40+ Upstairs Loft Decorating Ideas

Upstairs Loft Decorating Ideas

Do you have an unused room under your room that you want to decorate? Lofts are one of the underutilized rooms in a home. The majority of the time, this space pauses in time and seems similar to an attic-like space that is only visited now and then. This would normally leave your space looking unappealing to family and friends.

To prevent this from occurring in your upstairs loft area, you can consider many options to decorate it and turn it into something gorgeous! Coming up with ideas can sometimes be a challenge, so we made a list to help you get started.

Upstairs Loft Room Ideas To Consider

  1. Library: One awesome feature that many lofts have is that they have great natural lighting. Rooms with natural lighting make for perfect library rooms. An upstairs library is one of the most popular upstairs loft rooms among homeowners. Libraries are very easy to design and decorate and a room that adults and children can both use.
  2. Sitting Area: If you generally tend to flock to a quiet space in your home for some much-needed quiet time, you can use your upstairs loft for a secluded sitting area. Sitting areas can become complete by introducing a couple of chairs with a coffee table. It’s as simple as that!
  3. Game Room: Game rooms are perfect for large upstairs loft areas. You can add a dartboard, pool table, etc for a separate place to conduct more noisy activities.
  4. Home Office: Upstairs lofts are great to have as an office space. Especially when you have kids, finding a quiet area to complete work assignments can become challenging.
  5. Gym: It can be tough to juggle everything life throws at us daily, so sometimes making it to the gym can be a challenge. You can turn your upstairs loft area into your unique home gym.
  6. Kid’s Playroom: With proper stairway safety features installed, playrooms can be a great addition to have in your upstairs loft. You can use it for their quiet space, art area, or play to store their toys.
  7. Bedroom: If you have space, why not turn your upstairs loft into a bedroom area? This area is great for isolation and those who love privacy.

Upstairs Loft Decorating Ideas

Here are 40 upstairs loft decorating ideas to give you inspiration for designing your unused space.

1. Wall Shades

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This upstairs loft area has a great flow to it color-wise. The walls are painted in three shades of brown, starting with a dark shade at the bottom and working its way up to the lighter shade.

2. Yellows

Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you’re searching for a color scheme to incorporate, done the right way, the color yellow can provide a cozy relaxing space.

3. Kid’s Art Space

Photo Credit: Pinterest

You can decorate your upstairs loft to be a comfortable kid’s area for learning. This room has the alphabet on the walls for easy memorization and areas for crafts and teaching.

4. Rustic

Photo Credit: Youtube

When wanting to decorate using rustic designs, instead of using wallpaper, you can use rustic shiplap designs for the walls, followed by floating shelves to add additional pieces of decor.

5. Second Living Space

Photo Credit: Honeybear Lane

If you have enough room, decorate your upstairs loft area into a second living space. Throw in a comfortable couch, television, entertainment center for storage, and more!

6. Area Rugs

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Area rugs and have become more and more popular over the years. Measure out your area and throw down a large or small area rug to complement your room’s design.

7. Sitting Area

Photo Credit: Decoratorist

This sitting area is perfect for those who just need a quiet space to read. It has two comfortable chairs, a small table to hold beverages, and bookshelves with a wide selection of books to choose from. When decorating for this area, make sure you have a floor lamp for reading.

8. Chandelier

Photo Credit: Eakman Construction

Chandeliers can just scream out elegance. If your upstairs loft is on the modern side, incorporate a beautiful crystal chandelier to make it your room’s focal piece.

9. Blues

Photo Credit: Taylor Morrison’s Blog

Another color that is beautifully used to decorate rooms is shades of blue. This upstairs loft has a unique dark blue area in the shape of a pencil point, while the homeowner added other additions of wall art that uses several shades as blue.

10. Tiny Homes

Photo Credit: Build Green NH

In the rare case you own a tiny home, almost all of them have upstairs loft areas. This upstairs loft is used as a bedroom and is decorated with a simple mattress, appealing bedding, and decorative pillows, with recessed lighting.

