Texas Vs. Virginia: Which State Is Better To Live In?

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With two southern states like Virginia and Texas, it can be hard to find enough differences to separate them. But, a power-house like Virginia is easy to differentiate from an emboldened and lively state like Texas. Between the two, there can only be one winner.

Considering the extremely low crime rate, deep heritage, and strong culture in Virginia, this state is the clear winner in our comparison. The schools are some of the best in the entire nation. With endless opportunities for leisure and entertainment, any person would be happy relocating to this varied, exciting, and historic state.

Of course, Texas has plenty to offer with fantastic housing prices, a lower cost of living, and fantastic cuisine. If you are considering a move to either Texas or Virginia, consulting with the respective chamber of commerce is a great idea to get a better feel for the lifestyle in each state.

Which State Is Better: Texas or Virginia?

Choosing one state over another is difficult with so many contributing factors. Even changes from city to city will largely impact the outcome of the entire state. For our comparison, we try to look at several cities throughout the state to get a good feel for the overall culture, vibe, and cost of living. We want to understand how the average person moves and lives in each state to give the typical person a good idea of living in either Texas or Virginia.

Quality of Life

Measuring the quality of life is essential for people considering a move to either Texas or Virginia. Enjoying where you live is more than simply being able to pay the bills. Both Texas And Virginia have an extremely high quality of life compared to other states, but Virginia is slightly better. Although you may have more purchase power in Texas, you will also have way more pollution to deal with. Virginia is a much safer state (depending on the city), and healthcare will generally be better.

Winner: Virginia

Cost of Living

Living in either of these two states largely depends on the city you choose. Major cities tend to have higher prices, especially when you factor housing into the cost of living. In general, Texas will be cheaper for housing and utilities. Virginia will be more affordable for transportation. Expect to spend about the same in Texas and Virginia for healthcare and food.

Winner: Texas

Housing Costs

One of the biggest differentiators between these two states is the high price of housing in Virginia. Prices for houses are almost $40,000 higher than those in Texas. It follows that housing prices for a one-bedroom apartment are also higher in Virginia. Rural areas in Virginia tend to have lower rents and house prices, whereas costs can quickly escalate the closer you get to Washington D.C.

Median House Price$185,500$214,400
Average Rent 1 BDRM$958$811

Winner: Texas

Job Market

Texas has an unusually high unemployment rate, but it is almost mitigated by the high projected job growth in the coming years. Showing much less change, Virginia seems to have maxed out its potential for new growth, at least for the near future. Still, with a lower unemployment rate and much higher median income, Virginia seems to have a more substantial job market at the moment.

Main industries for Texas include aviation, natural resources, aerospace, biomedical engineering, and finance. Virginia is home to the service industry, technology, and agriculture. Top companies located in Virginia include Dollar Tree and Hilton.

Projected 10-Year Growth18%10.1%
Median Household Income$76,727$93,497
Median Personal Income$31,277$53,723

Winner: Virginia


Virginia is strongly influenced by its American Indian, African, and European roots. Much of the art, cuisine, and history is embedded into everyday culture and lifestyle. This state is also the home base of the U.S. Navy, and it follows that there is a strong military presence throughout the area. Being the first colony of the new world, this state has a sense of pride for being the first colony established by the English.

Texas, too, has a strong culture that is influenced by Native Americans and a strong Hispanic influence. Together, the two combine to create a beautiful fusion that influences art, music, and cuisine. There is a particular element of southern hospitality in Texas, and there is a deep respect for farming and ranching throughout the state.

Winner: Tie


Virginia is home to so many historical events and locations that it is hard to cover all of them. From the initial colony in America at Jamestown to historic Williamsburg close to D.C., there is plenty to see and do throughout the state. Visit historic Monte Cello or Mount Vernon. Visit the several national Parks or go to Busch Gardens. Virginia is also along the coast, which offers plenty of beach access for a summer vacation.

