The Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Cleveland: 2022’s Ultimate List

Cleveland, Ohio may be the home of Lebron James, but it's also the home of several dangerous neighborhoods. Avoiding these neighborhoods is a manner of personal safety. Whether it be Saint Claire-Superior, North Broadway, or The Stockyards, let’s take a look at the most dangerous neighborhoods in Cleveland.


The Drew Carey Show might have made Cleveland out to be a cool place to live, but that’s not always true. Cleveland is a city that has regularly made news headlines for its perennial struggles with crime. Whether it’s from rioting due to civil unrest, the high murder rates, or even something along the lines of white-collar crime, Clevland rightfully earned its reputation for being one of the most dangerous cities in Ohio.

Of course, that doesn’t stop it from having its attractions. This booming city has an epic restaurant scene, striking architectural landmarks, as well as a fair amount of nightclubs that are worth writing home about. It also happens to be a major business epicenter of the Midwest, especially when you’re talking about the automotive industry.

The top 3 most dangerous neighborhoods in Cleveland are Industrial Valley, Central Cleveland, and North Broadway. Each of these neighborhoods has both high violent and property crime rates. Visitors are advised to steer clear of these areas when visiting Cleveland. If you cannot avoid these neighborhoods then please proceed with caution.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Cleveland is a fairly “hit or miss” type of city. If you want to have an amazing experience in this town, it’s a smart idea to stick to the safer areas inside the city’s limits. This guide will help you learn about the worst neighborhoods to avoid, and why you want to avoid them.

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What Are The Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Cleveland?

Though one could argue that danger is in the eye of the beholder, statistics tell a different story. We decided to go through the hard data to look at the worst neighborhoods in the city. Since exact crime numbers aren’t available, we had to use local police’s crime rate estimates to do our data.

#10: Clark Fulton

Clark Fulton

  • Property Crime: 6,409 per 100,000 people
  • Violent Crime: 2,106

Clark Fulton is a neighborhood that looks scary, but don’t worry. That’s not false advertising. It is a pretty terrifying place to be, especially at night. This is because it has a crime rate that is higher than many of the most dangerous cities in other parts of the state. The violent crime rate here stands at 2,106 per 100,000 people.

Despite having a violent crime rate that’s well over four times the national average, Clark Fulton is currently facing struggles involving gentrification efforts. As a result, many people are concerned that they may see a blowback from locals. Whether it’ll be an “up and comer” or a disaster in the making remains to be seen.

#9: Saint Claire-Superior

Saint Claire-Superior

  • Property Crime: 6,421
  • Violent Crime: 2,110

Saint Claire-Superior might only be a small patch of land, but it has a lot of problems within its borders. The biggest issues that make it unlivable for most people involve its sky-high crime rates and gang activity. The violent crime rate is almost four and a half times the national average here, which means that you really aren’t safe at any time of the day here.

A large portion of the problems here probably stem from the shockingly low household income of $21,000 and its high pre-COVID unemployment rates of 13.1 percent. After all, they do say that desperation and crime tend to go hand in hand. If you move to this neighborhood, we hope you have a job lined up and a security system in place.

#8: Union Miles Park

Union Miles Park

  • Property Crime: 6,622
  • Violent Crime: 2,176

Some parts of Cleveland are lush and filled with up-and-coming professionals, but Union Miles Park is not one of those places. Ravaged by poverty, a downright foul school system, and serious unemployment rates, this neighborhood has a long way to go before most people would consider it to be a nice place to live.

Property crimes ranging from theft to fraud are a daily occurrence if you live in Union Miles Park. Violent crimes like assaults, robberies, and shootings are a normal part of life here. No wonder why everyone in this neighborhood tries to leave for greener pastures.

#7: Woodland Hills

Woodland Hills

  • Property Crime: 6,622
  • Violent Crime: 2,184

It’s worth noting that we’re now at the point where the Cleveland neighborhoods you’re reading about are getting close to having a general crime rate that is 2.5 times the national average. In Woodland Hills, the violent crime rate is a full 475 percent higher than a typical American neighborhood.

Living in Woodland Hills means that you have a 1 in 12 chance of having a crime happen to you every year. The good news about living here? Property values are dirt cheap, with a medium home being priced at only $29,000. Considering that the unemployment was a worrisome 16 percent prior to COVID-19, it’s safe to say that foreclosures were still fairly common here.

#6: Fairfax


  • Property Crime: 6,676
  • Violent Crime: 2,194

In most towns, the name “Fairfax” tends to be associated with a certain level of wealth. This isn’t the case in Cleveland. This neighborhood regularly gets voted as one of the worst neighborhoods in Cleveland as a result of the extreme urban blight that took hold of the region. Vacant houses, rampant drug use, and alarmingly high unemployment rates are the norm.

As a result of the many different factors that are involved with the low quality of life, Fairfax also has a terrible crime problem. When adjusted for the population size, the total crime rate is a whopping 8,870 per 100,000 people. Around a third of all Fairfax students will graduate high school, making this neighborhood a vicious cycle of awfulness.

#5: The Stockyards

The Stockyards

  • Property Crime: 6,820
  • Violent Crime: 2,235

Can this even be called a “neighborhood?” It’s hard to say. The Stockyards were once where local unions stocked their supplies, and while a fire might have changed the scenery a bit, it’s impossible to deny the deep industrial vibes that the Stockyards offers up. Today, it has a fair amount of residential areas—but it still retains the crime rates of old school Cleveland.

