What Color Throw Pillows Go With A Brown Couch?

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How now, brown couch? (Sorry, I had to.) Brown remains one of the most popular couch colors in the United States. This is especially true when you’re talking about leather couches. Needless to say, part of the reason for this earthy color’s popularity deals with the many different ways you can style it. Today, we’re going to talk about how you can style your brown couch with the coolest throw pillows…

Brown couches are remarkably versatile when it comes to throw pillow colors. Most people prefer to outfit them with neutral-colored pillows such as grey, cream, or beige. However, you can also add a pop of color by adding blue, green, orange, or red.

There are so many ways to doll up your brown couch, it’s not even funny. This guide will help you get the inspiration you need to make your living room the most stylish place in town.

Is Brown A Good Color For A Couch?

Brown remains one of the most popular couch colors in America for a reason. It’s a great color for a couch, a sofa, or really, any furniture you might have.

Brown is exceptionally versatile and can be arranged in almost any style that you could possibly want. Since it’s also a color that’s part of the neutral family, it also works well with any other color in the rainbow.

Getting a brown couch is a great idea, especially if you aren’t totally sure what you want to do with your room’s styling quite yet. So, yes, it’s a great couch color for virtually anyone in the country.

The Best Throw Pillow Colors For A Brown Couch

Brown is a neutral color, which means it is oh, so easy to match colors with it. Now, you can choose any type of throw pillows that you want.

Figuring out the colors can be a hassle. Don’t worry, Upgraded Home has your back. Take a look at the best throw pillows for brown couches.


Yes, we’re kicking off the list with the trendiest neutral of the 2020s: grey. Grey and brown might sound dreary, but it doesn’t have to be. A light grey can help make a home look bright and sunny. It also acts as a great contrast to the deep, rich tones of a typical brown couch. The photo above shows why.

The cool thing that grey does is tone down the room and give your room a more open appearance. Since grey is en vogue these days, you also can get a wide range of different patterns that feature this color on Amazon. If you want to get the most out of your pillows, we strongly suggest getting some mix and match pillows for your needs.


Cream and brown are best buddies, as far as colors go. This color duo is all about bringing the homey ambiance of an idyllic cabin into your world. Though it’s most commonly seen in rustic homes and cabins near the woods, this color combination is one of the more versatile. With the right accompanying decorations, it can work in an uptown apartment or a Scandinavian-inspired setup.

Much like brown, cream is a neutral color. So, if you want to add a tertiary color to your room’s palette, you can. And moreover, you never have to worry about any sort of color clashing. Even though you can add a third color, the best accent here is definitely lots of wood.


If beige had a personality, it would be the mature yet welcoming “mom friend” of your clique. Beige is the kind of color that helps warm up a room and keeps things mellow. That’s exactly the same vibe that beige brings to a room. Beige isn’t there to be a focal point. It’s a supporting color that is there to add warmth to a room.

Adding beige throw pillows is a good way to bring warmth into your home. Like cream, it can also help brighten up a room and add a rustic touch. It’s totally hygge, if you dig that aesthetic. This brown couch has a ton of cushions and throw pillows with beige. Doesn’t it look gorgeous?


Blue is a truly royal choice for a throw pillow, especially when it’s paired with brown. Because blue is so impressively striking as a color, it tends to act as a focal point on a brown colored couch. If you are looking for a way to add some serious pigment to your room’s setup, then having a blue and brown couch color scheme will do the trick.

When picking blue, it’s good to know that almost any shade will work well with brown. Light blue gives you a sunny contrast, while darker shades give your home an air of luxury. It’s up to you to figure out what vibe you want to have for your home.


Brown and green are regularly spotted together in nature. It’s the dirt and the grass, the basic makeup of a typical tree’s colors, as well as the look of most mountain areas. Unsurprisingly, this means that bringing this combo for a couch and throw pillow setup is a smart idea. The throw pillows can act as the “leaves” to the “trunk” of your proverbial tree.

What I’m saying is that adding a couple of green throw pillows is a good way to help get a subtle nod to nature into your home. This look can work with almost any style ranging from Victorian to the hyper-modern. As humans, we are genetically programmed to find these colors to be attractive. So, you might as well cash in on our genetic predisposition to loving this lush and verdant color combination, right?


Orange and brown are a classic pairing that was once a staple of almost every American home during the 1960s and 1970s. This color combination is great for homes that need a serious dose of warmth, since both orange and brown tend to be warmish colors. Orange is a color that typically brings the color of fire to mind.

While it is a retro choice, by all means it’s still popular because it works. It’s elegant in a quirky yet bold way. Of course, the best thing you can do for a room with a brown and orange color combination is to add some lighter tones. Even if you don’t add a dash of cream or white, it’s hard to hate on the look you get.


The final color that we are going to bring up in our list today is red. As a very warm and fiery color, red helps bring out the cozy atmosphere of a room in a uniquely bold way. It’s also one of the most attention-grabbing colors of the rainbow. This makes red an excellent throw pillow color choice for people who want to turn their couch into a focal point of their room.

The cool thing about red is that you don’t need to make it the sole color in your living room. It is exceptionally good with gold and orange, or really, any fall colors. Since this color palette tends to enhance the welcoming and inviting ambiance of a room. Besides, these kinds of fall color combinations are fairly regal in their own right.

How Do You Pick A Throw Pillow For A Brown Couch?

On a brown couch, there’s nothing wrong with using throw cushions that are the same color. Make sure you’re using the same cloth and pattern.

Also, make the color scheme complement your brown sofa. Choose a different shade of brown with a different design if feasible.

What Is A Complementary Color To Brown?

Brown isn’t represented on a classic color wheel and is instead depicted as a dark shade of orange on modern ones. Orange’s complementary color is blue, hence brown’s complementary hue is blue or darker hues of blue.

How Many Pillows Should Be On A Couch?

Replace two, three, or all of the pillows on your sofa for a new, personalized design. An odd number of cushions, in general, makes for the most natural, appealing arrangement: three for smaller sofas, five for bigger ones.

Check out the standard pillow size.

Related Questions

What is the most popular color for leather couches?

If you thought that black leather couches were going to lead the pack, you’re wrong. The most common leather couch color has been brown for decades. After that, both beige and black leather couches are closely tied in terms of popularity. The least common leather couch color to see (aside from exotic colors like blue) is cream.In terms of non-natural leather colors, some of the more popular include red and blue. It’s worth noting that dyed leather may stain or rub off on walls, so be careful with your placement.

What is the best wall color for a brown couch?

Mid-tone colors tend to fare best when you’re pairing a room’s color to brown furniture. This can include bright blues, golden yellow, terra cotta, as well as a slew of other bright, punchy colors. The idea is that you should have a certain level of pigment when you pair it with a non-neutral color, since lighter colors may appear washed out next to a couch.If you are into the world of neutral wall paint colors, then you have a bunch to choose from. White, grey, and beige all work remarkably well with a brown couch. Having a tertiary accent color can also help brighten up your room and get you some extra color.

What colors go with navy blue and brown?

If you are a fan of navy blue and brown, then you have several additional colors you can choose from. The most popular accent colors include orange, cream, white, and gold. In some situations, having a dark green accent color can also work. Regardless of what you choose, it’s safe to say that your room will have a country club aesthetic that’s to die for.

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