Top 15 Online Second-Hand Furniture Stores

Jessica Stone
by Jessica Stone

If you’re anything like me, you love the thrill of the hunt. There’s nothing like navigating a thrift shop or consignment store and discovering an absolute gem at a fraction of its original price. While in-person shopping is great, what if you can experience this same thrill from the comfort of your own home. You can.

If you’re moving into your first home, need to add more furniture to your space or just simply want to save money when furnishing a home, the internet is full of possibilities. Overall, furniture can be rather costly, especially when you’re starting from scratch and need to furnish an entire home. The costs of furniture can really add up and because of this most homeowners seek alternative options to find quality furniture at lower prices.

One such option is second-hand furniture, an affordable choice that can often lead you to find very unusual and unique pieces. Purchasing second hand can offer extraordinary deals on furniture that you would otherwise spend quite a bit of money on.

Nowadays, since there is such a large demand for second-hand furniture there are a number of online stores. These resources, along with dedicated smartphone applications, provide a very convenient way to buy and sell used furniture to outfit your home at a much more reasonable price.

We’ve assembled a list of the top 15 online second-hand furniture stores to help make your home décor search easy, affordable, and fun!

Top 15 Online Second Hand Furniture Stores

1. Facebook Marketplace

When it comes to thrifting cheap, used furniture online I’m sure that you’re already familiar with Craigslist however, did you know that Facebook offers a similar format? You can find second-hand furniture through Facebook Marketplace, their dedicated digital platform for buying, selling, and trading items. The interface works like an online thrift store where you browse through listings from people in your area and contact them directly if you’re interested.

You can adjust the location settings to your preferences so that you don’t end up purchasing something in another state that you can’t go retrieve. Facebook Marketplace is a very safe way to buy thrift store like furniture online. Since it’s essentially a thrift store tied to Facebook, you see exactly who you are messaging, as each listing is tied to someone’s profile. This makes the entire second-hand furniture buying experience much friendlier and more secure than other similar sites.

2. Amazon

If you’re anything like me, you turn to Amazon to find the best deals on everything from books to various household items and everything in between. Although it probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise, many of you were likely not aware of the fact that Amazon also sells used furniture. Yes, you can pretty much find anything on Amazon, except for haircuts. For those interested in acquiring used furniture online, Amazon is a genuine treasure trove, with everything from 19th-century antiques to modern items from the nineties.

Prices for second-hand furniture off of Amazon vary quite a bit, as do the shipping policies by seller. However, since you’re buying through Amazon, you can expect the same type of service as you would when purchasing any other product off of their site. You can also rest assured that your money is in good hands when you thrift furniture from Amazon.

3. Craigslist

The original local marketplace for buying and selling second-hand furniture online had to have someplace among this list! Although not a dedicated used furniture store, Craigslist, just like Facebook Marketplace, is a great place to find listings near you. Unlike online second-hand furniture stores that ship directly to you, Craigslist offers the opportunity to view the furniture item in person before committing to buying it.

All of the listings are local and are generally picked up directly from the owner at an established location. Similar to Facebook Marketplace, on Craigslist you sift through online listings posted by individuals in your local area. Once you find one that interests you, you can contact the seller and arrange for a place and time to meet them. With this structure, you can pay the asking price or negotiate it down.

The amount of used items that are sold on Craigslist is astounding. Although many other options for buying second-hand furniture online have popped up in recent years, Craigslist is still a very popular choice for finding great deals when furnishing a home.

4. Chairish

If bohemian chic is your aesthetic, then Chairish is the platform for you. Chairish is essentially a sophisticated, contemporary version of an online flea market. It’s a very user-friendly website, and app, for those who seek furniture items that are considered design-forward. Their online marketplace specializes in the buying and selling of second hand, curated home items.

Through Chairish, you can find a number of fantastic antiques, designer discards, and unique brands. While their prices tend to be higher when compared to other online second-hand furniture stores, their quality selection makes up for it.

Each listing comes with plenty of photos to help you have a greater understanding of exactly what you are buying. Free pickup is a popular option for local listings on Chairish, but you can also pay to have items shipped to you. Charish also offers a 48-hour window to return an item, should you be unsatisfied with it.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to sell second-hand furniture through Chairish, it’s as easy as taking photos and uploading them to their app, along with a brief description of the item.

5. OfferUp

One of my personal favorite places to find gently used furniture near me is through a marketplace called OfferUp. If you are unfamiliar, OfferUp is essentially the Uber of buying and selling things online. While they also have a desktop-friendly website, their app (available on both iTunes and Google Play) is the easiest way to navigate their listings and find incredible deals on second-hand furniture. OfferUp is very user-friendly and the listings are displayed in a photo gallery format, making it very appealing to those who are visually inclined.

