Tantric Chair Dimensions (with Drawings)

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Of the many activities one might consider sexy, shopping for furniture is not likely to top that list. Deciding between various styles, fabrics, patterns, and price ranges may overwhelm you and send you into a panic. In particular, it can be a challenging process finding the perfect chair that’s comfortable, supportive, good-looking, and appeals to you.

One possible, out-of-the-ordinary choice to consider is the tantric chair, usually a chaise lounge chair with sloping, ergonomic curves. While it’s primarily designed for couples intimacy, its structure is beneficial for maintaining good posture, relaxation, and even practicing yoga. A full-sized tantric chair can measure 74″ long, 16.5″ wide, and 29″ inches high.

Tantric chairs have the same basic curvature but come in different sizes and materials, from leather to plastic. The chairs range from budget-friendly to high-end depending on their construction and materials used. Let’s take a closer look at some of the different tantric chair offerings available.

Luxurious Tantric Chairs

Tantra Chair

Of the tantric chairs on the market, the Tantra Chair might be considered the Rolls Royce of the options. They are the priciest at $1,300, but they boast high quality, eco-friendly materials, and carefully engineered curvature. The Tantra Chair’s dimensions run 29 inches tall by 74 inches long by 16.5 inches wide.

The Tantra Chair’s structure rests on solid wooden feet, and the high-density foam is encased in soft, stain-resistant synthesized leather. The company prides themselves on their handcrafted furniture, using baseball stitching to ensure both form and durability. The company offers adding brass or pewter nailheads for a classic look or none to retain the modern lines.

The elegant design of the Tantra Chair makes it a welcome addition to living rooms, vanity rooms, and master bedrooms. The company prides itself on using comfortable and supportive materials that are long-lasting and easy to maintain. The Tantra Chair would undoubtedly be a luxurious choice to add to your home’s design scheme.


Another high-end, handcrafted version of the tantric chair comes from Spain-based divanTANTRA. Much like the Tantra Chair, the divanTANTRA chair is handcrafted but does not have feet to elevate it. This tantric chair measures 72.8 inches long, 17.7 inches wide, and 29.5 inches high at its highest curve.

divanTANTRA offers six different models, with six different looks and different “spicy” features and bonuses. These chairs range from sunken plush to sleek minimalist, yet all maintain a modern look. A few of the divanTANTRA models have head pillows installed onto the chairs for additional comfort.

The smallest and lowest-priced model is about $597, while the deluxe offering runs approximately $1,294. The downside is that since the company is foreign-based, they only offer shipping in Europe at an additional cost. So additional taxes and international fees would significantly raise the price and extend the chair’s shipping time.

Namaste Tantric Chair

Another American retailer offering a tantric chair is SofaMania, whose Namaste Eccentric model is both sleek and luxurious. Its finely crafted hardwood frame is wrapped in 3-inch thick padding and bonded leather. With its low profile resting on solid wood feet, it measures 70 inches long by 16 inches high.

The Namaste Eccentric measures 26 inches tall at its high arc and 18.5 inches tall at its low arc. It comes in a vast array of colors from neutrals to vivid brights and comes nearly fully assembled. Currently listed at $199, it provides reliability and opulence as well as functionality and high style.

Simple and Stylish Tantric Chairs

Avana Comfort Tantric Chair

Source: Amazon

Avana promotes itself as a brand that stands at the intersection of profound ideals and practical designs. They offer furniture and accessories that center on providing support and comfort for physical wellness. Their tantric chair offerings come in footed models and flat models.

The flat model measures 60 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 26 inches high. The footed model has 3.5-inch feet installed that increase the chair height to 29.5 inches. Both versions have the same ergonomic curvature and furniture-grade foam and feature a durable, washable fabric cover.

The Avana chair weighs about 40 pounds, is easy to set up, and requires no assembly (besides attaching the feet). Its relatively light weight allows the user to move it around the room wherever they need. This is extremely helpful for those who center their yoga practice and stretching around this chair.

