The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In Connecticut: 2022's Ultimate List

Ossiana Tepfenhart
by Ossiana Tepfenhart
Connecticut is a wonderful state with great education and employment opportunities. Sadly, not everywhere in Connecticut is worth calling home because of the high crime rates. Whether it be Hartford or New Haven, let’s take a look at the 10 most dangerous cities in Connecticut.

As someone who’s from New Jersey, I always viewed Connecticut as our state’s snooty older brother. Whatever Jersey has, Connecticut has an older, more upscale version of it. As I got older, I became aware that Connecticut also had some not-so-good parts, and some of the most dangerous cities in Connecticut took me by surprise.

The most dangerous cities in Connecticut are Hartford, New Haven, Waterbury, New Britain, and Plainville. Hartford’s overall crime rate is 81% above the national average, with a violent crime rate 180% over the national average. Other dangerous cities in Connecticut are Bloomfield, Derby, New London, East Windsor, and East Hartford.

Though Connecticut has some of the finest universities in the country, the truth is that this state has its dodgy parts. Even if you’re just coming to CT for a quick day trip, it’s a good idea to know which parts you should avoid and which parts are safer. Without further ado, let’s talk about the most dangerous cities in Connecticut.

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Is Connecticut Safe?

Compared to most other states in the union, the answer is a resounding yes. Excellent school systems, an overall high employment rate, and an anti-gang sentiment has made Connecticut one of the best places to raise a family in 2021. The overall crime rate in Connecticut is notable lower than the national average.

For the most part, you shouldn’t be scared of walking around alone at night if you’re in Connecticut. If you’re deeply concerned about crime, then the general rules for safety apply. Stay aware of your surroundings, invest in home security, and have a good car alarm.

What Is Connecticut’s Safety Ranking?

According to the most recent statistics, Connecticut has the lowest incidence of violent crime in the United States. Even when it comes to property crime, Connecticut is well below the national average.

In a recent 2021 study by WalletHub, Connecticut ranked as the 6th safest state in the country. No matter how you look at it, Connecticut is safe.

Connecticut is also unique in the sense that you have cities here that still get “A” ratings from neighborhood watch groups when it comes to crime rates. That alone says volumes, don’t you think?

Connecticut’s own Ridgefield remains one of the safest cities in Connecticut, not to mention the entire country. In 2018, the city only clocked in a single violent crime. The total property crime was also exceedingly low, at 253 per 100,000 residents. Locals thank their law enforcement and excellent school systems for that level of safety.

Why Is Connecticut So Safe?

It’s hard to tell what is the biggest curb against crime. Connecticut ranks well in several factors that have been proven to cut crime, including:

  • Excellent Education Systems. Connecticut remains one of the most educated states in the union and has one of the best test score rates in the country. Connecticut also has one of the highest college admissions rates in the country, as well as a number of the top schools in America. This, in turn, means that even disadvantaged kids have a good chance of making it.
  • Good Welfare Systems. Poverty has been a proven issue that leads people to crime, and that’s something that Connecticut is scarce in. If a family is down on their luck, they won’t have to turn to crime in order to get help in this state. Connecticut has excellent social welfare when it comes to both mental health and income.
  • A Positive Culture. While there are many states that tend to glorify violence, Connecticut isn’t one of them. Studies have shown that having a culture that looks down upon crime decreases the chances of violent crime. Maybe this state is just proof in the proverbial pudding.
  • Responsive Law Enforcement. It’s no secret that Connecticut’s tax dollars often contribute to a police force that’s notoriously tough on crime. Whether it’s police visiting schools to talk about the dangers of joining gangs, the active DARE programs, or just having a fast response time, police are always there to help.

The Most Dangerous Cities In Connecticut

Now that we’ve gotten into the nitty-gritty of Connecticut’s safety, let’s start talking about how we discovered the worst places to live in this state. We took the raw data about Connecticut’s worst environments, sorted them by violent crime, and looked at what’s going on in terms of the neighborhoods to see where people really should avoid.

