20+ Temporary Door Ideas for Home (with Photos)

Temporary Door Ideas

Many people are sometimes do not have the budget to get a luxurious door for their current home. For most, privacy is an important key factor in every room. Whether it be a bedroom, bathroom, living room, office, etc. If you have some imagination and do enough brainstorming, you can use a temporary door in your home not only to bring privacy but sometimes to act as a sound barrier as well.

For some, temporary doors can come in varieties of materials and sizes. You can use curtains, sheets, beaded strings, and even barn doors. For homeowners, there is a temporary door out there for every budget and personality.

Why You Might Need a Temporary Door

You might need a temporary door simply because it is a low-cost option. Temporary doors do everything a real door might do and can still give plenty of privacy depending on what option you choose. For a homeowner who may rent their homes, temporary doors would be a quick fix for someone who doesn’t want to have a permanent structure installed in a living space.

For Families. The majority of families live in standard-sized homes or smaller. As your kids get older, they will also ask for more privacy, even you don’t want to completely agree to it entirely. You will find this out especially if your child is entering those teenage years. Most Americans between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-five are still living with their parents, according to the New York Times. Since many adults are still living at home, there has been an increase in the need for temporary doors.

Sharing a House. If you might be living in a shared housing situation, temporary doors could also be for you. According to The Atlantic, twenty-five percent of the population, between the ages of eighteen and thirty-four are living in shared housing. Since Los Angeles is so expensive, there are a lot of people who still live in shared housing in that area.

20+ Temporary Door Ideas

The greatest thing about using a temporary door is that it isn’t permanent. You can use a temporary door for any style or occasion if you want to separate a space.

1. Farmhouse

Very similar to a barn door, here we have a sliding farmhouse ship-lapped option. This neutral door blends beautifully with the rest of the office space that is decorated using boho decor and furniture options.

2. Sheer Doors

Here we have a black sheer door option that separates two rooms of the home. This provides 100% privacy, but will not be a complete soundproof option. This sheer door will allow the view of shadows, but will still give privacy.

3. Sliding Barn Doors

Here we have a set of farmhouse barn doors. If you want to avoid hinged doors, this would be a great option for you. Sliding doors also save a lot of space, which can be ideal for smaller rooms.

4. Castle Wood

This option reminds me of doors they used in castle settings. It provides privacy as it separates rooms, but you can still see in between and it’s not completely soundproof.

5. Accordion

Accordion-style doors are an excellent choice for rooms without a door. You don’t have to choose a standard Accordion door, as there are other room-appealing options available. You can either choose one or more if you want a moveable option.

6. Brown Sheer

As previously shown, we went over a black door sheer option. Here we have a brown-styled door that gives a modern farmhouse look. These doors are great for closet and office settings.

7. Shades

Here we have a set of Roman shades that not only can be used for windows but doors. Roman shades can be made out of bamboo or other fabrics that have a decorative style. With these shades, you can slide them down whenever you need them. One advantage that these give is that there are different size options available, so even if your door space is bigger, these would still work. You can also throw Roman shades directly into the washing machine if they become dirty.

8. Screen Folding Door

Screen folding doors are one of the best options for rooms without doors. This would be a great option if you’re currently living in an apartment setting. If you have a large living room area, you could also use s screen folding door. To decorate a space like that, place your screen folding door in the middle of your room and add a decorative piece. These doors come in different options such as wood, fabrics, or even plastic.

One of the advantages of this kind of door is that you’re able to move them around more than others. If you don’t need it to cover an entire space, you can fold it smaller to only cover the chosen area. You also don’t even have to buy these doors if you don’t want to. If you’re more of a DIY person, you can also make them this way.

9. String Beads

Here we have a set of beaded strings as a door option. These were very popular a few decades ago. There are still many people today who choose this option more as a decor piece more than anything. Beaded strings do not provide any privacy or sound barriers. If you’re looking for just a decorative option that is cheaper and to the point, a beaded string door would be great for you.

10. Tassels

When you see these, you may automatically think of Christmas. That doesn’t always need to be the case. Glitter-styled tassels are a very stylish option, and can even be s space-saving option. They don’t provide a sound barrier, but if you add enough can give enough privacy.

