45+ Modern Turquoise Bedroom Ideas (with Photos)

Turquoise Bedroom Ideas

Have you recently entered the mood of wanting to give your bedroom an upgrade? We all go through it, women especially. You get in the mood to change the paint colors, furniture, everything to create a brand new space. There are many ideas and color schemes to choose from, but I wanted to focus on one, in particular, turquoise. If you have this color on the brain, you’ll want to stick around and check out these turquoise bedroom ideas I’ve found to give you some inspiration.

Why is Turquoise Popular?

Some colors just deliver a more attractive aesthetic. In the world of interior design, turquoise is a very popular color This color is mostly found in bedrooms and bathrooms, but why? The reason being is that it delivers a feeling of tranquility and freshness about a space. On a visual level, the color turquoise delivers feelings of positivity and emotions.

45 Turquoise Bedroom Ideas

Keep in mind that when you are choosing turquoise, this will have a huge impact on the look of your bedroom decor. With the color being so bright, you won’t be able to choose this shade for everything in the room.

1. Simple

There is so much simplicity to the look of this bedroom. The wall is painted in turquoise, which makes it stand out more while the rest of the bedroom is neutral. The sheer white curtains help the room stand out and match the wall art behind the bed.

2. Just a Splash

This room is focused on neutral colors, with a splash of turquoise to not overwhelm the room. The comforter and curtains match, while the pillows give off a tiny hint for an additional touch.

3. Playful Colors

This bedroom is playful and colorful. The walls are painted turquoise along with the circles of the color. The red curtains match the pillows, comforter, and butterfly wall art.

4. Turquoise and White

This turquoise bedroom is complemented beautifully by the white touches. The paperwhite chandelier along with the white and gray bedding bring out the walls and wooden floors.

5. By the Water

This bedroom reminds me of a room at the beach. The lighting fixtures and the wall art remind me of the ocean. I love the pattern of the area rug to add pattern along with the vanity seating.

6. Nature

This turquoise has a nature wall stencil along with red birds to give a touch of nature. The one pillow on the bed is just enough to give a hint of red that matches the birds. The shelving accessories and bedding have also been added here.

7. Polka Dots

The bedroom walls here are painted mint and turquoise with added polka dot colors. This encourages and more cheerful type of ambiance. The neutral colors in the floor and bedroom keep the room balanced out along with the natural light through the window.

8. Mediterranean

If you’re into Mediterranean themes, this inspired girl’s room you will enjoy. The color of this bedroom gives out a more youthful feel. The floral bedding gives a feminine vibe, along with the white curtains and chandelier.

9. Modern

This modern turquoise bedroom gives off a vintage vibe. Both the walls and ceiling are painted in turquoise to make a bold statement. The white bedding and rug complement the turquoise beautifully, while the potted plants give an outside touch.

10. Turquoise and Orange

The turquoise accent wall in this bedroom brightens up the room. There are touches of orange and aqua to give added color to the room, along with white and metallic lamps to make it the focal point of the bedroom.

11. Baby Room

This turquoise baby’s room is covered in flowered wallpaper. The different shades of blues and lime green pair with the turquoise perfectly. The wallpaper in this nursery gives the room a more nature-inspired feel.

12. Clean

This bedroom is elegant, clean, and simple. The accent wall is painted in turquoise, while the rest of the room from the bedding to the nightstands and lamps are in white. The decorative pillow gives it just that splash of additional color.

13. Green and Turquoise

The greens and purples add a lot of fun to this room. The turquoise bean bags add more lounge to the bedroom for a teenage girl’s room. The headboard of the bed is metal and gives a feminine vibe to the space.

14. Downtown Living

This bedroom with its touch of turquoise gives it a downtown living feel along with the scenery. The bedroom is painted in an off-white shade, while the curtains and bedding are turquoise.

15. At the Beach

This creative space is the perfect bedroom if you’re at the beach! The curtains and walls are turquoise with an added palm tree. The bedding resembles the ocean, while the round area rug gives it an additional touch to the gray flooring.