10. East Hartford: One Of The Safest Most Dangerous Cities In Connecticut

  • Annual Violent Crimes: 76
  • Annual Property Crimes: 775
  • Population: 49,872

Yes, it’s true. Hartford’s suburbs have a little bit of a crime problem. Even so, the fact is that the average crime rate in the country matches the bottom of the top 10 of Connecticut’s most dangerous cities. That’s not too bad.

For the most part, the biggest issue here is grand larceny and other large-ticket thefts. Anecdotal evidence also suggests that vandalism has been on the rise, especially when it comes to graffiti. The majority of violent crimes are assault.

Thankfully, East Hartford has seen a steady decline in crime over recent years—giving both locals and law enforcement a breath of fresh air. It has a crime index of 35, meaning it’s safer than 35% of US cities.

9. East Windsor

  • Annual Violent Crimes: 14
  • Annual Property Crimes: 275
  • Population: 11,668

You’re going to see a couple of city suburbs on this list, and East Windsor is one of them. Though it is technically deemed to be one of the most dangerous places to live in Connecticut, it’s still considered to be one of the best places to live in the Hartford area. It may be strange, but it’s important to remember that Connecticut is extremely safe.

Decent schools, a booming nightlife, and relatively affordable housing make this place attractive. Even so, the property crime is relatively high compared to other suburbs.

Though the crime is high, most of it is preventable. As long as you take the proper precautions, chances are you won’t really notice much crime around you. East Windsor has a crime index of 21, making it safer than 21% of cities in the US.

The best way to make sure that you are going to be safe here is to install a good home alarm system, keep an eye on your possessions, and have a solid car alarm, too. With those tools, you’re good to go.

8. New London

  • Annual Violent Crimes: 81
  • Annual Property Crimes: 503
  • Population: 26,858

New London’s crime rate is roughly the same as the national average, though it does have a notably higher violent crime rate. Here, the violent crime rate is roughly 19 percent higher than the national average. So, it’s not entirely safe.

In this area, the biggest issue among violent crimes is assault. It often happens when parties go wrong, or as a result of domestic assault.

Though it is one of the most dangerous cities in Connecticut, gang activity just doesn’t really happen here. That’s why many families still choose to raise their children here. New London has a crime index of 25, making it safer than 25% of US cities.

7. Derby

  • Annual Violent Crimes: 24
  • Annual Property Crimes: 240
  • Population: 12,339

With many states in the union, by the time that you hit number seven on the list, you’ll start hearing warnings to lock your doors. This isn’t the case with Connecticut, nor is it really the case with Derby.

Derby’s crime rate is roughly the same as the national average, and they have a crime index of 26. The schools are fairly good here, though the area is known for struggling with some minor unemployment in its ranks. Even so, it might be a good idea to install a door alarm on your home if you stay here, just to be safe.

Oddly enough, this is the only city on this list where you are more likely to be robbed than you are to be assaulted.

6. Bloomfield

  • Annual Violent Crimes: 27
  • Annual Property Crimes: 500
  • Population: 21,211

Technically, this is considered to be a suburb of Hartford, but it’s still officially its own town. So it qualifies as one of the worst places to live in Connecticut. For the most part, a typical out-of-stater would probably find this place to be pretty nice to live in.

It has decent schools, a plethora of amenities, nice restaurants, as well as picturesque parts that are filled to the brim with New England charm. It also has a crime index of 21, making it safer than roughly 21% of US cities.

Even so, it has a proportion of crime that’s much higher than a typical Connecticut city. This alone makes it one of the (relatively) worst places to live in Connecticut.

Theft and burglaries are somewhat common here, compared to other parts of the state. We suggest staying aware of your surroundings if you choose to live in this area.

5. Plainville Is One Of The Most Dangerous Cities In Connecticut

  • Annual Violent Crimes: 33
  • Annual Property Crimes: 348
  • Population: 17,534

This isn’t really a city, per se, but it’s still a pretty bad place to live when you compare it to other areas of Connecticut. Plainville’s tiny town has a notoriously high crime rate despite it being about the size of other cities’ neighborhoods. However, there’s been a concentrated effort to curb the crime before it gets out of control.

The big issue here is larceny-theft, which has been a constant thorn in the side of law enforcement. Thankfully, increased spending on education and better commerce options have made this rate drop in recent years.

