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Our goal at Upgraded Home is to help you solve problems around the home. More than that, we cover topics related to home improvement, housekeeping, real estate, interior design, and many more. Not sure if someone can leave their property at your house or park their car in front of your house? Find out now! If it’s home related, we have the answers.

Home Improvement

Whether you’re looking to build an addition, replace your blinds, install new tile, or renovate your basement, we have specific guides to help you with each step of your renovation. 

How Much Does it Cost to Reface a Fireplace?
Best Places to Sell Used Tools
How Much Do Hunter Douglas Blinds Cost?
How Much Does an Endless Pool Cost?
How Big of a House Can I Build on a 1/4 Acre?

Home Living & Housekeeping

Who said housekeeping is easy? From cleaning your stove, to solving issues with your dishwasher, to finding the best vacuum to clean pet hair. Here are just a few of our housekeeping favorites. 

How Long Does it Take a House to Cool from 80 to 72 Degrees?
Rheem vs. AO Smith: Which Water Heater Is Better?
What Dimensions Do I Need for a Walk In Pantry?
Is It Better to Donate to Goodwill or Salvation Army?
How Long Does a 500 Gallon Propane Tank Last?


From building or designing the perfect playground for the children, to planting a tree in your garden, to fixing the mower that just broke down. We got your home’s outdoors covered for you. 

DIY Playground Border Ideas
How to Dissolve Dog Poop In Yard
How Much Is A Black Walnut Tree Worth?
Fix a Riding Mower Blades That Won’t Engage
Fence Gap Filler Ideas

Brands to Avoid

Buying a fridge, a dishwasher, or a washing machine is a big decision. Want to make sure you buy the right one that won’t break down often? Check out our lists of brands to avoid. 

Refrigerator Brands to Avoid
Washing Machine Brands to Avoid
Piano Brands to Avoid
Dishwasher Brands to Avoid
Lawnmower Brands to Avoid

Would Be Nice to Know

Wouldn’t you just love to know the answers to some of these? Want to know what’s legal, safe, or possible within your home? We have answers to some of the trickiest questions. 

How Long Can Someone Leave Their Property at Your House?
Can You Have a Car Towed for Parking in Front of Your House?
Does Home Depot Rekey Locks?
Is It Safe to Use a Microwave with Peeling Paint Inside?
How to Prove Residency Without Bills

Best & Worst Neighborhoods

Looking to move somewhere else or just want to know how safe it is to live in your city or state? We’ve assembled in-depth neighborhoods guides with actual crime and safety statistics.

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Chicago
Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Atlanta
Richest Neighborhoods in Orlando
Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Nashville
Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Pittsburg