11. Saloon Doors

Here’s another option you don’t see every day, but may work great for you in a country-style setting. This option would give some privacy, but still, let in enough light.

12. Wood Wall Door

Instead of a door, you can pick a wood-wall option. This option would fit almost any design you choose. You use this if you want to separate rooms and could also create doors on both sides of the room.

13. Area Rugs

If you want to add color and texture, try going with an area rug to hang. This is another unique option if you don’t want to use curtains. Hanging an area rug over your doorway will reduce the sound that comes from your room, and will also add elegance.

14. Macrame Rope

If you’re into a boho-style, you can use Macrame ropes as your door. Ropes can be a stylish and cheaper option if you’re on a budget. Add other boho decors to your space and give a warm, welcoming area for your family and guests.

15. Quilt

You can use a quilt as your door. This option is a bit heavier, so you’ll need to find a hook or something to install that allows you to hang heavier drapes. Use a handmade quilt to give your look. Not only will this give you a door, but will also add a unique piece of art to your room.

16. Pocket Door

Sliding-pocket doors provide a simple, clean option to a space. Here we have a simple white and black room, with a pocket door leading to the closet area. You can use these for closets, bedrooms, dining rooms, etc. I especially love these for office spaces.

17. Wood Door Divider

Here we have a wooden door divider that divides the kitchen and living room area. If you need a quick option, this would be great to go with. Many use these temporary doors if they’re hosting a party or gathering. If you want to add some style, consider painting it a shade of your favorite color.

18. Leather Cushion

Here’s one option you don’t see every day. Here we have a leather cushion-inspired door. This provides a dark feel to the room while also giving enough privacy when it comes to sound.

19. Shoji

For more of a Japanese style, you can opt to choose Shoji sliding doors. Shoji is a Japanese tradition. Shoji doors give enough privacy, while also letting just enough light into your room. Shoji doors are made of rice paper, are lightweight, and easily slide in and out.

20. Textiles

If you don’t need 100% privacy or silence in your room, you can consider using textiles as your door. You can pick out any color of your choosing to match the current scheme of the room. Choosing a handmade piece will add your personality to the room rather than a standard door.

21. Bookcases

Going with the option of the bookcase can bring a lot of elegance to a room and increase the visual appearance of your space. All at the same time, you will still keep an opening so that in the future you will still have the option to install a door if you wanted to.

If you want to avoid installing any door or stringing any rope or beads, you can separate your rooms using a small or large bookcase. Bookcases are a great way to not only save space but can also organize your books if you’re the type of person like me who has them in all different areas of her home.

22. Curtains

Curtains are a very useful temporary door option, especially for bedrooms. For mothers, curtains may be perfect for those who need to keep an eye on their babies at all times. Sometimes when moms are cleaning the house a curtain could be an easy way to make sure they safe. If you have a big family, on the other hand, curtains may not be an ideal option for you.

One thing you may think is, “how would I keep the curtain open?” There are a couple of options for keeping your curtain open in the room. You can slide it over, just like your standard window, or you can install a hook if your certain is near a wall space so you can hook it back. The hook would be more of an aesthetically pleasing option to take if you care about the appearance of your room.

For curtain options, pick out your desired shade and fabric. There are a variety of options so if you want it to blend well with the rest of your space, take your time in this area. You may also use draperies if you want more of a sound barrier in your room.

23. Bifold Doors

Our parents used to LOVE bifold doors in their home. I had these on every closet in our house. Forget about the old standard bifold doors, you can now get them in a variety of colors and styles. These doors are great for small spaces.

24. Pivot Doors

Used in larger, luxurious style homes, pivot doors can be a great temporary door option. Pivot doors work well if you don’t have enough space in a certain area. These doors will solve that problem in no time. They don’t swing open wide like most standard doors or separate the rooms. This design has a glass sidelight option that increases the atmosphere of the room both indoors and outdoors.

