Vizio TV Power Light Blinking? (Possible Causes & Fixes)

Dennis Howard
by Dennis Howard

Vizio is one of the most respected brands of TV on the market. Many people prefer Vizio TVs because of the high quality, clean pictures, and reliable service. However, even Vizio TVs can have their issues. One common issue is the Vizio TV power light blinking with or without an image on the screen.

If your Vizio TV shows a blinking power light, the problem may be issues with your remote control, the firmware version, or the power supply to the TV. In most cases, the blinking power light on your Vizio TV can be remedied by checking your remote control, upgrading the firmware, or diagnosing problems with the power supplied to your Vizio TV.

In many cases, a blinking power light on your Vizio TV can be diagnosed and remedied easily without a call for a service technician. By taking a systematic step-by-step approach to eliminating possible problems, you may quickly fix the problem. Following our instructions, we work from the most common and simplest problems.

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Is the Screen Blank, or Do you Still Have an Image?

The power light on your Vizio TV can begin blinking for several reasons. One tell-tale indicator of the nature and severity of your problem is the screen. If the power light blinks while your Vizio TV displays images on the screen, the problem may not be a problem at all. However, if the screen is black and the power light blinks, you may have a serious problem.

Does the Vizio Logo Display on the Screen

During the first part of the startup procedure on your Vizio TV, the Vizio logo is displayed. If your Vizio TV doesn’t proceed with the startup procedures and the power light is blinking. If this is the situation, your Vizio TV probably has an issue with the firmware or the video controller board.

A Totally Black Screen and a Blinking Power Light

A totally black screen indicated a problem with the video controller board or the backlights on the TV screen. The first step to determine the possible problem is to discover if the screen is working or not.

Shining a flashlight close to the screen on your Vizio TV may allow you to determine if the screen is working. If the backlights are not working, you should see dim images reflected when the flashlight illuminates the screen. More than likely, the backlights on your Vizio TV are not working and need to be repaired or replaced.

Repairing or replacing the backlights is not a do-it-yourself project. Only a trained Vizio service technician should make these kinds of repairs. This is especially true if your Vizio TV is under warranty.

No Images to Be Seen

If you can’t see any images on the screen with a flashlight, there is a good possibility that the video controller board on your Vizio TV is faulty and needs replacing. Under some circumstances, the power indicator light will blink when the main control board senses problems with the video controller board.

A service call from a Vizio technician to further diagnose and repair this problem. The problem could be a bad video controller board, a loose or damaged cable, or a power supply problem. If the display screen and video controller don’t get the correct electrical voltage, they will not operate properly.

What to Do Before You Make a Call for Professional Help

Before you call in a service technician, there are some possible remedies to the problem of a flashing power light. A flashing power light on your Vizio TV may not necessarily mean there is a problem, especially if the TV seems to operate normally.

When Everything Else Appears Normal but the Power Light Flashes

Vizio TVs utilize automatic firmware updates to keep your Vizio TV at peak operating condition. Under most circumstances, these automatic firmware updates happen when the TV is turned off. However, the automatic update system will pause if you turn on your Vizio TV while an update is in progress.

When you turn off the TV, the automatic update continues where it paused. While you are watching your Vizio TV and the updates are paused, the power light my blink. This is an indication that an update is in progress but paused. In this case, you don’t need to do anything but enjoy your Vizio TV and let the update resume when you turn off the TV.

When Things Aren’t Normal and the Power Light Blinks?

If things aren’t normal, such as a black or blank screen and the power light blinks, don’t call a repairman just yet. Before you call in a service technician, try a few procedures that may remedy the situation.

Step 1: Perform a Hard Reset on your Vizio TV

You can do a hard reset of your Vizio TV easily. A hard reset will clear the internal memories, forcing the firmware to re-initialize when the TV starts again. This re-initialization often clears minor software issues that can cause problems that include a blinking power light. Follow these instructions to perform a hard reset on your Vizio TV.

  • Turn off your Vizio TV using the remote control or the on/off button on the TV.
  • Unplug the Vizio power cord from the wall outlet. If you have a surge protector, unplug the surge protector as well.
  • Press the power button on your Visio TV for at least 30 seconds. Holding the power button down allows any residual electrical energy stored in the electronic components to dissipate.
  • Allow your Vizio TV to sit, unplugged, for at least 10 more minutes.
  • Plug your Vizio TV back into the outlet. If you use a surge protector, bypass the surge protector for now.
  • Turn on your Vizio TV and check for normal operation.
Step 2: Do a Factory Reset

If a hard reset doesn’t work, you may reset your Vizio TV back to its original factory settings. Performing a factory reset will clear all the internal memories and other settings. Your Vizio TV will be in the same state as when brand new, and you must do a fresh setup. Follow these directions exactly.

  • Turn on your Vizio TV
  • Press the MENU button on your remote control and navigate to the RESET & ADMIN selection on the menu screen.
  • A fresh menu should be displayed. Select the option RESET TV TO FACTORY DEFAULTS and press OK
  • You will be prompted to enter your TV passcode. If you have not set a new passcode, the default factory passcode is 0000.
  • You will be asked if you want to continue with the factory reset. Select RESET and press OK
  • The factory reset procedure will start. This reset sequence may take a few minutes. When the factory reset is complete, your Vizio TV will turn off and then turn back on.
  • Check your Vizio TV for proper operation.
Step 3: Check for Conflicts with Other Devices

Conflicts or video issues from other devices can rarely cause the power light on your Vizio TV to blink, but not impossible. To check for conflicts or other problems, a trial and error process is used.

  • Turn off your Vizio TV. You should never connect or disconnect accessory devices when your Vizio TV is turned on.
  • Unplug all the accessory devices connected to your Vizio TV and turn the TV on.
  • If your Vizio TV seems to operate normally with no blinking power light, you have an issue with at least one of your accessory devices.
  • Turn off your Vizio TV and plug one accessory device into the proper port on your Vizio TV.
  • Turn on the TV and the accessory device and check for proper operation. Be sure and check the connecting cables for damage or poor seating into the plugs.
  • If your Vizio TV appears to work properly, turn off your Vizio TV and plug in the next accessory device. Repeat these steps for each accessory device and make sure they all operate properly.

Configuring accessory devices to work properly with your Vizio TV is best done by following the directions in the device user’s manual. Be sure that each device is properly installed and configured for your Vizio TV.

Step 4: Getting Professional Help

If all these remedies fail and the power light on your Vizio TV continues to blink, you should contact a trained Vizio service technician for help. Trained service technicians have the equipment and training to find problems and make recommendations about repairs or replacements.

Calling a trained service technician is especially important if your Vizio TV is under warranty. Your service technician can help you navigate the warranty claim process.

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Blinking Lights and the Vizio TV

Blinking lights on any electronic device usually means heartache and grief. While there are circumstances where the blinking red light doesn’t mean problems, you more than likely have issues with your Vizio TV. However, you shouldn’t throw up your hands in despair. You can do things to mitigate the situation and return your Vizio TV to good working order.

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Dennis Howard

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