28+ Welcome Home Decorating Ideas

Welcome Home Decorating Ideas

Whether your loved one or friend is coming home from the hospital, overseas, or on a vacation, you may be wanting to plan a welcome home party. Welcome home parties are the perfect way to show them just how much you missed them while they were away.

Before planning your party, you may be wondering what welcome home decorating ideas are available to you. You’ll have the options of welcome home banners, fluffy paper flowers, and even balloons. We have put together a list of welcome home decorations for you to consider.

Welcome Home Party Tips

  1. Serve a cake: Cakes can be used for more than wedding parties and birthdays. For welcome home parties, you can serve a traditional cake, cookie cake, ice cream cake, or cupcakes. Customize your cake to welcome home your friend or loved one.
  2. Invite friends and family: If you’re planning a welcome home party you’ll want to make sure you invite their friends and family. Make sure you send out invitations so they can RSVP for the occasion. This is one of the most important party tips to remember when planning your welcome home party.
  3. Create a playlist: Having the perfect playlist can create so many memories at a party. Creating a great playlist can make your friend or loved one feel right at home. Check what their favorite songs are on their iTunes or Spotify playlist and create a playlist for the party. Having the songs they love the most will help welcome them even more.
  4. Order catering: You’ll want to make sure your guests are well-fed and nourished. Call up your favorite restaurant or grocery store and have them cater your party. You can get sandwiches, pasta salads, salad, fruit, veggies, and more! Having a full table of foods available are great for guests and your family or loved one returning home. Especially if they didn’t have these foods while they were away.
  5. Choose a location: Welcome home parties are typically hosted at home, but they can be anywhere your person of honor feels comfortable. If you can’t have your party at home, you can consider bars, coffee shops, libraries, a venue outdoors, or other options.
  6. Make it a surprise: Planning a welcome home party is a perfect opportunity to also make this a surprise party. To make sure your party goes as planned, have someone distract the guest of honor, hide anything that could blow the surprise, and make sure friends and loved ones keep it a secret.

Welcome Home Decorating Ideas

Here are 29 welcome home decorating ideas you can consider using for your home parties.

1. Yellow & White

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If you’re looking for a certain color scheme, you can choose yellow and white. You can get a yellow welcome home banner to drape across a room, while your white and yellow balloons float in the air. Throw in a set of balloons that have gold glitter to get the party-like feel.

2. Gold & Black

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These welcome home balloons are quick and easy to decorate with. You can quickly blow them up and position them on the wall in any position you want. But gold and black balloons to keep in the corner of your rooms and use the gold backdrops for doorways or photo taking.

3. DIY Stencil

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This welcome home banner is a great DIY project. You can stencil your welcome home letters on a banner of your choosing using spray paint, regular paint, or markers. This banner especially looks unique on a delicious food buffet.

4. Cardboard Stencil

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If you have a craft shop nearby it would be worth visiting. This welcome home banner is made out of cardboard while the words “Welcome Home” are stenciled in an outline. You can cut out ribbons for the sides as an added decoration while providing colorful circle banners underneath.

5. Paper Designs

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These paper backdrop designs are easy to find and create. You can find them as is or cut them into the shape of your choosing. This welcome home banner is made out of a variety of colors for its backdrop with welcome home letters cut out in silver.

6. Rose Gold

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Rose gold decorations are perfect for the woman in your life returning home from their trip. This set from amazing comes in 24 pieces and comes with traditional balloons, start rose gold balloons, and easy to blow up welcome home letters.

7. USA Lawn Banner

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This USA lawn banner is large in size and perfect for large lawns. It is held up by a pole on each side that easily sticks into your lawn to become secure. This welcome home banner is great for military friends or family that are returning home from overseas.

8. White Lights

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White lights can serve as a great option for hanging letters. This welcome home banner is hung from wall to wall with white lights. The welcome home letters are designed using paper with white printed letters. They are hung perfectly in place by a clothespin, great for those who are on a budget.

9. Patriotic

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For small welcome home parties or just to create a small room, you can create a patriotic welcome home bedroom. This bedroom has a poster board decorated with a warm welcome home sign, balloons across the bed frame, and red, white, and blue ribbon across the windows.

10. New Baby

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When welcoming a new baby home from the hospital, you can find many options for decor. These decorations are simple and to the point. “Welcome Baby” is beautifully hung up on the walls using silver blow-up letters, with pink and white flowers designed in the shape of flowers.

11. Floral Banner

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This floral lawn banner is great for hosting a welcome home party for ladies. The banner is large in size and held up by black rods on each side. “Welcome Home” is beautifully written in a cursive script with floral wreath designs on the center and border of the banner.

