Vizio TV Making High Pitched Noise? (Possible Causes & Fixes)

Dennis Howard
by Dennis Howard

Many satisfied Vizio TV users are willing to tell you how much they love their TVs. However, you will also hear some stories about problems. Often these complaints detail high-pitched sounds coming from inside the Vizio TV.

If your Vizio TV begins making high-pitched buzzing or squealing sounds, the likely cause is a failing electronic component. You may also have a conflict or problem with one of the accessory devices attached to your Vizio TV. If the sounds are caused by a conflict, unplugging the offending accessory will solve the problem. Failing electronic components must be repaired or replaced.

These high-pitched sounds coming from your Vizio TV can ruin your entertainment experience. There are numerous possible causes for high-pitched hums or squeals. We suggest that you systematically rule out some of the more common causes before resorting to calling a service technician.

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Possible Locations of Unwanted Noises from your Vizio TV

One consideration when diagnosing the cause of unwanted noises from your Vizio TV is the location of the noises. Among the more common locations of these noises are:

  • Inside the Vizio TV at the bottom of the case near where the HDMI and input are located
  • Near the place where the power cord plugs into the Vizio TV.
  • Around the perimeter of the Vizio TV case
  • From the speakers

Taking a few minutes to locate the source of the noises can often give you a good clue to the cause of the unwanted high-pitched noises.

Making the Diagnosis and Making the Noise Go Away

Obviously, the goal is to make the high-pitched noises go away so you can enjoy your Vizio TV. We suggest a systematic approach to finding the cause of the unwanted noises by following the steps we outline below.

Unwanted Noises from your Vizio TV


You may be faced with unwanted high-pitched squeals, buzzes, or hums from your Vizio TV speakers. Unwanted noises from your TV speakers typically are traced back to problems with the audio control board, the cables from accessory devices, or the accessory device setups. These instructions should help you find and fix these noises.

Step 1: Turn off your Vizio TV

You should always power off your Vizio TV before any accessory device is plugged or unplugged from your TV. This can help prevent damage from an inadvertent static electricity charge during the process.

Use your Vizio remote control, or the on/off switch to power down your Vizio TV.

Step 2: Unplug All the Accessory Devices

Unplug all the accessory devices attached to your Vizio TV. This is a good opportunity to check all the cables used to connect your accessory devices. Make sure there is no damage to any of the cables.

Step 3: Turn on your Vizio TV and Check for Unwanted Noises

When you have unplugged all the accessory devices, turn your Vizio on and listen for any unwanted noises from the TV speakers. If the high-pitched noises are still present, you probably have other issues than a conflict or problem with an accessory device.

Step 4: Turn Off your TV and plug in One Accessory Device

Turn off your Vizio TV and reconnect one of your accessory devices. Make sure the cords are undamaged and are plugged in securely to the correct ports on the TV.

Step 5: Turn on your Vizio TV and the Accessory Device

Turn on both the accessory device and your Vizio TV. If the unwanted noise returns, there is probably a conflict with the accessory device audio settings and your Vizio TV. Check the user’s manual for the accessory device to ensure that the device is properly connected using the correct cable.

If there is no unwanted noise, repeat steps 4 and 5 for each accessory device. If you eliminate all the accessory devices as the source of the unwanted noise, you can continue with the diagnoses process.

Turn Down the Backlight Settings

A high-pitched noise may result if you have the backlight settings on your Vizio TV at the highest level. As the power supply for the backlights age, the components can begin making noises. You may be able to eliminate the unwanted noise by turning down the backlight intensity. This is easily done on the settings menu.

Step 1: Select Menu on Your Vizio Remote Control

Press the MENU button on your Vizio remote control and wait for the menu screen to appear.

Step 2: Select Picture Settings

Select the PICTURE SETTINGS option on the menus and press OK.

Step 3: Choose Backlight Settings

Highlight the BACKLIGHT SETTINGS option on the displayed menu and press OK.

Step 4: Reduce the Backlight Setting

Use the cursor to reduce the backlight intensity. Don’t make big changes at once. Make incremental changes and then exit the menu to see if the unwanted noises disappear.

If reducing the backlight settings doesn’t eliminate the unwanted noises from your Vizio TV, you must try some of our other suggestions.

Noises on the Back of your Vizio TV Near the Input Plugs

If the unwanted high-pitched noises comes from the back of your Visio TV near the input ports, you should suspect an electronic issue. You probably have an issue with one or more electronic components on the main controller board of your Vizio TV.

Sometimes these noises are accompanied by a vibration that can be felt through the case of your Vizio TV. Carefully place your hand on the plastic around the input ports. If you feel buzzing or vibrating, the source of the high-pitched noise is near.

Be careful not to touch any metal components. If there is a problem with one of the control boards, you may risk an electrical short that can deliver a dangerous shock.

Systematically unplugging any accessory devices plugged into your Vizio TV can help you isolate the problem. If you unplug one of your accessory devices and the high-pitched noise quits, the electronic board likely has a bad component.

Unfortunately, repairing or replacing these components is not a project for most do-it-yourselfers. We recommend that you hire a competent Vizio service technician to make these repairs.

Check for Noises Near the Power Plug

One common source of strange unwanted noises from a Vizio TV is the power supply board. This board is usually located near the power plug on the back of the TV. The power controller board contains several electronic components that can make unwanted high-pitched noises as they begin to fail.

You may also notice hot spots on the back of your TV as these components fail. If the components are overheating, you may notice electrical or burning odors around your TV. If you find hot spots on the back of your Vizio TV that are almost too hot to touch, unplug your TV immediately and call a repair technician. The same holds true for seeing or smelling smoke or burning odors.

If you can touch the back of your TV and you feel buzzing or vibrating, we recommend that you turn your TV off and call for professional help. The power supply board in your Vizio TV has high voltages that can potentially cause a fire in the TV.

We suggest that only a professional service technician repair or replace a power controller board in your Vizio TV.

Unspecified Noises from your Vizio TV

Another major cause of high-pitched noises from your Vizio TV is the backlighting system that illuminates the screen. These backlights are typically LED strips that require a special power supply. These power supplies are known to fail. Signs of failure of these backlight power supplies are unwanted noises, burning odors and heat.

If you smell burning electrical smells or odors, you should immediately unplug your Vizio TV. A qualified service technician should look at your Vizio TV and make recommendations about repairs.

Replacing the backlighting usually involves removing the Vizio TV screen. This is not a project for a novice do-it-yourselfer. Handling the flexible screen requires special techniques beyond what most homeowners can provide.

My Vizio TV has a high-pitched whine even when the TV is turned Off

If your Vizio TV continues to emit a high-pitched squeal or whine even when the TV is turned off, the culprit is the standby power supply. Even when your Vizio TV is turned off, there is still electrical power to the TV. This standby power supply keeps the memories in your Vizio TV intact and allows the TV instant-on features.

On many Vizio TVs, the standby power board is incorporated onto the main power controller board. To eliminate the high-pitched noises coming from your Vizio TV usually requires replacing the power supply controller.

You should consult with a trained Vizio TV service technician. This is especially important if your Vizio TV is under warranty. Your service technician can provide estimates and advice about the repair. The technician can also help you with filing a warranty claim on your Vizio TV.

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Listening Enjoyment is as Important as Viewing Enjoyment

You can’t enjoy the beautiful picture on your Vizio TV if you are assaulted by unwanted high-pitched noises coming from the TV. There are causes of these noises that you can diagnose and eliminate yourself. However, most of these noises are related to electronic components that should be repaired or replaced.

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