25. Dutch

Dutch temporary doors are very unique and used much of in the countryside. If you need a window and a door in a tight space, you may opt for a Dutch door. These temporary doors are horizontally split and will give you the option of just opening the top if you want to bring fresh air into your home.

26. Garage Doors

This is one of the most unique temporary door designs I’ve ever seen. Having a garage door can create and save a lot of space in your rooms. They can open and close without cramping any living space and stow along the ceiling area.

27. Accordion French Doors

If you don’t want to use the wooden accordion door option, here is another temporary style door you may use. While the wooden versions may be cheaper if you’re on a tighter budget, this french-style accordion door is an upgrade. These doors are very stylish and can easily complement a variety of themes and color shades you have chosen for your room. The glass pane will allow light to beautifully shine through while taking up a small amount of space at the same time.

28. Glass Sliding Door

If you’re looking for another temporary door option that will bring in a lot of natural light, you can always go with these sliding glass doors. These glass doors don’t always need to be for the outside of your home. You can install them on the inside of your home, which allows room that could have a dark feel and cramped, to be opened up.

Where To Purchase a Temporary Door

Amazon. One of the most popular places to order from that is convenient is Amazon. In our neighborhood, I see the Amazon van daily. I’ve always wondered about some of the things people may purchase. You can find some ideas from Amazon such as magnetic insulated doors, accordion doors, curtains, and even beads.

Wayfair. Ordering from Wayfair is easy and fast. Wayfair has options like bookcases, accordion doors, and especially a great selection of curtains and rugs to use for your temporary door.

Home Depot or Lowes. Home Depot or Lowes are two great options if you’re more of the DIY builder type. If you want to design your wooden barn door, you can visit either of these locations to get your materials such as wood, sliding track, and paint.

Pros and Cons

I’ve chosen several from the list to go over the pros and cons of each that may help you make a decision faster if these are among the selection you’re trying to choose from.

Barn Doors

Pros: If you’re installing a barn door, it shouldn’t be too difficult. You will enjoy a nice appealing selection that looks like an upgrade from a standard option. This will give your home a unique appeal, is available in several options, and could also be a great DIY project.

Cons: Depending on the color scheme of your room, or if you decide to change it, a barn door may not be aesthetically pleasing and blend with your space. If you have decor and furniture that is already natural, you shouldn’t have a problem. It may not suit what you’re looking for if your home is already too modern.

Pocket Doors

Pros: Pocket doors will look great in any area room you choose to add it in. These doors are commonly used in the closets of homes. This option allows you to tuck your door away hidden. You will have complete access to your doorway without any blockage. If you’re installing this door in a bathroom this will also help with your ventilation.

Cons: Pocket doors can be sometimes difficult to install if you’re doing it on your own. This process can be very time-consuming so you’ll want to plan ahead.


Pros: Hanging curtains are one of the most simple tasks. You can hang them up very quickly and don’t have to worry about the time it takes to install. Depending on the design and shade your choose, they can impress anyone.

Cons: You’ll need to think about what kind of curtains you want to install. If you’re installing a curtain in a bathroom, you’ll need to find a mildew-resistant curtain that will work well, not just your standard curtain. Standard curtains may get ruined if too much moisture builds up. Another downside is that you won’t be able to lock your curtain. So if you’re the type of person who needs their door to be locked, this option may not be for you.

Beaded Doors

Pros: Installing a beaded door is a very quick installment, probably even quicker than hanging up a curtain. It will give your rooms a large amount of visual appeal and are great for hippy or boho settings. You’ll also have many styles to choose from.

Cons: Beaded doors offer no privacy. If you’re thinking about installing them in a bathroom area, I’d probably choose another option for that room. These doors are also not ideal if you have a lot of people living in your home. If the lack of privacy doesn’t bother you, this would be a great selection for you.

Final Thoughts

Many people like to use temporary doors that they are able to remove easier, but some still decide to opt for sliding doors as well. Whatever option you choose, you can make your home room look not only stylish but cozy too! Make sure you pick out a door option that blends with your personality and style but also staying within your budget. Some of these temporary doors can be installed on your own, while some may require installation. I hope the temporary door ideas give you enough inspiration to get the vibe in your home flowing!

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