Source: Amazon

Tantric Chair with Removable Cushions

Kingway Tantric Chair

Source: Amazon

For people wanting a more multifunctional chaise lounge, Kingway Furniture offers a faux leather chaise with removable cushions. The chair itself measures 64 inches long by 24 inches wide by 29 inches tall, resting on solid wood feet. It has a headrest pillow as well as a ramp insert that nestles inside the curved center of the chaise.

To use this chaise as a tantric chair, you would remove the ramp cushion and sit on the base portion of the chair. The curved portion allows for proper body alignment when stretching or settling into sustained yoga poses. You also have the option to keep the headrest in place for added comfort when using this tantric chair.

Kingway is about half the price of the top-of-the-line models, with the highest being a little over $700. This is the perfect choice for the budget-conscious who want a sturdy piece with quality materials and workmanship. However, it only comes in gray and black, so decor options beyond a neutral palette are limited.

Inflatable Tantric Chair

Alibert Inflatable Tantric Chair

Having a portable version of the tantric chair is ideal for traveling or outdoor use. Alibert offers an inflatable version that measures 59 inches long by 24 inches wide. It has a curve that slopes from a 19.7-inch high point to a 16-inch low point.

The Alibert Inflatable is best suited for light, temporary use, and its portability is convenient for camping or beach use. It has a plush comfort cushion in the seating area and comes with a compressor to quickly inflate or deflate. This tantric chair comes with side panel handles and an accessory pack suitable for adult play.

Source: Amazon

Which Tantric Chair Is Best For Me?

The tantric chair you choose will depend on a number of factors, including price, primary use, and location of use. Additionally, you’ll need to consider the frequency of use as chair weight and durability will influence which chair fits your needs. Consider our examples in this article as a suggestion for choosing the best type of Tantric chair for you.

For example, the Kingway chair is the most multifunctional, serving as both a vanity chaise lounge and a tantric yoga chair. It’s also the most budget-friendly, costing half as much as the Tantra Chair, divanTANTRA, and Avana models. However, the curvature and craftsmanship of these three models ensure their sturdiness while increasing their effectiveness with one’s yoga practice.

The Alibert Inflatable is excellent for away from home use but not the most ideal as a permanent furniture fixture. As it’s specially designed to cater to sensual needs and erotic play, it’s the least likely chair to “blend in.” But it’s also reasonably priced and good for those with limited space for permanent furniture placement.

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What is Tantra Yoga?

Tantra Yoga focuses on releasing energy coiled deep within our bodies and achieving enlightenment as it moves through the chakras. The word tantra means “expansion,” and the discipline intends for the yogi to remove physical boundaries to achieve greater awareness. This ancient Indian yoga method incorporates specific breathing techniques, postures, chanting, and meditation to awaken latent energy.Tantra yoga is rooted in the spiritual principle of kundalini, which refers to the coiled internal energy. Practitioners believe this form of yoga releases untapped mystical energy, and this release is enhanced when performed with a partner. Because of this theory, tantric yoga is more commonly tied to sexual energy and linked to the Kama Sutra.While it is true that Tantric practice can enhance partner intimacy, the true intent is not the expectation of sex. Tantra focuses on the sharing of souls to honor a higher level of being and recognize the divine in others. Because it centers on emotional connection, a practitioner can perform Tantra yoga with a lover, sibling, friend, or child.

What are the physical benefits of using a tantric chair?

Using a tantric chair as a yoga aid can help expand body awareness, purify the body and help realign the spine. Users can achieve intermediate poses more easily and hold them for more extended periods with greater ease. Because Tantra yoga is less focused on physical health and stability, anyone at any age can practice within reason.

As one deepens their tantric yoga discipline, increased consciousness builds from the combination of breathing, mantra, and movement. Tantra seeks to manifest the energy welled within us, making it one of the most profound and advanced Buddhist teachings. It is probably why Tantra yoga and its effects seem so intense to those who practice.

The Kundalini Research Institute reports that this style of yoga produces many physical, emotional, and mental health benefits. Physical benefits include cleansing the liver, glands, and other organs, stimulating the nervous system, and encouraging relaxation. Many who practice report an increased sense of joy, fearlessness, peace, ecstasy, and contentment.

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