16. Retro

This space would be ideal for a teenage girl with an old style. The walls are painted turquoise, along with the flooring that he did in the same color with a pattern. The bedding and curtains are both completed in polka dots to match, while the read seating adds a fun retro color.

17. Studio Bedroom

This studio apartment is stylish and painted in turquoise-green walls, with a double bed and Scandinavian furniture. The added touches of greenery bring out the shade of the wall.

18. Contemporary

This contemporary style bedroom is designed with a turquoise wall and gray and white furnishings. The texture of the wall gives it a 3D look to the room.

19. Country

This country rustic bedroom has turquoise tones, a pallet bed frame, greenery, and an area rug. This bedroom is designed around recyclable architecture.

20. It’s All in the Curtains

The focal point of this gorgeous bedroom is the large curtains. Paired with the one turquoise decor pillow, the curtains themselves make a large enough statement that the rest of the bedroom can remain neutral without seeming overwhelming.

21. Apartment Style

This apartment-style turquoise bedroom is adorable for a child’s room. The fresh neutral carpet with added colors of wood and lime green would make for a fun space for a little boy’s room.

22. Mountainous

Here we have a spacious little boy’s room with a turquoise and grey mountain mural wall. Everything about this creative space is an open design right now to the “closet.”

23. Warm and Cozy

This warm and cozy bedroom is designed in various shades of turquoise. Every piece of furniture in this room is shaded with color except for the bookshelf. The white doors allow the natural light to shine through and bounce off beautifully.

24. Bright and Cozy

This bedroom brings a bright and cozy feel to it with natural light and bright white walls. The thick turquoise curtains are added for color along with the accent chair in the corner.

25. Toddler Room

This toddler’s bedroom is designed with different shades of turquoise. The bedding is decorated in turquoise, gray, and white pillows, the floors have a white and turquoise area rug, and the walls are painted in a lighter shade of blue.

26. Gray and Turquoise

This child’s room is designed in turquoise and gray tones. These tones are gender neutral and would be perfect for any child. The bed frame is wooden, while the nightstand and bookshelf are white to bring extra brightness to the design space.

27. Turquoise and Brown

If we’re being completely honest, if you were to ask me if turquoise and brown went together to design a room, I would have said no. In this bedroom, the shades they have used works. The walls are painted in brown with roped lighting as an added feature, and the bedding is designed in a turquoise-green color.

28. Modern Apartment Living

This modern apartment-style bedroom is designed using shades of turquoise and gray. The gray-toned wall art hangs on the white walls, with wooden modern furniture and a beautiful floor plant that sits near the window collecting natural light.

29. Animal and Turquoise

This animal and turquoise baby’s room is a gender-neutral color that you can use for your nursery. While it may seem hard to find themes to match this color scheme, the animal theme goes great in this room with the light wooden furniture.

30. Bunk Beds

In this kid’s room, we have several shades of turquoise that are used. The bunk beds and twin beds have a white bedroom, while the bedding is decorated in a patterned turquoise color. The walls are painted with a minty green to match the decorative pillows that have been added.

31. Classic

This girl’s bedroom gives me a classic feel with the photos of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe beautifully hung on the walls. The walls of the room are painted in turquoise. The bed frame is white, decorated with a turquoise comforter and throw blanket, along with decorative pillows. They’ve also added additional seating at the end of the bed with a floating chair in the corner.

32. Vintage

This vintage girl’s room is designed with a turquoise and white horizontal wall. The pattern pairs well with the black decorative wall art, along with the black and silver furnishings.

33. All About Business

This bedroom is all about business. The walls are painted in turquoise, while the rest of the bedroom is clean and sharp. The desk in the corner is black and gray to give off a business suit vibe, while the rest of the bedroom is cozy and sleek.

34. On the Water

This might be one of my favorite bedrooms yet. This bedroom is covered in turquoise shades to give that on-the-water feel. The frame of the bedding is white that matches the blanket and sheets, and they’ve even added an adorable beach swing to make you feel like you’re on the water or a dock.