11. Keep It Simple

Photo Credit: Houzz

For men especially, if you like to keep it simple, you can decorate your upstairs loft area with a small bar table for entertaining guests and add a gaming table for entertainment purposes.

12. Large Game Room

Photo Credit: Pinterest

If your loft area is on the larger side, decorate it using a large pool table, sitting area, and large sectional couch for entertainment. This homeowner decorated their gaming area using a variety of earthy tones.

13. Movie Room

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The upstairs loft area can also be decorated and turned into movie rooms. Throw in a large couch, big flatscreen television, and hang movie posters to get the full theater experience.

14. Tuscan

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The color usage in this area reminds me of Tuscan colors. The walls are decorated using a shade of teal paint, abstract portraits are hung on the walls, with a blended use of color in the window curtains. This color usage provides a warm area to be in.

15. Entertainment Center

Photo Credit: Pinterest

When using your area as another living space, you may want to consider having an entertainment center for your television. This will allow you to add other decorations to your shelves if need be.

16. Just For Show

Photo Credit: Houzz

Believe it or not, some homeowners use their upstairs lofts just for show. This room is so beautifully designed that you’d almost hate to move a thing. It is decorating using long gorgeous curtains, neutral color furniture, and a beautiful vase for decor.

17. Home Office

Photo Credit: The Open Door by Lennar

If you’re stuck inside the “office” you might want to decorate your home office using earthy tones to remind you of being in the outdoors. These colors when blended will help lift spirits when needing to spend long hours at your desk.

18. Rustic Desk

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This home office area is decorated using a beautiful rustic desk with three drawers for storage. The chair is designed with a more modern look in white and black with a black bookshelf housing decor items.

19. Library

Photo Credit: Good Housekeeping

If you love to read, decorate your upstairs loft with large floating shelves for books. This space has several floating shelves on each side to give a wide selection of books in view. There is also a modern-style lamp in the middle of the room to provide enough illumination for reading.

20. Table Conversion

Photo Credit: Imgur

If you want to decorate a room for multiple uses, try using a table conversion such as this one that converts from a regular table for eating, into a pool table.

21. Ceiling Fan

Photo Credit: Novocom

Depending on what kind of climate you live in, the upstairs loft can sometimes become the warmer space of your home. While in your decorating, you may want to consider adding a ceiling fan to make it a cooler environment if need be.

22. Hardwood Floors

Photo Credit: Orlando Vacation Homes

Most of the time when we view upstairs loft areas, they always use carpet, this space, however, uses rustic hardwood flooring that pairs perfectly with rustic or modern designs.

23. Bamboo Shades

Photo Credit: Taylor Morrison’s Blog

When decorating our space, bamboo shades were always my go-to for my windows. They are especially great for farmhouse themes and go with just about any piece of furnishing. This leaves you a lot of flexibility when decorating.

24. Valances

Photo Credit: Taylor Morrison’s Blog

If you don’t need to use curtains or shades for your windows, you can use valances instead. Valances are typically used for smaller-sized windows such as this. This room has beautiful blue valances to complement the shades of grey that are used in this room.

25. Built-In Bookshelves

Photo Credit: ICG Homes

Built-in bookshelves for entertainment centers have also become a hot DIY lately. If you want to decorate your room with bookshelves, but are having a hard time with your selection, decorating using your built-in bookshelves while painting them in all white.

26. Decorative Pillows & Throws

Photo Credit: Extra Space Storage

If your loft area has a couch of any size, add some decorative pillows and throw blankets to help spruce up your space. This not only serves as a decor item but a comfort item too!

27. Light Fixtures

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Light fixtures can be an important decorate piece to keep in mind especially if your room doesn’t have a lot of natural lighting. This gaming area has a unique 3 light fixture that hangs perfectly over the pool table to make it ideal for gaming.

28. Red, White, & Blue

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Are you a huge fan of Marvel? This game room is decorated using red, white, and blue paint colors, a red pool table, blue couch, and has all of their favorite Marvel characters hanging up on the wall for instant view.