Comparatively, Texas is also rich in history. Residents can visit the Alamo or take a stroll along the San Antonio River Walk. Nature lovers will love to visit Big Bend National Park or visit the several beaches Texas has along its coast. Texas also has an intense art and music scene that will keep people entertained.

Winner: Tie


Throughout Virginia, there are great highway systems. However, the traffic and commutes are some of the absolute worst in the nation. Parts of Virginia close to Washington D.C. can utilize the Metro system, which also services Alexandria and Arlington.

Texas has a varied range of transportation methods that really depend on the individual city in question. Major cities like Dallas and Houston usually have a decent rail or bus service that helps move residents throughout the city. More rural towns rely heavily on individual vehicles, and they will strongly utilize the extensive highway systems throughout the state. Texas is also home to several international airports.

Transportation: Virginia


Virginia is a very diverse state that has a broad range and collective racial composition. About 54% of the population is White, 21% Black, 7.7% Asian, and 14.8% Hispanic. Many of the people who live in Virginia trace their ancestry back to Africa, Germany, England, or Ireland. A large portion of the population is either Protestant or Christian.

Comparatively, Texas is not quite as diverse. 70% of the population is White, 12% Black, and 4% Asian. There is a strong German heritage in Germany, with many German settlers relocating to the state’s middle. It is also possible to find very distinct and clear Hispanic culture throughout Texas.

Winner: Virginia


When it comes to public schools, Virginia has the top five in the entire country. Public schools are just as good as private schools, and academics and athletics are top-notch. The state is also home to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the country. Virginia Tech, Virginia State, James Madison, and William and Mary are all located in Virginia.

Texas has excellent schools, but they just simply can’t compare with Virginia. Texas can boast smaller than average class sizes, which helps to give students more one-on-one attention. There are several large colleges and universities in Texas, including Texas A&M, Texas Tech, and Texas State.

Winner: Virginia


Virginia has some pretty wild swings in temperatures across the state. Summers will usually average about 86 degrees F, while winters will drop to an average of 25 degrees F. Summers are humid, and there are about two or three months where thunderstorms are likely. Expect hot and humid summers.

Comparatively, Texas reaches the mid-80s in the summer but only drops to about 50 degrees F in the winter. This state experiences a high amount of tornadoes and averages about 132 tornadoes in the state every year.

Winner: Virginia

Crime Rates

Compared to the crime statistics presented by other states, Virginia is a relatively safe state. And, positive signs point to the fact that this state is getting safer each year. For every 100,000 residents, there are only about 1,600 property crimes, which is almost half the national average. Violent crime is only about 43% of the national average.

Comparatively, though, Texas does not fare as well. Texans will love to boast that they are safer than their surrounding states of Arkansas and Louisiana, but these are two of the worst crime states in the country. There are 419 violent crimes in Texas for every 100,000 residents, which is much higher than average.

Winner: Virginia

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What are the up-and-coming cities in Texas?

Many parts of Texas are appealing for new families relocating to the state, but one city stands out among the rest as a fast-growing, desirable location. Lender, located about 30 minutes northwest of Austin, is exploding on the scene. Over the past ten years, this town has grown significantly, and neighborhoods in this area are incredibly sought-after. Other cities, including Round Rock and Frisco, are also quickly growing.

What is the most expensive city to live in Virginia?

Virginian is extremely varied, with some parts of the state extremely rural and other parts very well developed. The most expensive city in Virginia is Great Falls. In this area, the average home sale price is $1.98 million. The second-highest cost of living in the state is credited to Blacksburg, which Williamsburg closely follows.


Choosing between a northern metropolitan state or a southern agricultural state is difficult, especially with so many unique and endearing features about each. However, Virginia is clearly the winner in this state-to-state battle. Between exceptional safety statistics, phenomenal school systems, and extremely high median household income, it is hard to go wrong choosing to move to Virginia.

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