What Color Curtains Go With Teal Walls?

Stacy Randall
by Stacy Randall

Recently, teal has taken the design world by storm, making a statement and packing a subtle punch. You can choose from various shades of teal, from lighter to darker tones, depending on your overall design plan. But you should carefully consider what color curtains go with teal walls to keep things from becoming too overpowering.

Lots of colors go with teal, including various shades of yellow, orange, pink, gray, white, purple, green, and blue. Neutrals like cream, white, and brown can help soften an all teal room, black can be dramatic, and metallics can add richness. Floral patterned curtains, stripes, bold geometric prints, and multi-colored prints also go with teal walls.

If you love teal, you really can’t go wrong with teal walls. Surprisingly, many different colors pair well with this remarkable shade that mixes blue and green. So, think about your space and get inspired by these color suggestions for your curtains.

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How Do I Decide What Color Curtains Go With Teal Walls?

So many colors work with teal; it’s wise to narrow down your options first. Yes, this list will give you some suggestions you might never have thought of. But, then, where do you go from there?

First, if there are any colors you absolutely can’t stand, it’s best not to put them in your design plan. For example, if you loathe the color yellow, you probably don’t want to see it hanging in your windows every day. (Even though yellow looks amazing with teal.)

Next, what room are you designing? If your teal walls are in a bedroom, you likely want to create a calming, retreat-like space. Conversely, if you’re working with a living room, you might want a few more bold moments.

Teal can evoke various emotions, including happiness, calmness, and contentment. It also can make a room feel airy with lighter shades or subdued if going with a deeper teal. Or, you can go with a bright, vibrant teal for a dash of fun and whimsy.

So, What Color Curtains Go With Teal Walls?

In a nutshell, if you prefer a more subtle design, you’d stick with blues, greens, or neutrals. Blues and greens pick up on the tones in teal and create a more analogous look in your room.

But, if you prefer a more dramatic effect, choose more contrasting colors, like orange, yellow, and pink. As you look through the list, remember that each color typically features a broad range of shades within it.

So, you’ll have many different options within each color family to choose from for your teal walls. For example, if you think about using yellow curtains with your teal walls, it’s not just sunshine yellow. It means you can pair other yellow tones with teal, too, like mustard, lemon, pale yellow, etc.

Here’s a closer look at what color curtains go with teal walls and what you can expect from the combinations.

1. White Curtains Go With Teal Walls

White, as a neutral, goes with any color, but it can also help brighten up darker teal walls. Using white curtains can help freshen up the space and keep the teal from becoming too overpowering.

2. Black

You can use black curtains against teal walls for a significant dramatic effect. This color combination can go a long way in creating a moody, lush space. Opt for textural curtains, like velvet, if you’re really looking for a glam look.

Of course, black can also become too over-the-top, so another excellent option is a black-and-white pattern. Bold black and white stripes or geometrics can look fabulous hanging against teal walls.

3. Cream

Light creams can help soften a dark teal, while paired with lighter teals, you’ll get a relaxing vibe. Keep the cream light and bright for the most appealing aesthetic.

4. Brown

Brown curtains with your teal walls will give your room a rich and sophisticated look. However, brown can become boring if you’re not careful. Therefore, keep it interesting with textures or prints.

5. Gray

A classic neutral in the design world lately, gray pairs well with teal walls. It can provide just the right balance in your space without things seeming too cold.

6. Silver Or Gold

Metallics like silver and gold act as neutrals but add a bit of glitz and glam. Consider using some fabrics with a metallic sheen to bring some extra pizazz to your room.

7. Yellow Color Curtains Go With Teal Walls

Whether opting for bright, cheery yellows, or more muted mustards, you’ll find a great partnership between teal and yellow.

Brighter yellows can help lighten a darker room, while mustard can help keep things more subtle.

8. Orange

Orange in a space adds lots of energy, fun, and vibrancy. It’s a great combo with teal since contrasting colors create a wonderful yin and yang effect.

9. Red

Red stimulates while teal helps keep things grounded and calm. Put the two together in the right way, and you can get a wonderfully balanced room. Stick with deeper reds like brick red, maroons, and similar shades to get a winning combination.

10. Purple

Various shades of purple can create a fun, whimsical look when paired with teal. However, you need to be cautious, as choosing the wrong shade combinations can make your room a bit cartoony-looking.

11. Pink Color Curtains Go With Teal Walls

Pink in soft shades is an excellent complement to teal walls and can add a dash of femininity. It creates a soothing and relaxing effect.

12. Blue

With tones of blue since teal mixes blue and green, blue can work well with teal walls. Just make sure your specific shades of blue and teal don’t fight each other. A lighter blue against deep teal walls looks especially inviting.

Using lighter shades of blue-green, like aqua and turquoise, also look surprisingly great with dark teal walls.

13. Green Color Curtains Go With Teal Walls

Like choosing blue curtains, green color curtains go with teal walls since they play on the green tones in the teal. Light color green curtains, like mint, can create a calming effect, while bright lime can make a real pop.

14. Patterns And Prints

Bold geometrics, paisley prints, florals, stripes, and more fun patterns can pair exceptionally with teal walls. Plus, using patterns and prints adds visual appeal and elevates your design.

Exciting geometric prints grab your attention, florals add a pleasant touch, and stripes are timeless. A striped curtain is a classic, and you can add extra visual appeal by selecting from various types. You can choose horizontal, chevron, vertical, pin-stripe, broad stripes, thin stripes, etc.

Vertically striped curtains can help add height to your space as well. You can opt for neutrals or stripes with complementary colors that work well with teal walls.

15. Sheers

If you need to open up your space a bit and adore your darker teal walls, consider hanging sheer curtains. You can choose from various colors while keeping things a little more open and airy.

Can I Use Teal Color Curtains With Teal Walls?

Hanging teal curtains on your teal walls can create a surprisingly beautiful effect. Various shades of teal can create a monochromatic masterpiece. But, vary it up with textures. Velvet teal curtains look especially rich against a slightly lighter teal wall.

Anytime you decide to create a monochromatic color scheme, you risk crossing over into the realm of too dull. Therefore, make sure to balance the space; you can break up the color a bit here and there with a neutral.

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Related Questions

How can I test out curtain colors before buying?

When you see a set of curtains in the store, you might wonder, how will those look against my walls? But, if you assume you have to simply imagine it and purchase the curtains, not so fast. If you’re in a decorator’s showroom or design store, you might be able to get fabric samples. If not, you still have some options to see how the curtain colors go with your walls. You can use your smartphone to take a picture of the curtain fabric or use an app to scan the material into your phone. However, you need to make sure the lighting is right to get an accurate picture.Your other option is to pick up some paint swatches with similar colors to the curtains. Match the paint samples in-store to the curtains, then bring the paint cards home. To get an even better idea, buy a small sample paint jar (usually about $3 or $4) and paint a large piece of poster board.This rick gives you a larger color sample to work with that you can tape up on your wall (use painter’s tape.) Then, you can see how the color works against your wall in various lighting. Doing this will give you a clearer idea of how those curtain colors will work with your walls. If the curtains have a pattern with several colors, try to recreate a similar pattern or color mix on the sample board.

Are teal, turquoise, and aqua the same thing?

No, even though many people refer to these colors interchangeably. However, these colors have something in common; they all mix green and blue. But aqua tends to be lightest and lean more toward blue, while teal is darker and more green. Turquoise typically falls somewhere in the middle, resembling the gemstone of the same name.

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