Using their app, you can instantly reach out to local individuals selling pretty much anything in your area. Just like Uber, buyers and sellers are given a rating based on the reviews that they’ve received from past transactions. That way, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re purchasing from a reliable seller and also know who to stay away from on the app.

LetGo, another popular app for finding local used furniture, was recently acquired by OfferUp, effectively becoming one massive US marketplace with over 20 million active monthly users.

6. AptDeco

AptDeco is not only a favorite among New Yorkers, in recent years, it has also begun to gain popularity in surrounding cities and states. In addition to their large range of competitively priced second hand and vintage items, AptDeco provides potential buyers with a number of attractive features. They offer free, and insured, deliveries, free returns, and a money-back guarantee policy.

There are very few online used furniture stores that are as generous as AptDeco, nor so well stocked with exceptional second-hand pieces. It is often described as “Craigslist without the risk or hassle.”

While this online second-hand furniture store is based in New York City, they offer delivery options for Upstate New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and more. As another plus, AptDeco is currently in the process of rolling out its curated second-hand collection to other major cities across the US.

7. Etsy

When you think of Etsy you probably think of quirky birthday cards, fun fandom items, and various hand-crafted gifts. While it’s very true that Etsy has built up its entire brand around arts and crafts, it is also a great online resource for finding second-hand furniture. Prices and shipping costs will vary quite a bit based on the seller but when you invest your time in browsing the listings, you will most definitely find something of interest.

Just like OfferUp, on Etsy you can interact with sellers through their online interface, giving you the opportunity to properly research the item and who you are buying it from before fully committing. Etsy is a great place to find vintage and used furniture items with a taste of DIY. Since they are best-known for their custom-made merchandise, you can find a number of furniture items for sale that are hand-crafted.

As a general note, the shipping prices can get rather expensive on Etsy, based on the distance. To save money, we recommend limiting your search results for used furniture to only your area.

8. 1st Dibs

As far as high-end, boutique, and vintage furniture goes, 1st Dibs is one of the leading online platforms for purchasing such items second-hand. Overall, their prices are considerably higher but worth it if you’re searching for replicas of renowned antique or vintage items. If in your second-hand furniture search, you are price-conscious, this may not be the site for you. However, you can tailor the price limits on their website to your budget before engaging in your search.

1st Dibs is best for those with deep pockets and a taste for high-end, beautiful pieces. They advertise themselves as capturing the majesty of Paris flea markets online while simultaneously setting the standard for those that seek extraordinary design pieces.

Their collection consists of the best makers and sellers of antique, vintage, and contemporary items from more than 600 cities around the world. This curated online inventory of home décor, fine jewelry, fashion, and furniture is not available anywhere else.

9. eBay

Just like Craiglist, a list of the best online second-hand furniture stores would not be complete without eBay. After all, what isn’t sold on eBay? Although this marketplace has been around for quite some time now, the world’s leading online auction platform is still a great place to find a bargain. Regardless of what you’re in the market for, you’ll likely find a deal on eBay.

When it comes to used furniture on eBay, there is a limitless amount that can be found. Priceless antique chests, vintage pieces as-is, like-new Ikea furniture items – essentially whatever item, price point, or brand you desire, you’ll be able to find it here.

In addition to the wide range of second-hand furniture listings, eBay also offers quite a few appealing features. They have quick, safe payment through PayPal on most transactions, a valuable feedback section for researching seller’s services, delivery speed, and other goods, and the option to contact the seller about questions prior to committing to a purchase.

10. Apartment Therapy Bazaar

Whether you’re looking for something practical like a nightstand or side table, or a statement piece like a Moroccan rug or stunning side chair, you’ll more than likely find it on Apartment Therapy’s Bazaar. Most often, pieces found on Bazaar are designer-made and of a higher quality than other online used furniture sites. Even those with a more sophisticated taste will be able to find something that satisfies their needs in this online marketplace.

Bazaar features a higher concentration of items that are currently in-style or recent popular choices for home décor such as mid-century modern or rattan furniture pieces. While the prices here are typically higher than Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp or Craiglist, you are paying for high-quality, second-hand pieces that are generally decades old and will still last you for many years.

The sellers on Bazaar are a blend of registered dealers and individuals. Some restore and sell furniture as their career while others are simply downsizing or relocating. Regardless, it is a community-driven marketplace that is a great place to find a deal on more upscale items that you seek for your home. They also offer a handy app for easy navigation on the go.

