What Color Curtains Go With Burgundy Walls? (Find Out Now!)

Ossiana Tepfenhart
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The current theory on wall colors is simple: go for neutrals, and try to keep it light. For the most part, following this declaration is a good way to make sure your room looks open, airy, and cheerful. That’s why burgundy walls are a rare sight these days. Burgundy is a formidable color that can come off as pretty intense. I mean, what curtain color do you even pair with burgundy walls?

Considering how dark burgundy can be, it’s often best to have a color that can match its intensity, such as gold, emerald green, and burgundy. If you want to opt for a neutral color, then you can try black, white, cream, or grey. Light neutrals are generally seen as the best option.

There are a lot of ways that you can dress up burgundy walls. Unfortunately, trying to coordinate a burgundy room can feel like navigating a landmine field. It’s really tricky. Hopefully, this inspiration-filled article will help you find the right choice for you.

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Is Burgundy A Good Wall Color?

I’ll be honest. In a lot of cases, this color is a pretty risky gambit. Burgundy is a wall color that doesn’t always work well with most peoples’ ideas of decoration. In smaller rooms, it can make your home look gloomy and congested. Some might also find it to be a very dated look, since it was a common color at the turn of the last century. So, people tend to associate it with Victorian decor.

If you want to make sure that your room looks good with a coat of burgundy paint, you have to take a long time to plan out your room’s appearance. The right decor and the right color scheme is absolutely necessary here. Not having a plan with your burgundy walls really is a plan to fail.

Does this sound like a color that might be too high-maintenance for you? I don’t blame you. This is precisely why it’s often best to stick to neutral colors for your wall color. If you’re still hungry for burgundy, neutrals let it happen. The only difference is that you would have burgundy curtains and a neutral wall instead.

The Best Curtain Colors For Burgundy Walls

We’re not going to beat around the bush. Burgundy is a hard wall color to work with. Getting the right curtains can help you seal your room’s look immensely. So, let’s talk about colors.


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Burgundy and gold go together beautifully. In fact, this was one of the most popular combinations for royal homes up until the mid-20th century. Needless to say, it still carries a fairly regal vibe that people tend to enjoy. This is why most people who like baroque, French, or rococo designs tend to stick with burgundy and gold.

Obviously, you don’t have to stick to European looks if you get this aesthetic for your home. Gold curtains against burgundy walls can also work well for decadent Asian motifs, too. The overall result of this curtain-wall color combination is almost always something opulent. So, if you want to look wealthy, go for the gold.

Emerald Green

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Burgundy has one color that gives a room the same mood as a secret Victorian garden. That color, of course, is emerald green. When these two colors are paired together, it’s hard to ignore how completely and utterly British this color combination is. Because green curtains tend to give your home a country cottage look, this is a great choice for homes that want to kick up the rural charm.

Much like with yellow, having a color as intense as emerald green can make a room look dark or overwhelming. To soften up the look, it’s best to add soft accent colors like pink, cream, or sage green. This helps open up the room while still keeping up the garden chic ambiance that burgundy and green offer up.


By now, you probably noticed that burgundy is a pretty fickle color. It’s a color that has very few non-neutral colors that can work with it. That’s why most homeowners who have a burgundy room tend to match burgundy walls with burgundy curtains. It’s a simple way to add unity to a room and avoid the risk of having a color class.

Granted, this is always the easy way out. Every color can coordinate with itself. However, when you’re talking about burgundy, this curtain option is one of the most modern and sophisticated ways you can work this wall color well. It’s a crisp look. While it does work well, you still need to add a lighter accent color if you want to have so much burgundy in a room.


Black curtains are hard to find in homes, but that’s because most houses don’t have a color as deep as burgundy and don’t involve styles as glitzy as this. When you pair black curtains with burgundy, the passionate red of the burgundy tends to come to the forefront. This gives a room a high-glamor, Hollywood-style look.

Let’s take a look at the room this designer created with the use of a burgundy wall and a black curtain setup. This is the kind of bedroom you’d expect to see in a luxurious music video. That’s the high-luxury, somewhat sordid look that makes it a great choice. Since this can look gloomy at times, we strongly suggest adding lots of white and silver accents.


White and burgundy might seem pretty different from most of the other pairings we had, and that’s correct. White acts as a very powerful contrast to the deep reds that come with burgundy. Since burgundy tends to be a little too dark for most rooms, it’s usually a smart idea to have white as an accent color at the very least.

Having white curtains works well in a burgundy room because it brings in the light. White helps open up your room and improve the overall flow of an area. Because it tends to be brightening, it’s the most common curtain color used in modern homes with a splash of burgundy.


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Having a light accent color in a burgundy-painted room isn’t a maybe. It’s more of a must. Sometimes, white can be too harsh for a design concept that you want to carry out with a burgundy room. If you find yourself in a situation where you want something slightly softer than typical bold white, it might be a good idea to get some cream-colored curtains.

Cream curtains still open up the room in the same way that white does, but it doesn’t create a contrast that’s as harsh. This gives the room a more mellow and at times, warmer, appearance.


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In a lot of ways, the use of grey curtains flies in the face of everything that you would expect to see when it comes to burgundy. While pairing grey and burgundy may seem like a counterintuitive move, it works out pretty well. Grey has a natural knack for toning down the boldness of burgundy. This is particularly true when the burgundy in question rests on an accent wall.

Grey is a good color to choose when you want some versatility in your color palette. A natural neutral, grey can work with any third color that you want to pair with your burgundy, including gold and green. Because grey is super trendy, most of the designers who pick this pairing tend to do so for modern decor.

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Related Question

Is burgundy a good color for a bedroom?

It can be, but it’s all in the execution. Burgundy has a slightly muted, darkened look to it. This makes it less energizing than bright red tends to be, though it still retains a quiet intensity. As a result, this is the type of color that can look bold but won’t be bright enough to make it hard for people to relax.

If you want to get burgundy for a bedroom, adding lots of light colors and focusing on ambient lighting is a smart move. This will ensure that it will be a room that keeps you relaxing.

What are the most romantic colors for a bedroom?

Most of the time, people tend to think of warm colors as romance-appropriate. So, this can include colors like red, burgundy, yellow, and orange. However, virtually any color that helps encourage intimacy can work. If you find coastal looks to be romantic, then you might as well try a beautiful turquoise. Romance is in the eye of the beholder.

What can you do to decorate a burgundy couch?

Burgundy couches do very well with some carefully-picked throw pillows and blankets. We suggest getting gold throw pillows, or accenting your couch with a small selection of accessories in neutral colors like beige and cream. When in doubt, get a chic sheepskin throw for a softer, touchable twist on a typical couch.

Remember, burgundy is decadent. Play it up as you see fit.

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