42+ Tiki Bar Decorating Ideas (with Photos)

Tiki Bar Decorating Ideas

Whether you are planning to add a tiki bar to the inside or outside of your home, you’ll need some inspiration to help you get started when it comes to furnishings, products, and other decor items. Your choices will depend on what kind of decor you enjoy and your budget. This guide will particularly help you with your decorating options, along with full layout views so you can see the whole picture. Sometimes being able to have a full view of an area helps when adding decor and other products.

While it can be challenging to find decor items that match your unique vision when you have the inspiration to help guide you it can become so much easier.

Most Popular Tiki Bar Decor

  1. Bar Signs: Bar signs are very popular among tiki bars. These signs will be vintage metal or wooden and serve as a major decor piece. You can find wooden surfboards to hang up on the bar walls in many different colors.
  2. Accessories: You can find many tiki bar accessories to add to your bar such as cocktail mixers, tiki bottles, glasses, mixing utensils, and other wooden accessories.
  3. Stools: Bar stools are an important decor piece as they can provide comfort and seating for your guests. Your options for bar stools are metal, wicker, bamboo, or even vintage wood. To provide maximum for your guest, your best bar stool option could be a bar stool with enough back support. This will allow your guests to sit in comfort for longer periods.
  4. Tiki Torches: Tiki torches will make your bar look like a paradise. You can find them in different styles and colors that will go along with your theme. If you have a problem with bugs at night near your bar, make sure to fill your torches with citronella that will keep the bugs away.

Top Tiki Bar Decorating Ideas

Here are 42 tiki bar decorating ideas to help get you started with your bar area.

1. Bar Stools

Photo Credit: Pinterest

These bar stools are unique in their appearance. The body of the stools is carved into tiki faces with the tops of the stools being comfortable cushions in red and brown.

2. Straw Ceiling

Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you want to give your bar the real tiki beach-like feel, you can decorate the top of your bar with straw pieces to make it look like a hut.

3. Nets

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Nets are also a very popular tiki bar accessory to use for your bar. Use your net to drape over the top of your bar to provide a beach experience.

4. Bamboo Bar

Photo Credit: Reddit

Bamboo is a must-have for tiki bars no matter where you incorporate it. This bar is designed using a bamboo bottom with tiki carvings and a wooden bar top.

5. Lanterns

Photo Credit: Reddit

To set the mood at your bar, lanterns are a perfect decorating option to have for night settings. You can find them in many different colors and styles.

6. Wicker Stools

Photo Credit: Tiki with Ray

These wicker stools are a must-have. Wicker matches with tiki bars no matter how you have decorated it. They are a unique vintage design that is becoming more popular as the years pass by.

7. Rattan Hatch

Photo Credit: Tiki with Ray

Ratan hatches are a splurge item that you can’t pass up. They look beautiful in tiki bar settings to hold decorations such as tiki totems, masks, etc.

8. Rope

Photo Credit: Houzz

If want to spruce up your bar top, decorate the outside of your bar with rope edging. This will give an additional decorative touch to your bar and also help protect your guests from sharp edges.

9. Bar Signs

Photo Credit: Foter

Every tiki bar needs a bar sign. These colorful bar signs hang in the middle of the bar and have different destinations painted on them.

10. Pirate

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Tiki bars can also have pirate settings. This bar has a pirate skull hanging as its backdrop on the wall. You’ll find these in many settings by the beach.

11. Tiki Faces

Photo Credit: The Elegant Thrifter

No tiki bar is complete without little tiki men. Collect a few tiki statues and place them on the shelves of your bar to be in view of your guests to stand as a piece of decor.

12. Slushy Machine

Photo Credit: Pinterest

What is a tiki bar without a slushy machine? No doubt that you’ll want to make frozen drinks for your guests. Set up your slushy machine on the side and let them choose their favorite alcohol to add.

13. Green Illumination

Photo Credit: Pinterest

To give your tiki bar a tropical feel, decorate with illumination. You can find illumination in many colors, like shown here the bar area is illuminated in green.

14. LED Lights

Photo Credit: Kimberly Us

LED lights are another great way to show illumination in an area. This tiki bar has red LED lights under the bottom portion of the bar top to bring focus to the seating area.

15. Light Fixtures

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Light fixtures for tiki bars come in many styles and colors. You can find them in wicker material, or even lantern-like designs as displayed here.

16. Wallpaper

Photo Credit: Clipboard

If you don’t have the option to include much real greenery, you can throw up floral wallpaper on the outside of your tiki bar to bring a tropical setting.

17. Stool With Backs

Photo Credit: Backyard Ideas

You can never go wrong with stools with back support. While your guests are enjoying their drinks, stools with back support help your guests relax with maximum comfort.

18. Hut Umbrellas

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Hut umbrellas are a great way to block your guests from the beaming sun. You can put these over your bar area, or at tables surrounding your bar.

19. Ocean Decor

Photo Credit: Booking.com

Your options for ocean decor are endless. You can choose from nets, sea creatures, rowboat paddles, and turtles. The great thing about decorating a tiki bar is that you can put as much as you want to hang on your walls and it will never look like too much.

20. Twinkle Lights

Photo Credit: Philadelphia Magazine

Another way to bring focus to your bar and especially the drink area is to hang and drape twinkle lights on the back. This helps bring focus to your drink selection for your guests.

21. Wooden Signs

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Wooden signs are a must-have to put up in your bar. You can have them made with various phrases and styles. Here we have a wooden display with the words “Tiki Time.”

