The Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Dallas: 2021’s Ultimate List

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If you ask any Texan what the best city in the state is, they’ll probably tell you Dallas. Along with having football teams like the Dallas Cowboys, this glowing town is known for being one of the most expansive cities in the United States. Urban sprawl means that this has a ton of neighborhoods that are often the size of small towns—or even were formerly known as small towns in the past.

Dallas is one of the most populous cities in the South, if not the entirety of the United States. As a result, it has tons of attractions and real estate has seen an uptick in pricing. No matter how you look at it, it’s a hot city to be in.

The Dallas metro area has a huge number of awesome restaurants, schools, colleges, and sports venues that make it worth a visit. Even if you’re not a person who enjoys the South, it’s a city that is sure to please. Of course, there are still parts of the city that shouldn’t be visited regardless of what you’re doing there.

Is Dallas A Safe City?

Though the Lone Star State prides itself on making sure police are tough on crime, you shouldn’t expect Dallas to be entirely safe. Studies show that Dallas has more crime than 90 percent of cities of its size—and that crime is on the rise.

Even so, a quick visit to Dallas won’t hurt anyone as long as you keep an eye out for shady characters and stick to the better parts of the neighborhood. Are you curious about the sketchy parts of Dallas? Keep reading, and you’ll be able to find out more about this fascinating town.

What Are The Worst Neighborhoods In Dallas Like?

Dallas has dozens of neighborhoods that most people would consider to be dodgy at best, so it can be hard to track the full scope of damage in the city. However, there are some methods we could use to make sure that the neighborhoods are actually dangerous.

Some of these areas are known for crime and urban blight, while others would never make you look twice. So, we had to go by numbers instead. We took crime estimate data from the internet to rank these places, with violent crimes taking precedence over property crime rates.

After a lot of digging, we were able to find out which were the most dangerous neighborhoods in Dallas. Here’s what the stats say.

10. Eagle Ford

Eagle Ford

  • Property Crime: 3,464
  • Violent Crime: 868

What a patriotic name, right? Well, patriotic as this are may be, it still remains a fairly sketchy part of the city. Within this neighborhood’s limits, property crime has become a major thorn in locals’ sides. The theft rate here is out of control, both when it comes to purses and vehicles.

As of right now, the property crime rate is a whopping 3,464 per 100,000 residents. Everything from car theft to ID fraud has been reported here, making it one of the less viable places for families who want a safe place to live.

The violent crime rate is 128 percent higher than the national average, and still tilts the scale in the already-risky city of Dallas. Needless to say, locals have been hoping police would pick up the pace here.

9. Urbandale-Parkdale


  • Violent Crime: 959
  • Property Crime: 3,735

Urbandale-Parkdale is a community that’s going through a lot of changes and part of those changes haven’t been for the better. Though residents have been vocal about changing the crime rate, the low median household income of $33,974 means many locals are strapped for cash.

The low-income housing and difficulty in finding a well-paying job means that property crime just seems to be an increasingly viable option. You should probably get a home security system here, since this neighborhood is known for high property crime rates.

Neighbors in this area have a 1 in 22 chance of becoming a victim of crime. So while it is high, it’s still not as bad as many neighborhoods in Detroit.

8. Oak Cliff

Oak Cliff

  • Violent Crime: 987
  • Property Crime: 3,650

Known for being home to a slew of musicians including Jimmy Vaughn and for being one of the few towns linked to the JFK assassination, Oak Cliff is a dense suburban neighborhood that has a number of interesting restaurants and museums under its wing.

Despite it having its fair share of tourist attractions, Oak Cliff isn’t a safe place to be. The relatively high violent crime rate means that you are more likely to be robbed or assaulted here than in most other parts of the country.

Formerly its own town, it became a part of the Dallas city metro as the city’s limits continued to expand. As it became engulfed by the sprawling city, Oak Cliff quickly became known for having ties to high-profile crimes. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like that rep will be shaken off anytime soon.

 7. Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek

  • Violent Crime: 1,090
  • Property Crime: 3,470

Don’t expect to howl with delight if you choose to enter the neighborhood limits of Wolf Creek. People are desperately trying to leave this neighborhood due to the skyrocketing crime rates, terrible schools, and low wages linked to the area.

Both violent and property crimes are regularly reported within the area’s limits. A worrying 1,090 violent crimes per 100,000 people means that 1 in 92 people will experience a violent crime while they live here.

Property crime is also on the rise, with residents noting that a typical person can expect to deal with it at one point or another in their lives.

6. Northwest Dallas

Northwest Dallas

  • Violent Crime: 1,126
  • Property Crime: 4,782

Northwest Dallas is fairly striking when it comes to its crime rate, since it’s surrounded by areas that are actually decreasing in crime. Even so, it’s hard to ignore that the area has twice the national average’s amount of violent crime.

Part of the reason for the increase in violent crime deals with the area’s known gang activity, which often leads to shootouts in the streets. When you combine that with difficult schools and a high rate of break-ins, one can only imagine what it must be like to have to deal with this on a daily basis.

