What Color Curtains Go With Peach Walls? (Find Out Now!)

What Color Curtains Go With Peach Walls

Life is just peachy when you have peach-colored walls. This soft orange (or pink) hue is extremely popular among people who love a tropical twist, not to mention people who enjoy a little fall ambiance year-round. While peach walls are really gorgeous, trying to pair them with other colors is a little bit…daunting. What kind of curtains can go with this rare but beautiful wall color?

Peach is a soft and warm color, which is why it goes well with soft curtains. Neutrals like white, soft grey, and beige are popular picks. If you want to have a color that isn’t neutral, opting for red, yellow, pink, and turquoise tend to work well. With that said, you always should take your furniture into account. 

Getting peach as a wall color means that you have a design challenge. This is a tough color to match, even if you’re a professional. Let’s take a look at each potential curtain match, shall we?

Is Peach A Good Color For A Room?

It can be, but we’re going to be blunt. Peach is not a color for everyone. When it’s used in accessories, it can be a gorgeous look that can give your room a welcoming and slightly feminine vibe. When it’s used as a wall color, it can be very easy for the color to overwhelm your home or worse, turn your room into an overly girly mess.

Working with a peach room is pretty tricky. Much of this is because of how heavy-handed the color can be. If you choose to get a peach room, it’s important to avoid too many frills. Since this is a naturally feminine color, adding heavy lace accents can make your room look painfully hackneyed. Stick to modern looks or tropical looks for a more appealing vibe,

The Best Curtain Colors For A Peach Room

Admittedly, peach is a picky color. Like, really picky. Unfortunately, this limits the colors that you can use for your curtains pretty significantly. Let’s look at some of the more reliable colors you can choose…

Soft Grey

Soft grey is a certain color that tends to add an element of coolness to rooms, and that’s a great thing for rooms that are painted peach. Here, we see grey at as a balancing factor to a woman’s lounge area. Grey is soft enough to handle the delicate femininity of peach without being too harsh. Without the grey, this room might look too girly. With grey, there’s an air of maturity.

One thing that we want to point out is that this room doesn’t just have grey curtains. It also has some white transparent curtains. This helps give the room an even more airy vibe. Together, it’s a powerful statement that works wonders with the natural softness of the room.


Light and ethereal, white curtains are always a good idea. When it comes to rooms with peach walls, it’s often best to go with some transparent white curtains. These curtains add a soft touch to an already soft color, and can also help diffuse the light in a room. As the most neutral of all neutral colors, white is always a safe pick.

White is a particularly good choice for peach walls that are on the lighter side of things. It helps play up the feminine and gentle look of the room in a way that most other curtains can’t. Since white is very versatile, this curtain color can work with almost any style you want to do your room in.


Some might call this a little bit of a “granny” look, but it’s popular for a reason. Beige paired with peach is a good way to make sure that you have a very warm, inviting home. Beige is soft enough to appeal to the softness of peach walls, and also is light enough to help reflect the golden tones of the peach in your room.

This is a good option for people who want traditional or old world decoration, simply because it’s such a dainty look. With that said, it definitely has an older vibe. If you’re old-fashioned, this is a good move to make.


Pump up the volume, pump up the volume, dance, dance! Most people immediately think of peach as a soft and dainty color—and it is. But, it doesn’t always have to be. Red is a bold, bright color that can help bring out the colorful side of peach. In fact, it can help turn peach into a more gender-neutral color.

The designer of this room gave a bolder peach some much-needed love through the use of red accents. The end result is a home that has a bright, welcoming, and colorful look. It’s warm, but not too warm. It looks amazing, don’t you think?


White is great, but let’s face it. Sometimes, you want to add a little more sunshine to your room. When you have peach walls, it’s easy to turn up the sunshine. All you have to do is add a bit of yellow to the mix. In this room, the designer decided to grab some yellow and white curtains to add texture and dimension to their room.

Since yellow is such a bright and cheerful color, the effect turned this living room into an exciting, uplifting place to be. This is doubly true if you add some green to the mix. While it’s definitely still girly, this color combination gave the room an amazingly tropical vibe. It’s Miami-chic, but at the same time, has a loud funkiness that is all its own. The question is, are you brave enough to try this in your home?


Pink is the less orangey sister color to peach, and that makes for a great combination. The two colors are so similar, it’s a natural choice. Pink and peach work together to give a room a monochromatic look. Since they’re both fairly feminine, there’s a lot to be said about using this combo for women’s rooms. It’s super feminine, and gorgeously girly.

All this pink can add a lot of warmth to a room. At times, it can be a bit excessive. If you want to avoid having a place that feels like it’s glowing rosily, then you should add a lot of white accessories inside the room. Even when you do have a room that looks like it’s glowing, that’s not always a bad thing. This is actually a pretty soothing vibe for a room.


Turquoise is rarely ever the color people think of when they want to add some accents to a peach-colored room, but it should be one of the first. The contrast that turquoise has on peach is absolutely stunning. The blue in turquoise contrasts the red undertones in peach. Meanwhile, the yellow undertones help give the colors a sense of harmony that wouldn’t be there otherwise.

This is a good choice for people who want to have a room inspired by tropical, oceanic, or Southwestern looks. Since it is a rather unique combination, it’s going to be an eyecatching choice for almost any room. We strongly suggest it for bedrooms, since turquoise is linked to feelings of calm.

Related Questions

What is a good accent color for a room with peach walls?

Generally speaking, peach is a color that needs to be balanced out with colors that are the same shade or lighter. Soft neutrals tend to be the best choice for most rooms and most stylings. So, if you want to stay on the safe side, it’s best to opt for a soft white, cream, light beige, or grey trim.

Of course, there are other trim colors that can work with the right aesthetic. It’s possible to get gorgeous looks with gold, yellow, and even light turquoise trim. However, styling this can be tricky at best and downright treacherous at worst.

Is peach a good wall color for a living room?

Absolutely. Peach is a very warm and inviting color, especially when paired with red or white. Most people enjoy the vibrancy that this beachy color offers, which is why it’s often used in places where people congregate. Living rooms and dining rooms both look deliciously great when they’re painted up in peach.

With that said, living rooms aren’t the most popular place for peach paint. It’s most commonly seen in young girls’ rooms as well as women’s powder rooms.

What colors contrast with peach?

If you want to dial up the contrast, look towards cool colors. Peach contrasts with colors like turquoise, green, blue, and to a lesser point, purple. When decorating a peach room with contrasting colors, remember to keep the contrasting colors light. It’s very easy to overwhelm the look of peach.

Think of it this way: light works best with light. When you have a dark blue topped with peach, it’s easy for the blue to look more like black in the wrong light.

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