The Stockyards are known for being a gang activity hotspot. It’s so bad, many police officers try to avoid the neighborhood unless they are specifically called out to the region. Should you find yourself in this area, keep an eye out and try to carry pepper spray. It’s not the type of place you should venture into alone.

#4: Kinsmith


  • Property Crime: 6,925
  • Violent Crime: 2,275

Kinsmith is regularly considered to be one of the worst places to live in Cleveland, if not the worst for any particular year. It’s just hard to figure out where to start with this neighborhood. Do we talk about how a typical household only earns $13,567 per year here? Or, should we talk about the way that you have a 1 in 11 chance of experiencing a serious crime?

Or is it the schools that we should talk about? Kinsmith’s schooling system is considered to be one of the bottom-performing in the state. Among people who live in the city, it’s just assumed that no one in their right mind would go to this neighborhood unless they absolutely have to.

Though it’s not the most dangerous place to be, Kinsmith became rather famous online for being one of the worst neighborhoods in Cleveland. By sheer reputation alone, most people won’t go here. Those who do either live here or drive through the streets for “ruin tourism” purposes.

#3: North Broadway

North Broadway

  • Property Crime: 6,929
  • Violent Crime: 2,277

Right near the center of Cleveland lies one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city…North Broadway. This derelict part of town is home to over 5,000 people who all seem to be struggling with the economic turmoil that comes with living in a rough place. If you live within this neighborhood’s limits, you are five times more likely to be struck by a violent crime than in a typical American suburb.

Like Kinsmith, the crime rates round out to having a 1 in 11 chance of being harmed. Rampant drug use, prostitution, and gang activity are to blame here. Part of the problem is the unusually high crime rate. Almost one in every five adults who live in North Broadway are unemployed.

#2: Central


  • Property Crime: 6,938
  • Violent Crime: 2,280

There are certain neighborhoods in Cleveland that are considered to be “no go” zones, even during the day. Central is one of those places. Located near Woodland and East 55th Street, Central is more or less a war zone rather than a neighborhood in most senses of the word. This area has violent crime statistics that rival legitimate war zones—even when times don’t involve civil unrest.

If you’re new to town and decide to drive through Central, you might hear people telling you to lock your doors. They aren’t joking. With one out of four residents in the area out of work prior to the COVID-19 crisis, you shouldn’t be surprised if their desperation to make ends meet could get out of control.

Despite the ultra-high unemployment rates and the scarily high crime rate, the property values here don’t seem to fall. This is due to the somewhat close proximity to more upscale locations in the city. If crime cleans up, Central could have the potential to be one of the most high-demand neighborhoods in all of Cleveland.

#1: Industrial Valley

Industrial Valley


  • Property Crime: 7,059
  • Violent Crime: 2,319

Industrial Valley managed to reach the nadir when it comes to the quality of life, and most of the blame for that could be ascribed to the crime rates this area faces. The property crime rate is out of control here, with burglaries, arson, and car thefts being more frequently reported than in any other neighborhood. Yikes, am I right?

Living in Industrial Valley means that you are in one of the most crime-ridden parts of the entire United States of America. Of course, that’s not all this place is known for. An 11 percent pre-COVID unemployment rate certainly left people in dire need of money, as did some of the most terrible schools in Cleveland.

If you were looking for a place with cheap property and don’t mind taking your life into your own hands, then you might be a good match for Industrial Valley. After all, the average house here is only worth $10,000 or so. So, the land and house are actually worth less than the materials used to make the dwelling.

Crime Rates In Cleveland for 2020

City Name Property Crime (Per 100,000) Violent Crime (Per 100,000)
Clark Fulton 6,409 2,106
Saint Claire-Superior 6,421 2,110
Union Miles Park 6,622 2,176
Woodland Hills 6,648 2,184
Fairfax 6,676 2,194
The Stockyards 6,801 2,235
Kinsmith 6,925 2,275
North Broadway 6,929 2,277
Central 6,938 2,280
Industrial Valley 7,059 2,319
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Related Questions

What is Cleveland known for?

Cleveland is famous for being right across the border from Canada, having gorgeous views of Lake Eerie, and for being home to the Cleveland Browns. Inside its borders, you can find several art museums, a rich restaurant scene, as well as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Is Cleveland dangerous?

Cleveland is one of the most dangerous cities in America and is cited as the most dangerous city in Ohio. Though property crimes make up a sizeable amount of the reported crimes in the area, it’s the violent crimes that make it such an ill-reputed city. It’s a known fact that real estate in Cleveland suffers as a result of the high crime rates.

How many homicides did Cleveland have in 2020?

Currently, the homicide count for this year is approximately 70. Homicides have been steadily rising in the city, with every year striking more than 120 total annual homicides for the past four years. Recently, Cleveland’s police department made a formal request for more homicide detectives in an effort to curb the homicide problem.

Is Cleveland considered to be a good place to live in?

While there are some good parts in town, Cleveland is not considered to be a great place to live. Multiple statistics suggest that it’s actually one of the worst cities to live in. High crime rates, poor schools, few social support systems, bad healthcare, icy weather, and few amenities make most neighborhoods a struggle.

What are the best neighborhoods in Cleveland?

If you are looking to move to the area, it’s highly suggested that you take a look at Lakewood, Rocky River, or Highland Heights. These neighborhoods have decent schools, a low crime rate, excellent amenities, and beautiful homes. The neighborhoods are also considered to be some of the best investment properties in the city.

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