5. Cockrell Hill

Cockrell Hill

  • Violent Crime: 1,131
  • Property Crime: 4,806

Though Dallas is generally viewed as a safe city, there are some parts where people just shouldn’t go near at night. Cockrell Hill is one of those areas. Going into Cockrell Hill in the day means that you can expect to see people “size you up” to see if you’re a threat–never a good sign.

According to the statistics we found, you have a 1 in 17 chance of being a victim of crime in Cockrell Hill. That’s not a good look, no matter where you’re from. Sadly, Cockrell Hill is one of the many Dallas neighborhoods that’s currently experiencing a rise in crime as a result of recent economic turmoil.

4. Convention Center District

Convention Center District

  • Violent Crime: 1,411
  • Property Crime: 8,788

If you’ve ever gone to a major convention in Dallas, you’ve visited one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Dallas. This Texan convention hotspot has been home to major anime conventions, political rallies, car shows, and so much more.

Many people believe that it’s the high level of naive tourists that causes the property crime to be triple the national average. Gang activity accounts for the extremely high rate of assaults, shootings, and robberies that take place within the boundaries of the neighborhood.

Due to the extreme increase in crime over recent years, Dallas police forces have been petitioning for more power to work on a crime crackdown in the area. Whether or not this will actually work remains to be seen.

3. South Dallas

South Dallas

  • Violent Crime: 1,523
  • Property Crime: 4,544

With a population over 28,000, South Dallas would be considered to be a town of its own in almost any other situation. However, it’s still a massive neighborhood that belongs to the Dallas area, and it’s also one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Dallas today.

Gang activity is a particularly large point of concern for both residents and police forces. Violent crimes are a full 300 percent higher here than in a typical American suburb. So, if you choose to spend some time here, travel in large numbers and consider getting some pepper spray.

South Dallas’s spike in crime has led many locals to push their officials to address it. Several crime-cutting measures have been suggested, but as of right now, few (if any) have been implemented. With hope and a little work, this place could become a major hotspot.

2. Cedar Crest

Cedar Crest

  • Violent Crime: 1,529
  • Property Crime: 3,464

If you tell people you live in most parts of Dallas, they’ll look at you, smile, and say it’s pretty neat. If you say that you live in Cedar Crest, you’ll see them wince. This isn’t because of the property crime rates, which are actually only 50 percent above the national average. Rather, it’s the violent crime that makes people cringe when they hear about it.

The violent crime here comes in a wide range of different “flavors,” including robbery, assault, arson, and domestic violence. Most Texans will rightfully tell you to stay away from Cedar Crest, and you would be wise to heed their warning.

What’s strange about Cedar Crest is that it doesn’t look dangerous. It even has a golf course that hosts PGA tournaments. How this ended up happening is beyond us.

1. South Boulevard-Park Row

South Boulevard-Park Row

  • Violent Crime: 2,886
  • Property Crime: 5,968

So far in this list, the increase in crime rates have been fairly steady, but now, you’re going to see a massive jump. South Boulevard-Park Row has a 277 percent higher crime rate than most of Dallas, which means it’s more than double the crime rate of our number two city, Cedar Crest.

Murders, arson, vandalism, and gang activity launched this place into a state of anarchy. The violent crime rate here is 658 percent higher than the national average, making it the most violent neighborhood in Dallas. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was the most violent area in all of Texas.

The local police department has been getting worn thin as a result of all the calls relating to this area. Due to the sheer amount of people who have been attacked, many professionals in law enforcement advise people to just stay away.

Cime Rates Dallas Neighborhoods For 2020

Rank Name Property Crime (Per 100,000) Violent Crime (Per 100,000)
10 Eagle Ford 4,332 765
9 Urbandale-Parkdale 3,735 959
8 Oak Cliff 3,650 987
7 Wolf Creek 3,470 1,090
6 Northwest Dallas 4,782 1,126
5 Cockrell Hill 4,806 1,131
4 Convention Center District 8,878 1,411
3 South Dallas 4,544 1,523
2 Cedar Crest 3,464 1,529
1 South Boulevard-Park Row 5,968 2,886

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In order to live comfortably in Dallas, a typical family will require $57,984. However, this can prove to be hard to do since Dallas has one of the largest deficits between what people make and what people need to live.

Is the Dallas housing market about to burst?

While many parts of the country are facing serious housing bubbles, Dallas is not likely to be vulnerable as far as crashes go. Real estate here remained relatively stable, despite the issues that have arisen in recent months.

Why is Dallas real estate so cheap?

Texan real estate, as a whole, is cheap because there is so much available land—most of which cannot be used to raise crops. So, it can only be used to provide real estate. Moreover, the wages in Texas are far lower than most parts of the country.

Why don’t Dallas homes have basements?

Dallas homes have the strange quirk of not having basements, which leads many new homeowners to raise an eyebrow. The reason for this is due to the frost line around Dallas. The soil here freezes fairly easily, which means that having a basement in the Dallas region could potentially harm a house’s foundation.

What is the richest neighborhood in Dallas?

According to the most recent statistics, University Park is the richest neighborhood in Dallas. This neighborhood has a medium-income of $198,578, putting almost all of its inhabitants in the top 1 percent of earners for the state of Texas.

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