The crime index currently sits at 26, making it safer than 26% of US cities. Should the trend continue, it’s likely that we’ll see the small city of Plainville disappear from this list completely in future years.

4. New Britain

  • Annual Violent Crimes: 307
  • Annual Property Crimes: 1,220
  • Population: 72,495

Coming in at number four on our list is New Britain, a city that’s been in a decent amount of struggle with its crime rate. Part of it is due to the sheer size of the city, while other parts of it can be ascribed to the high cost of living and somewhat high unemployment rates.

Thankfully, there is some good news here. Crime has seen a noteworthy downturn in recent years. Unlike other cities on this list, it appears like New Britain might be able to overcome its problems. It even has a crime index of 27, meaning it’s safer than roughly 27% of US cities.

3. Waterbury

  • Annual Violent Crimes: 325
  • Annual Property Crimes: 3,263
  • Population: 107,568

Unlike some of the other entries on our list of the most dangerous cities in Connecticut, Waterbury’s big problem is property crime…and it has a lot of it. According to the most recent statistics, you have a 1 in 33 chance of becoming a victim of a property crime within the city limits.

A standout issue here in Waterbury is that you have a lot of car thefts compared to the national average. While violent crime is only roughly 17 percent above the national average, property crime here is at a whopping 78 percent above the norm.

This flies in the face of the typical Connecticut trend, which is why cost-of-living is cheaper here than in many other Connecticut cities. The crime index in Waterbury is 12, making it safer than just 12% of US cities.

2. New Haven Is Among The Most Dangerous Cities In Connecticut

  • Annual Violent Crimes: 1,172
  • Annual Property Crimes: 5,246
  • Population: 130,250

Though it might have a reputation for being “hoity-toity,” New Haven still has a serious crime problem. More specifically, it has a violent crime problem. While you only have a 1 in 111 chance of being a victim of violent crime here, that’s still four times more likely than any other part of the state except for our top city.

New Haven’s issues are ones that the police have been working tirelessly to fix. Thankfully, crime is on a downturn here now that better social welfare programs are in place.

This has led New Haven to an increase in tourism as well as a new boom in real estate investment. If you’re looking to move to an up-and-coming city with a great commute to NYC, New Haven might be it.

Should you come to New Haven, it’s important to remember that this city has a great nightlife…but that it’s still not the safest place to be. It has a crime index of 4, making it safer than only 4% of US cities.

If you want to partake in the fun, make sure to keep aware of your surroundings, avoid dimly-lit places, and keep an eye on your drink. Aside from that, you should be fine.

1. Hartford Tops The List Of Most Dangerous Cities In Connecticut

  • Annual Violent Crimes: 1,049
  • Annual Property Crimes: 3,426
  • Population: 122,105

Known to the masses as the largest city in the state, Hartford might have a shiny veneer, but it’s not safe. As the most dangerous city in Connecticut, its crime rate is far above the national average. In fact, it’s a full 81 percent above the national average when you look at both violent and non-violent crimes.

Violent crime is particularly bad in Hartford, to the point that it is 180 percent above the national average. Many people ascribe this to the high incidence of bar fights, but robberies are fairly common, too. Minor gang activity has been reported in the Hartford area, so if you go here, make sure to avoid the more dangerous neighborhoods.

A large portion of the reason for the high crime rate deals with Hartford’s out-of-control poverty. 30.1 percent of all Hartford residents currently live at or below the poverty line, which obviously leads to the type of desperation that could encourage criminal activity on all fronts.

With that said, Hartford’s high crime rate is an outlier in Connecticut’s overall crime history. It has a crime index of 10, and police and local leaders have been trying out brand new methods to dissuade career criminals from having their way with the town. The effects of the new efforts to cut crime have yet to be seen.

The Most Dangerous Cities In Connecticut: 2022’s Ultimate List

NumberNameChances Of Becoming A Victim Of A Violent Crime

1 out of…

Chances Of Becoming A Victim Of A Property Crime

1 out of…

10East Hartford65664
9East Windsor83342
8New London33253
4New Britain23659
2New Haven11125

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What is considered to be a good salary in Connecticut?

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