55+ Teen Bathroom Ideas (with Photos)

Teen Bathroom Ideas

You can let your teenager express themselves by helping pick out decor options, window treatments, storage, and many other features that a bathroom needs. To pick out what’s best for their bathroom, you can sit down with them and have them pick out the color schemes, organization ideas, and other inspirational components. Whether this bathroom is for one teenager or multiple, involve everyone so all of their aesthetic dreams are achieved.

What Should Teenagers Have In Their Bathrooms?

Here are some things every teenager should have when designing their bathroom.

  1. Window treatments and walls: The first thing you’ll want to do is start with the walls and windows. Will you be applying a fresh set of paint or wallpaper? Do your windows need blinds, shades, or curtains? If applying a paint color, pick a color that lines up with your teenager’s color preferences. If installing wallpaper, pick a texture or design that is one of their favorites. It’s hard to pinpoint what colors a teenager would like as times are changing, so every circumstance will be different. If painting, use a semigloss paint that will do well against humidity and chipping. If your teenager is on the artsy side, encourage them to paint their design on the walls for a unique look.
  2. Organization: Depending on your teenager, organization and storage could rank either high or low on their list. As I teenager I know I needed to have everything clean and a certain way. For teenage girls, you can buy storage containers for their makeup, toiletries, and other hygiene items. Keep items in reach such as hand towels, lotions, and hair care devices. You can even consider adding a separate vanity for them to get ready in the morning and night. Teenage boys, on the other hand, are very simple. A basic bathroom will be just about all the storage they need.
  3. Shower curtains/linens: Let your teenager pick out their shower curtains that go with their theme or color scheme. This could be neutral colors, dark shades of blue, green, sports themes, music, etc. Some show curtains now even have storage pockets that can hold body washes and shampoo. Also, don’t forget to match body towels and hand towels of the same color.
  4. Light and other accessories: You can now replace boring lighting fixtures with modern designs or chandeliers. Add your teenager’s favorite decor such as artwork, plants, pottery, etc. You can boost the aesthetic of their bathroom by adding coordinated rugs, toothbrush holders, and soap dispensers. For an eye-popping touch, you can even paint the frame of their vanity mirror below the lighting.

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Teen Bathroom Ideas

Here are 55 teen bathroom ideas to help give you inspiration for your bathroom design.

1. All White

Photo Credit: Chango & Co.

This minimalistic all-white design is gorgeous and would be a great choice for your teenage daughter. Add a canvas and decorative flower for the perfect touch of decor.

2. Farmhouse Blue

Photo Credit: TerraCotta Design Build Co.

This bathroom is designed with a large bathroom family paint in a shade of farmhouse blue. It has decorative hardware knobs, modern light fixtures, and painted mirror frames that match.

3. Floor Bathtubs

Photo Credit: HGTV

Floor bathtubs are coming back in style and look gorgeous in just about any bathroom setting. She’ll feel just like a movie start taking a bath in this tub of luxury.

4. Pattern Floors

Photo Credit: Kress Jack

Instead of regular hardwood or tile floors, get crazy with your flooring design. This bathroom has a triangular pattern floor to give this bathroom an energetic vibe.

5. Ocean Waves

Photo Credit: HGTV

If your teenager loves to be at the beach, add a shower curtain with ocean wave designs. You can even find a blue bathroom rug to match.

6. Flamingo

Photo Credit: Dwellings by Devore

Not looking to paint your bathroom walls? Try this feminine flamingo bathroom wallpaper that looks beautiful paired with this large bathroom vanity.

7. Punk Rock

Photo Credit: DIY Network

For the punk rocker in your life, this bathroom can become gender-neutral. Try a black, red, and white color scheme in the bathroom to go along with their punk rock vibe.

8. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Photo Credit: HGTV

For the girl who is all about beauty, this lipstick-stained wallpaper looks perfect just about with any decor items. Finish it off with white trim to make it pop!

9. Rustic

Photo Credit: MyHome Design & Remodeling

This simple rustic design is straight and to the point. The small vanity is made out of wood with matching floating shelves. The hardware on the sink and bathtub is designed using matte black material.

10. The Fashion Designer

Photo Credit: Redesign Right, LLC

This girl’s bathroom is just what you need for the aspiring fashion design. It has just enough countertop space for your model designs.

11. Enzian Blue

Photo Credit: Houzz

A unique color for any modern design, this shade of Enzian blue is beautiful when paired with white walls and tile. Add a splash of orange with towels and a floor rug for additional color.

