if it is paired with an actual stone facade, like the one above. Stone walls tend to be common in sunrooms and rustic homes. All things considered, they add a very nature-based look to a home. It should come as little surprise that you can also get a little natural with the curtain color too. It’s surprisingly cozy.

Though stone is the most common pairing for brown curtains, you do not need to forgo grey if you don’t have stonework in your home. Many shades of grey paint can also make your home have that same stately feeling. Of course, you should always try to add a splash of color with this particular pairing. Otherwise, it’ll look way too gloomy!

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Related Questions

Are brown curtains dated?

Brown is one of those colors that cannot go out of style, simply because it is a neutral color. It is possible to make brown curtains part of a “retro” or very vintage design, but the truth is that it can be just as modern as the trendiest color on the market.Admittedly, brown-centric designs tend to be more traditional, but that is more on the desire of the designer. If you want to make a room look more modern, stick to clean lines.

Are brown curtains good for bedrooms?

Brown curtains are often found in bedrooms primarily because of their grounding nature. Of course, the exact mood that you get from the curtains will depend on the color that you choose as well as the other colors on your room palette.Light browns tend to help open up a bedroom while they add warmth. Dark brown curtains can help make a larger bedroom more cozy while they keep things upscale. Meanwhile, golden brown hues tend to add an exotic twist to a bedroom.

When should you choose dark colored curtains?

Dark curtains tend to be the better choice for rooms that are very large, since they can help add a layer of coziness and intimacy to the room. Light curtains, on the other hand, are best for rooms that might look a bit too cramped or gloomy otherwise. Smaller rooms tend to do better with light curtains. Dark curtains are also more dramatic than their light counterparts, which is why they are used in bolder rooms.

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