What Color Rug With A Grey Couch? (We Have The Answer!)

Which Color Rug Would Go with my Grey Couch

When it comes to decorating a room, some are thrilled to have the chance to coordinate their own pieces. Others, however, are overwhelmed by all of the choices that need to be made.

Grey is a wonderful neutral option for any sitting room. It’s safe to say that any color rug could look great with a grey couch. To choose a rug for your grey couch, use a color scheme generator, pick a specific design theme, or use popular designer strategies.

In this article, we’ll help you figure out how to pick the perfect color rug to match your grey couch. We’ll tell you about the tools we’ve found online, different methods of choosing colors, and fitting into a specific décor theme.

How Can I Pick the Perfect Rug Color?

The color of your rug depends on many factors:

  • Your color scheme: Do you want your room to follow a particular color scheme? If so, the color of your rug depends on the colors of other items in the room, including the couch.
  • Your personal taste: This is the most important factor when choosing a rug color to go with your couch. Everyone has colors, color schemes, or patterns they simply don’t like. Think about your favorite color combinations and patterns.
  • Room Décor Style: If you have a specific theme or style in your room, then the rug color depends on that.

Color Scheme Generators

The internet is a fantastic tool for interior decorators and homeowners alike. With just a few keystrokes, or by uploading a picture you can generate a beautiful color palette. Color scheme generators are a great way to help you coordinate any room.

Most of these tools are geared towards helping you find paint palettes. But even if that’s not your objective, they will give you an idea of which rug colors would look best with all of the colors in your room. Here are a few of our favorite color scheme generators on the web:


This site can generate random color palettes for you repeatedly, just by pressing the space bar. You can also pick a color to start with, and the tool will generate a palette based on your color choice. Another great feature is the option to upload a photo and create a color palette based on the picture.

Coolers is free to use and doesn’t require you to create an account. There’s also an app, which makes it convenient for bringing to the store and plugging in colors you see.


This tool was made by Sherwin-Williams. The main purpose of the website is to upload a picture, which the tool then turns into a color palette. The colors are generated with over 1500 Sherwin-Williams paint colors.

The drawback is that unless you download the app, you need to access it from a laptop or desktop. And when you use your computer, you have to download a browser extension to use the tool.

Visualize Color

This site lets you upload a picture of your room, and creates a color palette that’s suited for your home. You do not have to register or download anything to use it.

Color Choice Methods

When you start with a neutral color like grey, the possibilities are simply endless. And no one will know which color works best better than you! So here are some different methods that will help you decide which rug to pick to match your couch:

Use a Patterned Piece to Help

If your couch has any patterns or accent colors on it, use one of those colors to choose a rug color. You can also use any other patterned, colorful piece of furniture or large painting.

Just choose one of the main colors from those pieces, and base your rug search on that color. If your room is fairly plain or subdued so far, your rug can be your main patterned piece. This gives you free rein to choose whichever colorful, patterned rug speaks to you most.

Decorate from Dark to Light

One popular, safe design idea is to decorate your room from dark to light. This means that you will have your darkest colors on the floor, and gradually work your way up to the lighter colors. So, if your walls or ceiling are lightly colored, you could follow this design idea.

Use the Color Wheel

A more traditional way to decide would be to use the color wheel to help you choose a rug color. Simply choose a color that is next to the color of your couch on the color wheel. You can find color wheel generators online where you can select the color of your couch.

Pick a Color that Pops

By selecting a grey couch, you’re already in line with one of the most popular style trends today. If you’re into neutral colors with a pop of color, go for a bright green or yellow rug.

The Rule of Three

This is a tried and true, “if all else fails” kind of design strategy. It’s exactly what it sounds like – limit your color palette to three colors. You can follow it loosely, too – just choose several items of each color to feature in the room.

If your couch is grey, and your room features other colors, pick one those colors for your rug. For example, grey, yellow, and blue would achieve a fun, modern look. Or grey, olive green, and tan would be a great neutral combination to focus on.

Room Décor

If you’re gathering pieces to incorporate into a specific décor theme, here are some ideas based on popular décor styles:


Rustic design is all about natural beauty, using rough elements like wood and stone. Rustic style today often combines those natural elements with modern pieces. A rustic rug would work wonderfully with a grey couch since grey is a more modern trend.

Rustic colors often include a combination of shades of dark red, browns, and tans. You can either choose a rug with just one of those shades, or a combination of the 3.  Another idea is to find a rug with a cute rustic scene, like bears and mountains.

Shabby Chic

This is a common favorite design theme. Shabby chic includes furniture and other accessories that have a vintage, distressed look. The colors can vary widely. For example, an antique wooden dresser painted in a modern pristine white can be considered shabby chic.

With a grey couch, you will want your rug to stand out with a vintage-style pattern. When shopping, you’ll likely find things like distressed floral and other antique patterns and designs.


This type of style incorporates things like knotted ropes, varnished wood, and maps or compasses. Blue is the main color in a nautical theme, along with white. A blue and white striped rug would be a great addition to a nautical style theme and a grey couch.

Art Deco

Art Deco is all about rich colors and bold geometrical shapes. Classic art deco colors span the full color spectrum. It can be represented with bold and bright hues, metallic colors, black and white, neutrals, and more.

If your couch is a solid shade of grey, you can add in the fun geometric shapes with your rug. There are plenty of rugs available in this style, featuring many different patterns and colors.

Related Questions

Which color carpet makes a rug look bigger?

Many interior designers have said that a light-colored rug makes a room look brighter, more inviting, and more spacious. Colors like shades of pastel, soft neutrals, and off-white are great choices to help make your space look bigger.

How big should an area rug be?

When choosing an area rug to fit a room, the size depends on how you want the room to look. You can use a sheet spread out on the floor or folded in different sizes to gauge what you like. In a living room, you can either place your couch on it or put it under your coffee table. Depending on the size of your living room, a minimum of 8×10 could work well for an area rug.

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