12. Small Tiles

Photo Credit: Nord Architecture

Instead of opting for your standard 12 by 12 tiles, you can add small white tiles for a flooring option. This brings an elegant look to a space.

13. Modern Hardware

Photo Credit: Houzz

For modern bathrooms, try industrial modern hardware against a darker vanity shade. These also do well complemented with black frame mirrors and faucets.

14. Glass Shower

Photo Credit: Erica George Dines

Glass showers are becoming very popular in bathrooms of the present. For a sleek design, you can add both a glass shower and floor bathtub to have both options available.

15. Artwork

Photo Credit: @jenna.designs Instagram

If your teenager is crazy about art, have them make their design for their bathroom wall. This will not only be a great DIY project but will be a project the both of you can work on.

16. Gray & White

Photo Credit: David A. Land

When opting for white floors and white walls, if you still want to involve some color, try painting half of your walls in the shade of your choice. This will help prevent your bathroom from looking too bare.

17. Double Shower

Photo Credit: Sebring Designs

These showers are less common, but very much have a unique design. They are very similar to showers at the gym. These double showers also come with a privacy curtain.

18. Tile Design

Photo Credit: Blesser House

Even when installing a tile floor, you don’t need to choose a solid color. Consider adding a design such as black florals to bring your floor to life.

19. Fabulous

Photo Credit: Cre8ative Interior Designs

This bathroom has diva written all over it. The wall behind the vanity serves as the accent wall with its small shiny tile. The wall is decorated with feminine art and the mirror reminds you of royalty.

20. Double Sinks

Photo Credit: The Sunny Side Up Blog

If your teenager needs more space getting ready in the morning, consider adding a larger vanity with double sinks. One sink can be used for guests while the other can be used for personal hygiene.

21. Counter Sinks

Photo Credit: Mico

Countertop sinks are becoming more popular by the day. They are my personal favorite and will surely impress guests if your teenager is having a sleepover.

22. Nature

Photo Credit: Love Property

For the nature lover in your life, try a leafy wallpaper. You can add other plants in your bathroom to also keep your nature aesthetics rolling.

23. Blue & Gray

Photo Credit: Houzz

Every teenage boy will love this bathroom. It has a large wooden vanity, gray countertops, industrial lights, and blue walls.

24. Splash of Purple

Photo Credit: Italo Ceramica

If you’re designing your bathroom in all of the same shade, add a splash of purple to brighten it up. Paint the vanity, add a striped purple design, and decorate too much such as a bathroom trash can.

25. Rolling Organizer

Photo Credit: Roost Interior Design

If you don’t have much cabinet space, add a small caddy in the color of your choice to hold towels, toilet paper, and other bathroom items. This will save your teenager from always asking you for extra toilet paper!

26. Slim Mirror

Photo Credit: Kristen Elizabeth Designs

In the right setting, slim vanity mirrors can look great in a small bathroom. This mirror tilts in the right position just the way you need it.

27. Sectioned

Photo Credit: Houzz

This bathroom reminds me of a mudroom the way the shower and bathtub have been purposely sectioned. This will give your teenager the option of a shower or a bath.

28. Golden

Photo Credit: Jennifer Kizzee Design

You absolutely can not go wrong with a white and gold color scheme. This color scheme is gorgeous and is right down the alley of your typical girly girl.

29. Classic

Photo Credit: Pinterest

If your teenager is into classic movies, this movie-inspired bathroom is a great choice. Designed in your typical black and white cinema, there’s a touch of a hot pink to give off Audrey Hepburn vibes.

30. Farmhouse Green

Photo Credit: Sherwin Williams

This shade of green by Sherwin Williams is my favorite for farmhouse settings. Choose this shade for your walls or even bathroom vanity.

31. Long Mirrors

Photo Credit: Sherwin Williams

Instead of standard size vanity mirrors, go for a longer rectangular mirror with your large vanity. Your teenager will like having a full-body view while getting ready in the morning.

32. Shower Stool

Photo Credit: Adam Albright Photography, Inc

If your shower doesn’t have any ledges to hold shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, try putting in a shower stool to hold all of your items. Shower stools also serve as a great decorative piece.

33. Hexagon Mirror

Photo Credit: David Giles Photography

One of my favorite unique designers is a hexagon mirror. They are beautifully paired with smaller vanities.