22. Swings

Photo Credit: El Dorada Spa & Resorts

For larger tiki bar settings and if able, you can hang up some swings to set the tiki vibe. Sometimes after a drink or two, your guests may want to occasionally swing back and forth while they’re engaging in discussions with their friends.

23. Bamboo

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Bamboo is an amazing way to decorate your bar area. Here we have bamboo sticks that are strategically placed around the bar, almost like how you would play shiplap or tile.

24. Light Signs

Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you’re not a fan of wooden sign options, you can always opt to go for signs that light up in dark settings. This display says “Tiki Bar” with a tiki man in the middle and a palm tree as its head area.

25. Tiki Mugs

Photo Credit: Tampa Bay Times

What better way to serve your guests their cocktails than in a large tiki mug? Give them the full tiki experience by providing this well-carved mug and add little fun straws and drink decor on the inside.

26. Skulls

Photo Credit: Do512

In some beach areas where pirates are of talk, you can decorate your tiki bar with skulls. This display has a barrel as its back with skulls strategically placed as the view of the display.

27. Wicker Lamps

Photo Credit: Visit Indiana

Wicker lamps don’t always need to be used in boho settings. You can use them in your tiki bar area as well as in the seating area to bring a dimmed light setting.

28. Pottery

Photo Credit: MLive.com

If your tiki bar is on the outside area, you can decorate the outside using gorgeous pottery options as shown here. This tiki bar has huge blue pottery as its base with large green leaves and vines.

29. Hanging Lights

Photo Credit: Nashville Guru

Another you have for bar illumination is hanging lights. This tiki bar has sphere-shaped lights that hang directly over the bar area to give guests enough light for eating and drinking.

30. Flamingo Pink Chairs

Photo Credit: Pinterest

These pink chairs are gorgeous to have for providing an extra seating area. They give a mermaid-like experience and are perfect for tiki bars next to the water.

31. Wooden Stools

Photo Credit: HGTV Photo Library

If you want to take a DIY project, you can build your wooden stools for your bar area. These tiny wooden stools are perfect for small ball settings and can be painted in the color of your choice.

32. Splattered Floor

Photo Credit: Pinterest

While in the design of your tiki bar area, you can’t forget the floor. This tiki bar has a splattered-like floor that gives the pictures of various paint colors splattered on the floor for art.

33. Mug Display

Photo Credit: Wall Street Journal

If you have various types of mugs and nowhere to store them, try installing a shelf to display all of your different styles for your guests. This will allow them to pick the mug of their choice.

34. Palm Trees

Photo Credit: Ideal Home

You can fake palm trees almost anywhere and we highly recommend at least having one in your tiki bar. This palm tree can be displayed right against your wall and used as another source of light.

35. Barrels

Photo Credit: Peespace

If you have a few barrels laying around, consider throwing them into your tiki bar as a decor piece. You can use them as a standard decor option, or even transform them into a table area.

36. Netted Lights

Photo Credit: Spirited Magazine

Netted lights are another popular piece among tiki bar settings. You can choose any light of your choice, particularly in a sphere shape, and cover it on the outside and hang it with rope.

37. Surf Boards

Photo Credit: Indianapolis Monthly

Surfboards can be a great collector’s piece. If you’re the type that has been a collector of surfboards from different destination sites, you can hang them up on your walls or stand on the side for additional color.

38. Menu Boards

Photo Credit: Pinterest

One thing homeowners tend to forget about when decorating their tiki bar is menu boards. Even if your selection may be small, even have a small menu board can be a piece of decor you never knew you needed until you see it hanging.

39. Bar Coolers

Photo Credit: InStyle

Bar coolers are an important piece to your tiki bar as they can prevent you from needing to make trips to get cold drinks. You can add one or two bar coolers to your bar that can store your drinks at the perfect temperature.

40. Tiki Torches

Photo Credit: Visit Florida

Tiki torches are a must-have to be lit for nighttime settings. If you have rails, you can display your tiki torches on there, or install long ones that can stick right into the ground.

41. Wicker Benches

Photo Credit: Do The Bay

While they may be hard to find or may be easier depending on how many thrift shops you have in your area, if you can, you want to add a wicker bench to your tiki bar. You can never have too many wicker options and this will allow couples to sit together comfortably.

42. Wallpaper Ceiling

Photo Credit: San Francisco Chronicle

If you’ve never thought about putting wallpaper on your ceiling, you should give it a shot. This leafy wallpaper setting is just what you need for tropical settings.

Related Questions

What do you put in a tiki bar?

When designing your tiki bar you can include tiki torches, banana leaves, tropical fruits, palm trees, tropical flowers, wall masks, tiki totems, and other bar signs.

How do you decorate a tiki bar room?

When decorating your tiki bar you’ll want to fill it with red, orange, and yellow colors. You can use fabrics with patterns and allow your walls to be bright and colorful. Choose bold furniture picks as well.

What is a tiki bar used for?

A tiki bar is a themed drinking bar that has a tropical beach-like setting.

How are appropriate tiki bar colors?

For tiki bar colors, you’ll mainly see lighter shades of brown as the main focus. While most of the decor items are in brighter shades, you’ll see dark green shades, and lamps that come in a variety of rainbow hues.

Wrapping It Up

With the decor inspiration provided, we hope that you can design and decorate the bar of your dreams. The important thing to note with tiki bars is that you can never stop adding when it comes to decor options. Many tiki bars today are filled with masks, tiki totems, and bar signs all over.

From bar signs, barstools, accessories, light fixtures, and more, you’ll have many decor items to choose from when completing your design. There is no right or wrong way to decorate your tiki bar when you have all of your key points covered, so have fun with it and get crazy!

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