12. Individual Letters

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Instead of purchasing large welcome home banners as we previously covered, you can find these individual stencil letters right on Amazon. Each letter is made with a different design and color and even has 4 additional decor additions included.

13. Hearts

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For the loved one in your life returning home, this heart set can be found right on Amazon. You can hang these red and gold hearts from your ceilings and doorways while draping your burlap welcome home sign overhead.

14. Burlap

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If you’re creating a certain theme for your welcome home party, this burlap banner would fit great with farmhouse themes. You can find it right on Amazon and even include a felt heart banner designed with pink and white hearts.

15. Fourth of July

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For welcome home parties that are centered around the Fourth of July, this large welcome home banner from Amazon is the most ideal choice. You can perfectly hang this outside on your fence for all of your guests and guest of honor to see when driving up.

16. For A Princess

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For the princess in your life, these welcome home decorations are beautiful. This welcome home banner is beautifully written in pink cursive script. For your backdrop, you can use gold curtains with white lights in the back and make a stunning mountain of white balloons.

17. Red, White, & Blue

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This red, white, and blue burlap welcome home banner is perfect for patriotic party settings. Found on Amazon, this banner beautifully hangs above a buffet of desserts.

18. Energetic Playhouse

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This welcome home banner found on Amazon is great for energetic playhouse parties for children. Children love decorations in a variety of colors and this accomplishes exactly that. Hang this banner in your living room or outside across your fence if you’re having outside activities.

19. Fireworks

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This welcome home fireworks display is perfect for patio areas. This large banner has holes on each corner to allow you to tie to pillars for perfect hanging. For patio areas, it can also provide enough privacy for your guests.

20. Bright Red Fence Banner

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This bright red banner found on Amazon can be spotted from a mile away. You can hang this banner on your fence for outside welcome home parties. It also has two house outlines with a red heart in the middle to remind your loved ones that home is where the heart is.

21. Small & Simple

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For those who want decorations that are simple and to the point, you can find this small home outline for your lawn right on Amazon. It’s designed with gold glitter and balloons.

22. Military

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For the military member in your life who is in the Army and returning home, you’ll want to consider this welcome home sign from Amazon. The banner is designed in green camouflage, white stars on the sides, and green stenciled letters.

23. Balloons

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Welcome home phrases don’t always need to be found on banners, you can also find their balloons. This set has two balloons that look great on food or dessert tables.

24. Rainbow

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This welcome home party pack comes with 20 pieces and 1 ribbon. These balloons are easy to inflate and can shape your own space. You can hang these balloons on your fireplace, garden, or even on your tables.

25. American Star

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These latex-style balloons are designed with welcome home letters, small stars, and come in red, white, and blue colors. These colors look vibrant and bright and great for welcoming home soldiers in service. these balloons are non-toxic and easy to blow up. They also do not fade and can be for long-term use.

26. American Flag

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This patriotic banner set is weather-resistant and easy to hang. It includes an attached rod at the top to hang on your porch or doorway area. The best party about this banner set is that it comes with grommets that allow you to attach weights so it doesn’t fly around in windy weather.

27. Star Confetti

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This welcome home package from Amazon includes 1 welcome home balloon, 2-star shape balloons, 20 balloons, and 1 gray ribbon. This set is easy to assemble and the letters can be separately placed.

28. Gold Glitter

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This golden cake topper is durable, lightweight, bright in color, and can be cherished as a perfect keepsake to bring a cheerful atmosphere. This cake topper can fit most cakes so you don’t need to worry about the size.

Related Questions

How do you celebrate a welcome home party?

When returning home from a long trip, hospital stay, or from overseas, coming home can be an emotional experience. To celebrate a welcome home party, you can provide a special cake, invite your loved ones and friends, host the party at home, and dress up for the special occasion.

Where can you find welcome home signs for purchasing?

You can find a welcome home in numerous places such as Walmart, Amazon, and Party City supply stores.

Do welcome home parties need themes?

Your welcome home party does not need a theme. Most of the time when welcome home parties occur, they have a sign, banners, and balloons. The best part is you can keep it simple and still achieve your goal.

Wrapping It Up

You can make your friend’s or loved one’s return home extra special by decorating for their special day. You’ll be able to pick out the perfect welcome home decorations that they will remember and be able to take photos with. As you’ve read, you can choose from wall banners, balloons, curtains, lights, and lawn banners.

Nothing shows you care more than creating a personalized party with all of the standard and personalized decorations to celebrate. When planning for welcome home parties, remember that you don’t need to overdo it with decor. These decor items are large and unique enough to make a statement.

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