11. Sotheby’s Home

Similar to number ten, if you’re in search of higher-quality second-hand furniture pieces and don’t mind paying a bit more, Sotheby’s Home is worth a look. They market themselves as an online auction site for buying and selling home décor and designer furniture. Similar to eBay, Sotheby’s Home offers the option to “buy it now” or make an offer on an item you’re interested in.

You can find a wide variety of luxury consignment furniture online through Sotheby’s Home. The items featured on Sotheby’s Home vary from vintage and antique to gently used and new. Regardless, anything that you purchase through them is guaranteed to be in excellent condition.

Sotheby’s Home assures this by personally checking every piece before it gets published to their collection. However, like anything, premium quality second-hand comes at a premium price.

12. Bookoo

Bookoo advertises themselves as being made by yard sale fans, for yard sale fans. It was also my favorite way to furnish my college apartment, many moons ago. The platform is a family-friendly online classified site paired with a social media format. Similar to OfferUp, Bookoo prides itself on being local and neighborly, purchasing items from real people in your community.

Unlike Craiglist where you can’t see much information about the buyer until the in-person exchange, their social media format makes the whole process much more secure. Buyers and sellers can also leave feedback on Bookoo, making it easy to avoid any potentially negative buying experiences.

Posting a listing on Bookoo is completely free and buyers can easily access the other items that you’re selling by viewing your online profile. Their interface is very simple to navigate and you’ll be able to successfully find second-hand furniture for sale near you, along with other items.

While Bookoo is not available in every state across the US, it is growing in popularity and now services the UK, Germany, Italy, Korea, and more international locations.

13. Bonanza

Bonanza is quickly becoming the foremost alternative to eBay and Amazon. Along with used, second-hand furniture, they have such a wide variety of items available for purchase. Just like Amazon, you’ll have no trouble finding what it is you desire.

Their platform works very similar to eBay, in that each seller has a star rating and reviews from past customers. Bonanza listings are also very detailed with all of the various policies and payment options clearly laid out for you.

When you sell your used furniture through Bonanza, you create an online storefront that is similar to Shopify. In all, there are around 40,000 Bonanza stores, providing endless options for finding cheap used furniture online.

14. Vinterior

Vinterior is an online marketplace to discover and buy antique and vintage furniture pieces. With them, it isn’t about finding cheap thrift store finds, and rather finding items with quality and craftsmanship. In just three years’ time, their marketplace has grown into a community of more than 1,600 independent furniture dealers across the globe.

To ensure that their customers find products that match their values, Vinterior only works with selected professional sellers. They have thousands of furniture, decorative objects, and lighting fixtures available for purchase online.

Vinterior says that, “We want to surround ourselves with pieces that spark conversation, celebrate craftsmanship and bring soul to spaces. But, we don’t want to spend all our time visiting endless antique fairs or vintage shops or trawl through different websites to find that special piece.”

Throughout the purchase process with Vinterior, they offer direct communication with their independent dealers. They also have a free cancellation policy and a 14-day return guarantee, should be displeased with any items purchased.

15. Amsterdam Modern

If you are in search of a statement piece or anything Mid Century Modern, Amsterdam Modern should be one of your first stops. Their inventory is entirely vintage, sourced all throughout Holland and shipped from Amsterdam to their massive warehouse in Los Angeles.

The majority of what they sell is exactly the way it was found, to preserve its history, authenticity, and charm. Regardless, you can trust the level of quality pieces that they select and sell.

Amsterdam Modern primarily sells to decorators, film productions, and within the trade, but they also sell directly to the public. If you’re looking for the chicest second-hand furniture online, Amsterdam Modern deserves your attention.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking to save money or trying to source a rare, vintage piece, there are a number of reasons to buy second-hand furniture. If furnishing your home on a budget is your goal, consider narrowing your search down to websites that feature local sellers near you. That way, you can pick up the item and avoid any shipping costs.

On the other hand, if antique or vintage furniture pieces are what you seek, head to one of the more high-end online marketplaces such as Sotheby’s Home, Amsterdam Modern, or Vinterior. While you can still find rare items on other sites, these marketplaces will have a higher concentration of what you’re looking for.

Jessica Stone
Jessica Stone

Jessica considers herself a home improvement and design enthusiast. She grew up surrounded by constant home improvement projects and owes most of what she knows to helping her dad renovate her childhood home. Being a Los Angeles resident, Jessica spends a lot of her time looking for her next DIY project and sharing her love for home design.

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