35. Turquoise and Yellow

In this bright and cheerful room, we have hints of turquoise, yellow, and navy blue. Since this homeowner decided to do their wall and bedding in turquoise, to break up too much color they added a yellow decorative pillow, along with a lamp that gives off yellow light.

36. The Girly Girl

This girl’s room is STUNNING! The bedroom is designed with all-white furnishings and neutral carpet. The bedding is decorated with a turquoise and pink comforter, with an added polka dot throw at the bottom. The accent wall is designed with golden circles and framing, while there are decorative turquoise touches of accessories on the bookshelves.

37. Hot Pink

This girl’s bedroom is designed with bunk beds, a turquoise wall, and added touches of pink throughout the room to add bright color. They added pink to the blankets, along with the handles on the desk and decorative pillow.

38. Natural Light

This bedroom space lets in a lot of natural light to brighten up the room. In this room, we have several shades of turquoise, along with lime green. The drapes on the bunk beds are even tied back with a darker shaded ribbon.

39. Bed Frame

Here in this bedroom, we have a turquoise bed frame. Most of the time when homeowners are decorating, they leave the bright colors for the wall or other furniture. I love how they switched it up and made the bed to be the focal point of the bedroom.

40. Wooden Neutrals

In this bedroom, we have wooden neutral furniture, with different shades of turquoise throughout the room. There are two accent chairs, one a lighter shade and one a darker shade. The bedding perfectly matches the shades from the accent chairs, and the wall art also has turquoise in the pictures for decor.

41. Lofty

If you don’t have much space to work with, or are just working with a loft space, this bedroom is simple and to the point. This bedroom is gray with just enough turquoise added to brighten it up.

42. Minimalistic

If you’re living a minimal lifestyle, this bedroom is just for you and to the point. The walls are covered in a light shade of turquoise, along with the throw blanket. The nightstands and area wrong are also designed in neutral tones.

43. The Bachelor

This space reminds me of a bachelor space who just might be starting in his career. There’s not much to it, but the room is designed with wooden dark furniture, and turquoise-green walls just to let you know that a man lives in this space.

44. Geometric

This creative space is so fun and cheerful to look at. It’s designed around shapes and has plenty of colors. The portion of the wall behind the bed is designed in a turquoise noodle shape, while the rest of the room is designed in several different colors to make it energetic.

45. Peaceful

This space is clean and peaceful. There are not any unnecessary or busy pieces in this room. The walls are painted a light shade of turquoise that matches the small area rug at the bottom of the bed, and the furniture is designed in neutral colors to keep it welcoming.

Tips on Decorating With Turquoise

Turquoise comes in many different shades, allowing you to experiment with lighter or darker shades. Designing your room in turquoise is said to bring peace and happiness. I wanted to give you some extra tips to consider when designing your space to make your room permanent.

  1. Accent walls – one easy way to add color to your bedroom space is by your furniture and accent walls. For your accent wall, you can add different shapes, patterns, or wallpaper.
  2. Paint your furniture or cabinets – another idea you could do is paint your furniture or cabinets in the turquoise shade of your choosing. This could be a dresser or mirror that could need to be updated. This is a fantastic way to add different tones without changing your entire space.

How to Select Your Perfect Shade

  • make sure you are looking at your shade in natural lighting. Colors can look different depending on what kind of lighting you have.
  • paint a swatch on your wall just to see if it’s the color you love.
  • always use two to three coats to get the perfect shade.
  • add a white trim to make your shade pop.
  • include additional accessories to your space to make the colors stand out.

What Did We Learn?

After reading our list of turquoise ideas for your bedroom, as you can see many different colors pair perfectly with the shade of turquoise. The great part is, no matter what color you choose to add to the combination, you will get a different ambiance from each one.

If you want an inviting or refreshing feel, add yellow or green. If you want a calm and peaceful feel, add blue or white. If you’re shooting for a dramatic voter, try adding deeper tones. I hope these ideas help you with finding inspiration for your new bedroom!

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