34. Mermaid-Inspired

Photo Credit: House of Chais Interior

This mermaid-inspired bathroom is stunning. The bottom half portion is designed in shades of pink, the floor has a shell bathroom rig, and the walls have an all-white tile.

35. Floating Shelves

Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you’re looking for a way to add decor to your bathroom, floating shelves are a beautiful option. You can decorate with plants, containers, and other decorative items.

36. Built-In Vanity

Photo Credit: Sylco Cabinetry

This bathroom is one of a kind. It had a built-in vanity already into the bathroom counter space which will save a lot of bedroom room.

37. For The Boys

Photo Credit: DIY Network

We know boys need everything in one area, so why not keep a storage unit in your bathroom? You can add towels, hand towels, toothbrushes, and other items. You can also have an extra area to hang their clothes.

38. Red Vanity

Photo Credit: Sweeten Stories

For a bathroom designed in mostly white tile, you’ll want to figure out a way to incorporate some color. Try this red modern vanity for a touch of old school.

39. Wooden Caddy

Photo Credit: Dunn Lumber

This wooden bathroom caddy is the perfect storage unit. It has three levels to hold items and can be used for lotions, hygiene products, and more.

40. Shiplap

Photo Credit: Astra Spanbauer

You absolutely can’t go wrong with shiplap. These shiplap walls pair beautifully with this floral wallpaper design.

41. Rug Runner

Photo Credit: Phoebe Chuason

One of the things we tend to forget about the most is floor decor. Instead of your bathroom mat, try a long rug runner as a decorative option.

42. Natural Frames

Photo Credit: Skout

If you’re going with a farmhouse theme, you can’t go wrong with natural wooden touches. Natural wooden frames look beautiful in many settings.

43. Tuscan

Photo Credit: Tom Marks

This Tuscan-themed bathroom is stunning for the teenage girl or boy in your home. This theme has many different patterns and colors and has many available design options.

44. Golden Hardware

Photo Credit: Life Created

Most modern bathrooms go with bronze or matte black hardware. Instead of those, try gold hardware for your sinks. This makes it easier to add extra color.

45. Farmhouse Gray

Photo Credit: Chipper Hatter

This large bathroom is designed with shiplap walls and smokey farmhouse gray color. The countertops are designed with marble countertops that complete the white framed mirrors beautifully.

46. Natural Light

Photo Credit: Kirsten Holmstedt

If you’re trying to figure out window treatments for your bathroom window, if settings allow, you can consider leaving them bare to let in natural light.

47. Valance

Photo Credit: Marisa Vitale Photography

For modern looks, paint the trim of your window and add a gray valance above your window. This is another unique window design that saves you from going overboard with curtains.

48. Black & White

Photo Credit: Robert Peterson

If you’re looking for another punk rock design, but don’t want to add too much color, you can go with black and white. This bathroom has a black shiplap vanity with a black cross faucet design.

49. Run In Tile

Photo Credit: Wynne H Earle Photography

Many times you will see the tile in bathrooms cut off at the shower and vanity area. Instead of this, consider running the same tile throughout the same wall.

50. Marble Walls

Photo Credit: Tomas Espinoza

One of my favorite designs is to incorporate marble walls. They are gender-neutral and can be used in any setting and any color scheme.

51. Pull Down Shades

Photo Credit: Tomas Espinoza

Instead of adding bathroom curtains, you can add these floral bathroom shades that are easy to operate if you’re already in the bathtub.

52. Herringbone

Photo Credit: Dustin Halleck

Herringbone designs are an upcoming pattern that is becoming very popular. Instead of using one pattern, you can add a few areas of colors as shown here that match your wooden vanity.

53. Greenery

Photo Credit: Regan Wood

If you’ve never thought about putting wallpaper on your bathroom door, this may just inspire you. This wallpaper runs from the wall to the door that barely makes it noticeable.

54. Hexagon Floors

Photo Credit: Chipper Hatter

We’ve talked about hexagon mirrors, but have you ever seen hexagon tile floors? These floors are a great design if you want to shy away from your standard square shape. Take a look at these 101 modern guest bathroom ideas.

55. Pink Vanity

Photo Credit: Elsie Larson

Pink vanities are beautiful for glam-inspired bathrooms. They look especially stunning with gold hardware handles and knobs.

No matter what you choose for your teenager’s bathroom, you’ll 100% want to make sure that they are involved in the decision. This can be a picky stage in life where they want or need things a certain way. Have fun with the design and make it a project that you can spend time together on and learn from. Enjoy and be creative!

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