29. Coral

Photo Credit: Taylor Morrison’s Blog

Coral is one of my favorite colors to decorate with as there are so many options available. This room has long coral curtains that hit the floor, a gray sectional decorated with blue, cream, and coral pillows, and two coral accent chairs for extra seating.

30. Playroom

Photo Credit: Madebymood

When using your loft as a playroom, you’ll want to decorate your room using plenty of storage. This loft has plenty of storage space underneath to store arts, crafts, and more! It has a small table for kids to do actives, a rocking area, a large area rug, and the word toys spelled out on the wall using bright yellow letters.

31. Man Cave

Photo Credit: Taylor Morrison’s Blog

Many men would love to use their upstairs loft areas for a man cave. This space is decorated with modern furniture. It has well-crafted light fixtures, a leather ottoman, hardwood flooring, and rusted colored area rug.

32. Bedroom

Photo Credit: Atkinson’s Mirror & Glass

This loft area is decorated with bedroom items. The homeowners have used natural tones with the two area rugs, bed frame, and accent chair pictured to the left. Natural tones are great to use especially when your loft area gets a lot of natural light.

33. Playful

Photo Credit: Laura U Interior Design

If you want to get playful with your loft space, use a few colors to put together to create a fun, energetic space. This room uses playful window shades, the walls are painted in unique designs, and somehow the colors seem to match the children’s toys and extra seating available.

34. Extra Playful

Photo Credit: Laura U Interior Design

On the other side of this space, the loft is decorated with a very large flatscreen television that would be great to use for children’s teaching programs and extra storage space underneath for crafting items.

35. For a Princess

Photo Credit: Washingtonian

There is a lot of flexibility when decorating a playroom. This loft playroom has a kitchen set, cubbies for toys and baskets, and a small cozy reading nook that is draped with a white canopy.

36. Ottoman

Photo Credit: Heath Scott Home & Design

Many people choose to opt-out of ottoman selections if they don’t have enough space in their room. For your upstairs loft, if enough space is provided, you can add a round ottoman to serve as a coffee table area that can be found in a variety of colors.

37. Home Gym

Photo Credit: Greenwood King Properties

If using your loft space as a home gym, decorate it with a workout bench, elliptical, and some storage space to hold your selection of music. Music selection is a must-have for gyms as it helps the time pass by quicker.

38. Twin Beds

Photo Credit: This Old House

You can turn your upstairs loft into a bedroom area for your two boys. This space is decorated with two twin beds that are designed in blue bedding, the window has a blue pull-down shade, while the area rug is designed with blue ocean details.

39. Indoor Playground

Photo Credit: Reddit

This playroom loft is a kids’ dream. The area contains securely mounted swings, a ball pit, and Lego tables. Add a rock climbing wall to finish the space in style.

40. School Area

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Ideal for the homeschooling momma, this loft space is decorated with a sectional couch, coffee table, and television for winding down. To the left is their homeschooling area that is decorating with a long bulletin board that covers the entire wall, organized with folders for school papers, and at the top even has a separate section for binder storage.

Related Questions

What is a loft?

An upstairs loft is an additional room that for the majority of the time has extra high ceiling space.

What should I consider with a loft conversion?

When converting a room into a loft, you’ll need to factor in how old your house is and the condition of your roof. You’ll want to make sure you have considerable headspace when using your upstairs loft. You’ll also want to make sure you have enough space in the area below that will comply with certain regulations.

How long does it take to complete a loft?

Depending on your decorating needs, a loft can be completely designed in 3 weeks or less.

What can I use my upstairs loft for?

Your upstairs loft can be used for anything you desire. You can decorate this room to be a bedroom, second living room, office, playroom, and more!

Wrapping It up

As you can see, you can use your upstairs loft for just about anything you desire. You can decorate it using couches, coffee tables, desks, bedtimes, accent chairs, bookshelves, lamps, area rugs, gaming tables, and more! When it comes to decorating this area, the sky is the limit. Think of a room that you need the most in your home to better guide you through your decorating process. In the end, you’ll want your upstairs loft to be both functional and comfortable no matter what you’re using it for.

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