What Color To Paint A House Foundation?

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Painting your house is a huge undertaking. And you probably don’t want to do it twice. So, choose the best color for your foundation the first time. Then, update the style every few years.

You can paint your house foundation in almost any color. But try to make it coordinate with the lacquer on your walls. Or match the foundation paint to your shutters and roof for a sleek and modern look. Also, always be sure to use a durable exterior latex stain to maintain your curb appeal for longer.

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How Can I Cover My Foundation at Home?

If you shield the bottom of your home, you can enjoy more years of effortless living. That’s because a good cover job can protect the wood and plumbing beneath the surface. Rough or unfinished concrete can be ugly. So, use one of these tactics to improve appearances:

  • Stucco
  • Lattice
  • Stone Veneer
  • Flowers and Shrubs
  • Garden Rocks

Hide your foundation while boosting the property value with quick and easy tricks. But don’t leave your house foundation bare. Cover it instead.

Should You Paint the Foundation of Your House?

You should always cover the foundation walls with something. But painting your foundation is the most innovative option. Exterior lacquers can provide an aesthetically pleasing look. And they also defend the bottom of your home from the elements.

Pests and weather conditions are especially harsh on building materials. UV light can damage your foundation, then fade the color. At the same time, pests can burrow into the pores, laying nests along the way. So, apply a quick coat of paint to help revive a tired structure and keep unwanted guests at bay.

DID YOU KNOW: Some exterior paints contain a moisture-locking ingredient to prevent water damage.

What Color Should the Foundation Be?

The best color for a house foundation depends on several factors. For one, what color is your structure? Most homeowners want to coordinate the foundation with the walls, roof, and accents. So, take some samples to the local hardware store to find a matching stain.

Modern homes usually have neutral-colored foundations. That means the homeowners use white, grey, beige, or brown to cover their concrete. However, there are few rules to home decorating. And you don’t have to pick a shade that looks terrible in your eyes.

Try to choose colors that fall somewhere between light and dark. For example, consider slate grey or earthy brown. Deep hues help ground your home and lift the eye upward. Plus, dark shades can draw attention away from a tattered basement and toward more attractive features.

TIP: Look at some home magazines and websites for design inspiration.

Is It Okay to Paint a Concrete Foundation?

Most homes feature cinderblock or concrete foundations. So, check your house for more details. But remember that stone and concrete are porous materials. And that means they’ll soak up any paint or stain you apply.

Painting a concrete foundation with a brush or roller will take forever. However, an HVLP paint sprayer can help. Spray guns spread the color faster and more evenly. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the lacquer soaking into your brushes that way.

What Paint to Use On Exterior Foundation

Want an attractive finish on your house? Look for masonry paint when refinishing the foundation. Masonry paint is sometimes called elastomeric wall coating. And you can find it at most hardware stores that carry exterior stains.

Epoxy-based products are practical alternatives. They offer high durability and a long-lasting hue. So, many homeowners use epoxy exterior lacquer to cover patios, decks, and garage floors. Meanwhile, masonry paint pairs well with brick, mortar, and other stone features. So, choose your weapons wisely.

Exterior paint doesn’t crack as easily as interior paint does. Plus, elastomeric lacquer can withstand lots of direct UV light because of its chemical composition. You can paint concrete with it due to the binders in the liquid. And that means the pigment can expand to fill the holes in your material.

Do I Need to Prime Concrete Before Painting?

You don’t have to apply primer before painting concrete. However, primer can help your paint stick to the porous surface and last longer. In addition, a thick priming coat makes your finish look smoother while providing an extra layer of protection from the weather.

TIP: Remember that you can buy paint and primer in one to save time and money.

Can I Paint Over Stained Concrete?

It’s virtually impossible to remove stains that penetrate deep in concrete. However, you can still wash the surface and remove chipping paint. Then, cover the walls with prime to fill in gaps and holes. After that, you can apply a new stain to the foundation for an updated look.

How Do You Paint a House Foundation?

Covering your home’s foundation takes time, patience, and skill. However, you don’t necessarily have to hire a professional painter to finish the work. You can improve curb appeal with the best products and techniques. Plus, painting a house foundation only requires a few days from beginning to end. Here is how you do it:

Step One: Get Rid of the Old Color

Most likely, your foundation paint is already cracking or peeling. So, start by removing the faded stain to reveal a bare surface.

Step Two: Clean the Surface

Your foundation is dirty with grease, oil, mud, and grime. But your paint won’t stick to a filthy surface. So, power wash it next.

Step Three: Repair the Damages

Use this time to fill in gaps and fix broken sections of your foundation. You don’t want to paint concrete that’s falling apart.

Step Four: Seal and Prime

Add sealant to fill up the pores and create a smooth surface. Then, apply primer to give your stain a solid canvas.

Step Five: Paint and Finish

Finally, paint the foundation with your favorite color. But remember that you might have to apply several coats for a solid finish.

As always, let your primer dry before painting. Then, don’t apply more paint until the first layers dry.

Related Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Paint the Foundation on My House?

Painting a home’s foundation can be expensive. If you hire professional painters, expect to pay even more. Expert paint teams charge for the supplies and their labor. But a DIY project eliminates labor costs to reduce your fees. Either way, the cost to paint a house foundation can vary depending on several factors. So, choose discounted exterior paint and do the work yourself.

Can You Redo Foundation?

On paper, redoing your house foundation is simple. It requires only a few steps, and most homeowners can repair minor damages without paying for help. However, foundation walls are hefty. So, you might need to buy or rent construction equipment to fix broken sections.You can paint the concrete for a quick boost to your home’s appearance. But never use interior stain to cover the walls. Try latex-based or epoxy-based lacquer instead. That way, you can improve the look of your house while also protecting it from the elements.

Does Painting Concrete Last?

If you paint a concrete foundation correctly, the color should last for years. However, you must scrape off the old color first. Then, wash the surface to remove dirt, oil, and grease. After that, you have to apply some primer to fill in the tiny holes. And once the primer is dry, you can begin adding your favorite paint.Follow those simple steps, and you’ll enjoy vivid pigments for longer. But pay extra attention to areas that endure lots of direct UV rays. Sunlight can fade your paint quickly, making the colors look dull. So, many homeowners try to repaint those spots every few years.

Does Paint Peel Off Concrete?

Paint can peel off concrete if you apply it incorrectly. That’s because concrete contains alkali, which rises to the surface when it gets wet. Then, the water evaporates in the heat. And it leaves behind a crystallized crust that can push paint from the surface. Over time, the chemical reaction causes paint to crack, peel, or fall. So, use moisture-resistant exterior paint for the longest-lasting results.

What Paint Color Goes with White Foundation?

White foundations can be beautiful with coordinated colors. Neutral shades typically work best. But you can match a white foundation with almost any shade for a modern look. So, choose other neutrals like beige or grey to enjoy a minimalist aesthetic. Or add a pop of vivid pigment to create an exciting contrast.

Do You Need Exterior Home Paint or Stain Services?

Get free, zero-commitment quotes from pro contractors near you.

Make Your House Beautiful From Top to Bottom

Your home’s exterior is supposed to be an extension of its interior. So, make your house beautiful from the inside out. And decorate the features from top to bottom for maximum curb appeal. For some, that means leaving the existing foundation alone. But for others, it means applying a new coat of paint every three to five years.

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